May 11, 2022 12:15 PM
Full Board of Control
1. Orientation items
2. Adjourn Full Board Into Work Session
3. Convene Full Board of Control Meeting
4. Pledge of Allegiance- Angela Passafiume
5. Reflection- Leaving Board Members
6. Consent Agenda
7. Work Session Items
7.1. Extraordinary Report-COVID 19
7.1.1. Review COVID return to Play Policy
7.2. Sports and Sport-Activities Specific Issues
7.2.1. Report of 2021-2022 Triennial Survey
7.2.2. Confirm long-term site per Board request, Girls Basketball
7.2.3. State Basketball Date Considerations (2023, 2024, 2025)
7.2.4. Discussion of Alternative Football RPI Options and Values to address limited schedule (out of state, etc.) if desired
7.2.5. Football Alignment Report
7.2.6. Appointment of the Three State First Round Golf Sites
7.2.7. Review of ESports Future Contract and Options
7.2.8. Review of Volleyball State Scheduling, COVID-related adjustments to Breeders Cup 2022
7.2.9. Review Calendar and Championship Dates and Sites for 2022-2023
7.2.10. Discussion of Team Sport Seeding
7.2.11. Discussion of Swimming Qualifiers, Alignment and Venue Capacities
7.3. Championship Reports
7.3.1. Season and Championship Status - Fall - Golf, Field Hockey, Volleyball, Cross Country, Soccer, Football
7.3.2. Season and Championship Status - Winter - Cheer, Dance, Esports 1, Bowling, Swimming and Diving, Wrestling, Basketball Dance
Attachments Cheer
Attachments Swimming
Attachments Wrestling
Attachments Girls and Boys Basketball
7.3.3. Season and Championship Status - Spring - Archery, ESports 2, Bass Fishing, Tennis, Track, Softball, Baseball
Attachments Winter/Spring Esports
Attachments Archery
Attachments Bass Fishing
Attachments Tennis
Attachments Track and Field
Attachments Softball
Attachments Baseball
7.4. Constitution and Bylaws Issues
7.4.1. Legislative Review and Necessary Policy Changes, including contingency plans SB128 Report, Impact, Data and Next Steps
Attachments 2021 HB563- Adjustments to KRS 156.070, 157.350
Attachments 2022 SB83- Transgender Definition and Cross-Gender Participation
Attachments 2022 SB6 - NIL Legislation and Application of Bylaw 10 within the KHSAA schools
Attachments 2017 HB520 /2022 HB9 - Charter Schools and Athletics
7.4.2. Annual Meeting Proposals and Discussion
7.4.3. Changes to Association Policies
7.5. Member School Operations and Non-Sports Specific Event Issues
7.5.1. Prime Date Basketball Report
7.5.2. Progress and Status, Financial Aid Report, 2020-2021
7.5.3. Review information related to the David School (Floyd County)
7.6. Officials Division Report
7.6.1. Officials Recruiting and Retention Update
7.6.2. Recognition of Officials of the Year
7.7. Finance and Admin Review
7.7.1. Marketing Sales Status Report from TPG
7.7.2. Extension of Trophy and Medal Agreement with
7.7.3. Approve Financial Report for July 1 to the present and approval of draft FY23 Budget
7.7.4. Review Evaluation per 702 KAR 7:065
7.8. Office Operations and Normal Procedures
7.8.1. Review Schedule of Meetings for 2022-23
7.8.2. Strategic Plan Status Review and Plan for 2022-2027
7.9. Reports and Information
7.9.1. Report from Title IX Moments of Momentum
7.9.2. Reports from KIAA (fka KHSADA)
7.9.3. Report from April NFHS Legal Meeting-Radar Alerts
7.9.4. Transfers and Eligibility Appeals
7.9.5. Website and Social Media Report and Data
7.9.6. Around the State and Nation
8. For the Good of the Order