January 17, 2024 12:30 PM
Full Board of Control
1. Convene Board of Control (8:30 a.m.)
2. Adjourn Full Board Into Work Session
3. Re-convene Full Board of Control Meeting following work session
4. Pledge of Allegiance- Mandi Hudson
5. Reflection- Damon Kelley
6. Items Referred from Work Session
6.1. Items for Reports and Information of the Board and Approval
6.1.1. Operations Reports Legislative Report
Attachments Non-Championship Reports from Staff
Attachments Sports and Sport Activities Reports from Staff
Attachments Transfer and Appeals Eligibility Status of 2023 Regulation Promulgation Status of 2024 Regulations Promulgation Status of Bylaw 11 Financial Aid Reports
Attachments Update on Bowling Green Independent Schools
Attachments Report related to NFHS Authenticating mark changes
Attachments Approval of Operations Reports Following Presentation
6.1.2. Officials Division Report Officials Licensing Comparison and Arbiter Sports Update
Attachments Disqualification report and comparison
Attachments Accept the Officials Division Reports
6.1.3. Finance and Business TPG Sponsorship Review
Attachments Approve Financial Data and Expenditures Reports for July to December
Attachments Status of Post-COVID Audit Firm Reports Technology Conversion Project Approval of Finance and Business Reports Following Presentation
6.1.4. General Reports Member School Issues - Mergers and Splits HOF Selection Status Around the State and Nation
Attachments Approval of General Reports Following Presentation
6.2. Items for Review for Possible Action at a Later Meeting
6.2.1. Championship and Competition rules information Consider Placement of Candidacy Schools and Alignment Impact, Cornerstone Christian and WEB Dubois Discuss Bylaw 23, Limitation of Seasons, Sport-Activities Long range basketball dates Review
6.3. Items for Discussion and Possible Action
6.3.1. Approval of Minutes- November, 2023 Board of Control Meeting
6.3.2. Consider Potential Regulatory Revisions or Proposals to Bylaws for Annual Meeting
Attachments Discuss Bylaw 4 and related References to Full-time and Approve Interpretation
Attachments Discuss Bylaw 5, Reinstatement after failing first-day credit check and give first reading to the proposal for membership Junior Officials Levels of Officiating
6.3.3. Daily Business and Operations Bylaw 21 Ejection and suspension period Interpretation Revision Fine for Failure to submit statistics reports (approve)
6.3.4. Competition Rules Issues Track and Field Items MileSplit Agreement for Track and Cross Country Entries Progress Report on State Indoor Track Championships Golf Approve Competition Rules - Circle Scoring Option- Golf
Attachments Soccer Approve Soccer Mercy Rule Threshold, change from 10 goals to 8 goals, anytime after halftime Wrestling (Girls) Approve State First Round Sites following data review
Attachments Football Approve Running Clock Threshold, Football from 36 to 35, anytime during contest Discuss Football Classification and Implementation Plan for 2025, Timing and Duration
7. For the Good of the Order