Mercer County
February 21, 2023 5:30 PM
Regular Meeting
1. Call to Order/Roll Call
Randy Phillips

Amber Franceschi, District 1

Larry Yeager, District 2

Billy Montgomery, District 3

Cliff Prewitt, District 4

Randy Phillips, District 5

2. Pledge of Allegiance
Jason Booher
3. Approval of Agenda
Randy Phillips

The agenda is being presented for approval. Any changes are to be made at this time.

4. Recognitions

1. Superior Titan Award- A student from each school (Mercer Elementary, Mercer Co. Intermediate School, King Middle, and Mercer County Senior High School) will be recognized each month at the board of education meetings for their efforts in the classroom, leadership skills and attitude. The student award recipient must meet the following guidelines:

  • Perfect attendance during the month student(s) are being observed.
  • Completed all homework assignments and tests.
  • Passing grade.
  • No discipline issues.
  • Demonstrates good leadership skills.
  • Exhibits a winning attitude and spirit toward learning and peers.

Mercer County Elementary School - Braysen Smith-Degiovanni

Mercer County Intermediate School – Aiyden Condit

King Middle School – Allison Osoy de la Cruz

Mercer County Senior High School – Raegan Daniels


2. Other Student Recognitions:

FCCLA STAR Event Region 15 1st Place: 

-Katelyn Goodlett

-Norah Martin

District Governor's Cup Academic Team: 

Future Problem Solving (FPS)

   2nd Place ( District Runner Up)

            * Sydney Putnam

            * Sage Markham

            * Carter Wilson

            * Raegan Daniels


           * Raegan Daniels  - 1st Place

Language Arts

           * Emily Curtsinger - 4th Place


           * Tharun Ekambaram - 3rd Place


           * Sydney Putnam - 1st place

Social Studies 

           * Mason Kirkland - 5th Place

Arts and Humanities

           * Savannah Merriman - 1st Place

           * Emily Curtsinger - 3th Place

           * Grayson Guerra - 4th Place


3. Staff Recognitions:

KEA/MCEA Teacher of the Month presented by Ashley Roach- Samantha Shepherd


5. Public Participation
Randy Phillips

Pursuant to Board Policy 01.421, persons wishing to address the Board must first be recognized by the Chairperson and stand behind the podium. An individual or group granted the privilege of being heard must give his/her name, address, and reason for speaking. The Chairperson may rule on the relevance of the topic to the Board's Agenda, and will set the time limit to three (3) minutes, but not to exceed fifteen (15) minutes. The Board will only act on/respond to items on the published agenda. If you wish to have an item placed on the agenda, you must first meet with the Superintendent.


At this time the board will receive comments from the public.

6. Reports

This section of the agenda is reserved for reports only, no action will be taken.

6.A. Finance Officer's Report
Amber Minor

January 2023 General Fund Recap

? Ending GF Cash Balance:
o $ 8.3 million as opposed to $7.7 million last year at the same time.

? General Fund Revenue:
o Overall revenue was up 5% compared to the prior year at the same time.
o Receipts received in the year were 12% higher as opposed to the prior year at the same time.
o The district has received 72.3% of the revenue budgeted for the year at 58.3% through the fiscal year.
Suggests the district will receive more than what was budgeted.

? General Fund Expenditures:
o Up 7% compared to the prior year at the same time.
o Expenses of $1.6 million in January.
o The district has expended and encumbered 48.4% of the expenses budgeted for the year at 58.3% through
the fiscal year. Suggests the district will expend less than what was budgeted.

6.B. Attendance/Enrollment Report
Esther Hayslett

The DPP will report to the board at this time.

6.C. Personnel Report
Jason Booher

KRS 160.390; KRS 160.38; KRS 160.370    The Superintendent is responsible for all personnel actions including hiring, assignments, transfer, dismissal, suspension, reinstatement, promotion, and for reporting these actions to the board of education (KRS 160.390 (1)).  All appointments, promotions and transfers of principals, supervisors, teachers, and other school employees shall be made only by the Superintendent of schools, who shall notify the Board of the action taken (KRS 160.380(2a)).

6.D. National School Counselor Week
Amy Riley

Amy Riley will present to the board at this time.

6.E. Student Report
Luke Whitenack
6.F. Superintendent's Report
Jason Booher

The Superintendent will report to the board at this time.

7. Consent Agenda
Randy Phillips

“Consent Agenda” items are voted on with one motion and one vote. 

These are, typically, items that happen on a regular basis, are annual fees, or routine items in doing business. 

The board may discuss any item they wish.

The board has the option to pull any item out for a separate vote.

7.A. Board Meeting Minutes
Randy Phillips
7.B. Invoices
Amber Minor
7.C. SBDM Meeting Minutes
Randy Phillips

Approval of SBDM Meeting Minutes as presented.

7.D. MCSHS Spring Break Trip
Terry Yeast

We will traveling to Myrtle Beach on March 30 to compete in the Beach Run Invitational March 31 and April 1. We will then train daily at a local high school the remainder of our trip and return on April 5. 

Cost will be covered by fundraising, parents, and track booster club. 

7.E. Prom 2023 Advertising
Stacy Davis

Request to advertise sponsorship opportunities on the MCSH social media outlets. There is no cost involved. 

7.F. Use of District Facilities
Tim Gambrel

Application for use of school facilities is attached.

