Estill County
March 16, 2023 6:00 PM
Regular Board Meeting
I. Call To Order
I.A. Welcome/Pledge
I.B. Reminder to Sign In
I.C. Revisions
II. Recognitions
II.A. Mountain Movers
II.B. South Irvine Early Learning Center/Student Presentation
III. Facilities/Construction Updates
III.A. Estill Springs Elementary ARP ESSER Renovation and Addition Project (BG #22-207)
III.A.1. Update
III.A.2. Consideration/Approval of Pay Estimate 6 for $496,770.89.
III.B. Estill High School Fieldhouse Restroom Renovation project, BG#22-243
III.B.1. Update
III.B.2. Consideration/Approval of Pay Application #3 with DPO Invoicing
III.C. West Irvine Pavement Improvements Project BG#22-178
III.C.1. Update
III.C.2. Consideration/Approval of DPO Change Orders and Final DPO Reconciliation
III.C.3. Consideration/Approval of Final Pay Application (#4)
III.C.4. Consider/Approval of BG4
III.D. South Irvine Renovation, BG#22-176
III.D.1. Update
III.D.2. Consideration/Approval of Revised BG1
III.D.3. Consideration/Approval of Final Pay Application #9
III.D.4. Consideration/Approve of BG4
III.E. Estill County Safety and ADA Upgrades, BG#23-087
III.E.1. Update
III.E.2. Consideration/Approval of Change Order #2, additional Owner requested hardware on 3 doors at South Irvine
III.F. Estill County High School HVAC Controls, BG#22-177
III.F.1. Update
III.G. Estill County KFICS/DFP Report (No Action Required)
IV. Action
IV.A. Estill County Schools v. JUUL Labs, Inc.
IV.B. Consider/Approve Resolution Authorizing Litigation Against Social Media Companies
IV.C. Consider/Approval of Athletic Training MOA with Bluegrass Orthopedic
V. Consent
V.A. Approve Minutes of February 2023
V.B. Approve the Treasurer's Report and Payment of Bills
V.C. Surplus Items
V.D. Extended Disability Leave
VI. Superintendent's Report
VI.A. Notification of Personnel Action
VI.B. School Update: Enrollment, Attendance, etc.
VI.C. Partnership with APEX Physical Therapy: Community Partner in support of the Athletic Training Program
VI.D. End-of-Year Dates
VI.E. Fundraiser Reports
VI.F. Land Use Opinion: Ross Tarrant Architects
VI.G. Set Date for Budget Work Session
VII. Board Member Forum
VIII. Public Comments
IX. Adjourn