Jefferson County
January 29, 2024 6:00 PM
Special Meeting
I. Call to Order


Meetings are streamed live and archived through the District's YouTube channel at the following link: JCBE Meeting Videos


This meeting will be conducted via video-teleconference pursuant to KRS 61.823 and KRS 61.826. The primary location for this meeting and where all members can be seen and heard by the public will be Stewart Auditorium in the VanHoose Education Center. Members of the Board are permitted to attend in-person or via video-teleconference pursuant to KRS 61.826. Members of the public may attend in-person. 

There will NOT be a live stream of the meeting.

II. Student Outcomes-Focused Governance Discussion of Goals & Guardrails

The Council of the Great City Schools (CGCS) has developed a Student Outcomes-Focused Governance (SOFG) Framework to support large urban school districts to adopt school board behaviors and practices that create the conditions necessary to improve student outcomes. The SOFG Framework translates existing research and the collective experience of dozens of CGCS board members and superintendents into a set of tools that boards can use to identify their strengths and weaknesses as well as to track progress along their journey toward improving student outcomes.

The SOFG Framework is built around six research-informed competencies that describe school board behaviors and the degree to which they create the conditions for improvements in student outcomes: Vision & Goals, Values & Guardrails, Monitoring & Accountability, Communication & Collaboration, Unity & Trust, and Continuous Improvement.

Central to implementation of the SOFG Framework is the adoption of Goals and Guardrails by the Board. According to the SOFG Framework:

  • The Goal is the specific step in the desired outcome.
  • The Guardrail is what is unacceptable on the journey toward the desired outcome.

On November 10, 2023, the Board held a day-long facilitated discussion to identify the broad Goals and Guardrails that will guide the work of the District over the next several years. The meeting included a review of student outcome data and feedback from community listening sessions and survey results gathered during the Summer 2023. In the intervening time, District leadership has worked to make the Goals and Guardrails actionable by refining language and proposing long term targets for the goals.  At the January 23, 2024, the Board reviewed the draft Goals and Guardrails and voted to delay approval until such time as the Board could have additional review and discussion.

At this meeting, Board members will continue discussion of the Draft Goals and Guardrails.

The Board will consider adoption of the Draft Goals and Guardrails at this or a future meeting. After adoption of the draft, the Board will solicit community feedback on the through a variety of means before adopting final Goals and Guardrails at a later Board meeting.  Once the final version is approved by the Board, District Leadership will develop Interim Goals and Guardrails to allow for effective monitoring and accountability.

Submitted by: Dr. Katy DeFerrari and Dr. Dena Dossett


III. Consideration of Possible Motion Related to Goals and Guardrails
Actions Taken

Order #2024-20 - Motion Passed:  A motion to move from 60th percentile on MAP to 50th percentile passed with a motion by Mr. James Craig and a second by Mrs. Linda Duncan.

IV. Adjournment
Recommended Motion

A motion to adjourn the meeting of the Jefferson County Board of Education.

Actions Taken

Order #2024-21 - Motion Passed:  A motion to adjourn the meeting of the Jefferson County Board of Education at 7:36 p.m. passed with a motion by Mrs. Linda Duncan and a second by Mr. Joseph Marshall.