7.G. Fundraiser Approval

The following fundraisers are being requested for approval:

-Preschool would like approval to have Casa Grande host Preschool Nights where 10% of sales on certain dates/times would be donated to the Preschool program for field trips for the preschool students.

7.H. Out of State Band Trip
Erica Ashford

Kings Island Reward-End of the Year trip on May 6 for KMS and HS band students.

Cost is covered by fundraising and students pay for tickets. 

7.I. MCIS Yearly School Fundraiser
Jennifer Tate

MCIS - Mountain Empire Promotions. Information sheet attached. 

7.J. Surplus Equipment
Amber Minor

-10 Chromebook Charging Station Carts at MCSH to be sold

7.K. Request for Proposals
Amber Minor

The following are items we would like to send Requests for Proposals to the public:

-Bank Bid

-Auditor Bid

-Copier Bid (potentially, waiting on state contract)

7.L. Color Run

PTO would also like to host a community color run event in late April, approximately the 22nd. PTO would provide the event supplies and request MCES staff to volunteer to help. The color run event would be geared towards providing support to this staff member and her family. PTO is planning on collecting donations or charging a small entry fee to run. Tshirt, will also be available at this time for runners and students to purchase. The color run should be a fun lively event for our students and not only will it bring our staff closer together as we support one of our own, but it will be a memory that we create for this family. ??

PTO will take care of any costs

7.M. March of Dimes
Nekita Johnson

Carrie Jackson (1st Grade Teacher) would like to raise funds for the March of Dimes. This will support our school's theme of Kindness this year.

7.N. Updated 2023-24 Staffing Guidelines
Amber Minor
7.O. District Travel
Jason Booher

-Monthly CKEC Board of Directors Meeting January 18

-January 9th- Bardstown Elementary 

-February 15- Monthly CKEC Board of Directors Meeting

7.P. FFA Week Proclamation
Kendra Rowland
7.Q. Naming Rights for Baseball Scoreboard

Seeking approval to accept Whitaker Bank's check for scoreboard naming. 

8. Action Items for Discussion
Randy Phillips

The following items require board action, but do not require a roll call vote for approval.

8.A. 2023-2024, 2024-25 School Calendars
Esther Hayslett

KRS 158.070 requires for the 2018 -2019 school year, and each year thereafter, the
local board of education, upon the recommendation of the local superintendent, shall annually appoint a
school district calendar committee to review, develop, and recommend school calendar options. The
school district calendar committee, after seeking feedback from school district employees, parents, and
community members, shall recommend school calendar options to the local school district superintendent
for presentation to the local board of education.
The committee's recommendations shall comply with state laws and regulations and consider the
economic impact of the school calendar on the community and the state. (c) Prior to adopting a school
calendar, the local board of education shall hear for discussion the school district calendar committeerecommendations and the recommendation of the superintendent at a meeting of the local board of education. (d) During a subsequent meeting of the local board of education, the local board shall adopt a school calendar for the upcoming school year that establishes the opening and closing dates of the school term, beginning and ending dates of each school month, student attendance days, and days on which schools shall be dismissed. The local board may schedule days for breaks in the school calendar that shall not be counted as a part of the minimum school term. The calendar committee recommends the following changes to the previously approved 23-24 SY calendar:

*Dec. 20: Early Release
*Dec 21-Jan. 2: Winter Break
*January 3: Planning day for teachers
*Jan 4: Students return to school
*April 8: Professional Development placeholder for staff (due to eclipse)
*May 15: Early Release Day

9. Action Items for Roll Call Vote
Randy Phillips

The following items require board action and a roll call vote for approval.

9.A. Student Accident Insurance
Amber Minor

Mercer County Schools has used Roberts Insurance in Richmond, Kentucky for our Student Accident coverage for a number of years. They are very well known and utilized among Kentucky school districts.

The current plan covers up to a maximum benefit of $25,000 for each injury for a 26 week loss period, and medical charges within two years of injury. It also includes an accidental death benefit of $10,000 and catastrophic coverage up to $7,500,000.

Current plan: Zurich Insurance Company - $78,574

The following is historical information:

2017-18 $77,572

2018-19 $84,836

2019-20 $80,969

2020-21 $80,909

2021-22 $78,574

2022-23 $78,574

There is no change from the current year in coverage or cost if we continue with the same company.

9.B. 2023-24 Preliminary SBDM Allocations
Amber Minor

The attached document utilizes the staffing guidelines to outline how many general education teaching positions, custodial positions, management support positions, and kindergarten instructional assistant positions each school will be allocated preliminarily for the 2023-24 school year, which is driven by student enrollment. The Section 6 funding allocation is still set at $139.33/per pupil based on student attendance. The Section 7 funding for Custodial supplies is still set at $16.00/per pupil based on student attendance. The Student School Supplies is now set at $25.00/per pupil based on student attendance.

9.C. Athletics Change Order
Jason Booher

-approval of Change Order #6 for $31,296.00 and Change Order #2203-04-01 for a credit of ($31,296.00) in order to delete DPO 2203-04 for Overhead Door of Eastern KY and add that scope to Trace Creek’s GC contract.  This is a net zero change to the overall project construction cost.

9.D. Unpaid Employee Leave
Chantal Joyce

Cost will include regular sub cost. 

10. Adjournment
Randy Phillips