December 05, 2012 9:00 AM
Kentucky Board of Education Full Board Meeting

I. Note - Holiday Dinner, December 4, 2012, 6:30 p.m. (EST), Seminar Room, Capital Plaza Hotel - No business to be conducted.

II. Call to Order - December 5, 2012 - 9:00 a.m. (EST)

III. Roll Call

IV. Approval of minutes from the October 8-9, 2012 meeting
Summary Minutes for October 2012

V. Introduction of KDE Team Members of the Month and New KDE Employees

VI. Report of the Secretary of Education (Verbal Report)

VII. Report of the President of the Council on Postsecondary Education
CPE Report

VIII. Report of the Executive Director of the Education Professional Standards Board
EPSB Report

IX. Report of the Commissioner of Education
Commissioner's Report
Goals for Commissioner 2012-13
Restraint and Seclusion Report

X. Good News Item - Presentation on "Homegrown Kentucky" program by University of Kentucky students Patrick Johnson and Luke McAnally - 15-minute presentation/discussion
Homegrown Kentucky PowerPoint

XI. Public Comment Segment

XII. Proposed resolution supporting the 2012 Ten Percent Challenge (Action/Discussion Item) - 5-minute discussion
Resolution for Ten Percent Challenge
Ten Percent Challenge Staff Note

XIII. Resolution Endorsing the Kentucky Work Ready Communities Initiative (Action/Discussion Item) - 5-minute discussion
Resolution Ensoring Work Ready Initiative
Work Ready Attachment
Work Ready Initiative Staff Note

XIV. Assessment and Accountability Results and Summary of Data Issues (Review Item) - Associate Commissioner Ken Draut - 45-minute presentation/discussion (Strategic Priority: Next Generation Learners)
Assessment Regulations
Assessment Results Staff Note
Briefing Packet
Summary of Regulatory Requirements Part 1
Summary of Regulatory Requirements Part 2

XV. Strategic Plan Update; Reports on the College- and Career-Ready and Proficiency Stocktakes (Review Item) - Commissioner Terry Holliday, Division Director Karen Dodd & appropriate Associate Commissioners - 30-minute presentation/discussion (Strategic Priority: Next Generation Learners)
CCR Stocktake Summary 2012
Goals for Commissioner 2012-13
Proficiency Stocktake Summary 2012
Strategic Plan PowerPoint Presentation
Strategic Plan Update Staff Note

XVI. KBE Legislative Agenda (Action/Discussion Item) - Assoc. Comm. Kevin Brown & Legislative Liaisons Tracy Herman & David Thomas - 30-min. presentation/discussion (Strategic Priority: Next Gen. Learners, Next Gen. Instructional Prog. & Support, Next Gen. Professionals & Next Gen. Schools/Districts)
Legislative Agenda Attachment
Legislative Agenda Staff Note

XVII. Hearing Officer's Report - General Counsel Kevin Brown (15-minute presentation/discussion)
704 KAR 19002 Regulation for Statement of Consideration
704 KAR 19002 Statement of Consideration
Hearing Officer's Report
Middle School Task Force Report

XVIII. Presentation of the Johnnie Grissom Award - 11:45 a.m. (EST)

XIX. Lunch - 12:00 noon - 1:00 p.m. (EST); First Floor Conference Room (Lunch provided for KBE members, invited guests and Commissioner's Planning Committee only)

XX. Management Committee, State Board Room, 1:00 p.m. (EST) (Tentative Start Time)

XX.A. Action/Consent Items

XX.A.1. New District Facility Plans: Campbell and Magoffin County School Districts and Russell Independent School District (KDE Support and Guiding Processes)
Campbell County Enrollment History
Campbell County Enrollment Projections
Campbell County Facility Plan
Campbell County Hearing Report
District Facility Plan Staff Note
Magoffin County Enrollment History
Magoffin County Enrollment Projection
Magoffin County Facility Plan
Magoffin County Hearing Report
Nonresident District Totals Chart
Russell Ind Enrollment History
Russell Ind Facility Plan
Russell Ind Hearing Report
Russell Ind. Enrollment Projections

XX.A.2. 2012-13 Local District Working Budgets (KDE Support and Guiding Processes)
Local District Working Budgets Staff Note
Working Budget Chart

XX.A.3. 2012-2013 Local District Tax Rates Levied (KDE Support and Guiding Processes)
Local District Tax Rates Levied Staff Note
Tax Rates Levied By Type Chart
Tax Rates Levied Chart

XX.B. Action/Discussion Items

XX.B.1. 702 KAR 4:160, Capital Construction Process (Second Reading; KDE Support and Guiding Processes)
Capital Construction Documents - Part 1
Capital Construction Documents - Part 2
Capital Construction Documents - Part 3
Capital Construction Documents - Part 4
Capital Construction Documents - Part 5
Capital Construction Regulation 702 KAR 4160
Capital Construction Staff Note
Capital Construction Summary of Changes
LSAC Letter on 702 KAR 4160

XX.B.2. Request from Leslie, Owsley, Knox and Wolfe County School Districts for waiver of Section (4) of 702 KAR 7:125, Pupil Attendance
Pupil Attendance Waiver Request of Section (4) Staff Note

XX.C. Review Items

XX.C.1. Budget Update on the addition of Career and Technical Education to the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE Support and Guiding Processes)
Budget Update Staff Note

XXI. Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Committee Meeting - State Board Room; 1:40 p.m. (EST) (Tentative Start Time)

XXI.A. Action/Discussion Items

XXI.A.1. 704 KAR 3:090, Response to Intervention, Kindergarten through Grade 3 (Second Reading; Next Generation Learners)
Attachment A
LSAC Letter on 704 KAR 3090
Response to Intervention Regulation 704 KAR 3090
Response to Intervention Staff Note

XXI.B. Review Items

XXI.B.1. Professional Learning Task Force (PLTF) Recommendations (Next Generation Learners)
Learning Forward Attachment A
Learning Forward Task Force Staff Note

XXI.B.2. 703 KAR 5:250, Intervention options in priority schools & districts; 703 KAR 5:121, Repeal of 703 KAR 5:120, Assistance to schools, guidelines for scholastic audit; 703 KAR 5:181, Repeal of 703 KAR 5:180, Intervention system for persistently low-achieving schools (1st Reading, Next Gen. Sch./Dist.)
703 KAR 5120 Repealer Regulation
703 KAR 5180 Repealer Regulation
703 KAR 5250 Regulation
Intervention Options 703 KAR 5250 Staff Note

XXII. Approval of Action/Consent Agenda Items (Full Board Meeting Resumes)

XXIII. Report of the Management Committee on Action/Discussion items

XXIV. Report of the Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Committee on Action/Discussion Items

XXV. Board Member Sharing

XXVI. KDE Employment Report
Employment Report Staff Note
Minority Employment Historical Data Chart
Overall/Minority Employment by Type/Office Chart

XXVII. Internal Board Business

XXVIII. Litigation Report

XXIX. Consideration of districts to enter management assistance per KRS 158.780 (Action/Discussion Item)
Breathitt County Audit Letter
Breathitt County Report Executive Summary
Breathitt County Report Final
Management Audit Overview Attachment
Management Audit Staff Note
Monticello Ind Audit Letter
Monticello Ind Report Executive Summary
Monticello Ind Report Final
Statement of Action by Breathitt County
Statement of Action by Monticello Ind.

XXX. Adjournment