Mercer County
March 21, 2023 5:30 PM
Regular Meeting
1. Call to Order/Roll Call
Randy Phillips

Amber Franceschi, District 1

Larry Yeager, District 2

Billy Montgomery, District 3

Cliff Prewitt, District 4

Randy Phillips, District 5

2. Pledge of Allegiance
Luke Whitenack
3. Approval of Agenda
Randy Phillips

The agenda is being presented for approval. Any changes are to be made at this time.

Due to item number 10, the DFP needing to start at 6:30, we will take a recess at 6:25 if we're not to the item yet. The board meeting will reconvene at 7:00 after the hearing. The hearing must be 30 minutes by KDE policy. 

4. Recognitions

1. Superior Titan Award- A student from each school (Mercer Elementary, Mercer Co. Intermediate School, King Middle, and Mercer County Senior High School) will be recognized each month at the board of education meetings for their efforts in the classroom, leadership skills and attitude. The student award recipient must meet the following guidelines:

  • Perfect attendance during the month student(s) are being observed.
  • Completed all homework assignments and tests.
  • Passing grade.
  • No discipline issues.
  • Demonstrates good leadership skills.
  • Exhibits a winning attitude and spirit toward learning and peers.

Mercer County Elementary School - Cooper Whitenack

Mercer County Intermediate School – Alice Monroe

King Middle School – Tabitha Grant 

Mercer County Senior High School – Alena Trent


2. Other Student Recognitions:

Boys Archery - Regional Champions, Coach: Eric Miller

Troy Diaz-Ward

Tyler Middleton

Matthew Devine

Nicolas Winburn

Rylan Genco

Jace Good

Kamron Maddox

Levi Robinson

Nolan Johnson

Garrett Clark

Ayden Grubbs

Caleb Revel

3rd place in Region Tournament, advancing to the state competition: Kelsey Dennis. 

Girls Basketball- Regional Champions: Coach: Hayley Spivey

Alexis Benham

Teigh Yeast

Jersey McGinnis

Anna Drakeford

Ella Davis

Hope Lanham

Timberlynn Yeast

Sara Dunn

Izzie Carlton

Skylar Webb

Peyton Boyd

Kate Carlton

Lindsay Jessie

Rotary Club Speech Contest Winner: Sadie Peavler

Archery Region Champion: Troy Diaz Ward


3. Staff Recognitions:

KEA Teacher of the Month: Allyson Rowland. Presented by Corey Burns

5. Public Participation
Randy Phillips

Pursuant to Board Policy 01.421, persons wishing to address the Board must first be recognized by the Chairperson and stand behind the podium. An individual or group granted the privilege of being heard must give his/her name, address, and reason for speaking. The Chairperson may rule on the relevance of the topic to the Board's Agenda, and will set the time limit to three (3) minutes but not to exceed fifteen (15) minutes. The Board will only act on/respond to items on the published agenda. If you wish to have an item placed on the agenda, you must first meet with the Superintendent.


At this time the board will receive comments from the public.

6. Reports

This section of the agenda is reserved for reports only, no action will be taken.

6.A. Finance Officer's Report
Amber Minor

February 2023 General Fund Recap

Ending GF Cash Balance:
 o $ 8.5 million as opposed to $6.8 million last year at the same time.
General Fund Revenue:
 o Overall revenue was up 10% compared to the prior year at the same time.
 o Receipts received in the year were 25% higher as opposed to the prior year at the same time.
 o The district has received 79.8% of the revenue budgeted for the year at 66.7% through the fiscal year.
    Suggests the district will receive more than what was budgeted.

General Fund Expenditures:
 o Up 6% compared to the prior year at the same time.
 o Expenses of $1.85 million in February.
 o The district has expended and encumbered 59.8% of the expenses budgeted for the year at 66.7%             through the fiscal year. Suggests the district will expend less than what was budgeted.

6.B. Personnel Report
Jason Booher

KRS 160.390; KRS 160.38; KRS 160.370    The Superintendent is responsible for all personnel actions including hiring, assignments, transfer, dismissal, suspension, reinstatement, promotion, and for reporting these actions to the board of education (KRS 160.390 (1)).  All appointments, promotions and transfers of principals, supervisors, teachers, and other school employees shall be made only by the Superintendent of schools, who shall notify the Board of the action taken (KRS 160.380(2a)).

6.C. Energy Savings Project
Jason Volz, CMTA

Jason Volz with CMTA will present information on how the Energy Savings Project is performing.

6.D. Superintendent's Report
Jason Booher

The Superintendent will report to the board at this time.

7. Consent Agenda
Randy Phillips

“Consent Agenda” items are voted on with one motion and one vote. 

These are, typically, items that happen on a regular basis, are annual fees, or routine items in doing business. 

The board may discuss any item they wish.

The board has the option to pull any item out for a separate vote.

7.A. Board Meeting Minutes
Randy Phillips
7.B. Invoices
Amber Minor
7.C. Out of State Travel
Jason Bryant

Out of state travel request for one team of teachers (5) and administrators to attend the Summit Learning conference in Chicago July 10-14. We have one 7th grade team trained already; this would be expanding to one team of 8th graders for the 23/24 school year.


Summit provides the travel and training free for participating districts. 

7.D. KMS Booster
Jason Bryant
7.E. Surplus Equipment
Amber Minor

The following is being requested to be deemed as surplus and sold to another district:

2 - 2006 Rational Combination Ovens - no longer needed, replacements are now in place

8. Action Items for Discussion
Randy Phillips

The following items require board action, but do not require a roll call vote for approval.

8.A. District Facilities Plan Hearing Officer
Randy Phillips

The board of education needs to name a Hearing Officer for the District Facilities Plan Hearing that will follow this board meeting at 6:30 p.m.

Mr. Booher recommends finance officer Amber Minor to be appointed district facilities plan hearing officer .

9. Action Items for Roll Call Vote
Randy Phillips

The following items require board action and a roll call vote for approval.

9.A. DFP Amendment
RossTarrant Architects
9.B. Elementary School Project
RossTarrant Architects
9.C. Elementary School BG1
RossTarrant Architects
9.D. Mowing Bids
Jason Booher

Bid information attached

10. Recess for District Facility Plan Hearing
Randy Phillips

The board will now take a recess for the District Facility Plan Hearing and will resume the regular meeting once the hearing concludes.

11. District Facilities Plan Hearing Report
Randy Phillips

Please see the attached District Facilities Plan Public Hearing Report.

12. Adjournment
Randy Phillips