Floyd County
November 22, 2021 6:30 PM
Floyd County Board of Education Regular Meeting
1. Chair's Welcome/Call to Order
1.A. Roll Call/Welcome
1.B. Review Focus Areas- Safety and Health of Students and Staff; Remain Fiscally Solvent; Attendance 94%; Social Emotional Well-Being of All Students & Staff; Postsecondary Readiness; Proficiency in All Academic Areas; ACT 19.5
1.C. Reminder for a Request to Speak
1.D. Pledge of Allegiance
1.E. Moment of Individual Silent Reflection: "Why are we here?"
1.F. The Adoption of Agenda
2. Spotlight on Student/Staff/Community Achievements, Report on Student Work By Floyd Central High School Principal and SBDM Council
3. Community Comments to the Board of Education
3.A. Students
3.B. Parents, PTA/PTO
3.C. SBDM Councils
3.D. Classified Employees
3.E. Certified Employees/FCEA
3.F. Principals' Association
3.G. Members of the Board of Education
3.H. Public Comment
4. Action or Special Reports - Student Learning
4.A. Receive Attendance & Plans/Enrollment and Health Aide Service Report
5. Action or Special Reports - Student Support
5.A. Receive Report of Superintendent
5.A.1. Vision and Monitor. Models and reinforces the culture and vision of the district by having discussions with staff, board members, teachers, and other stakeholders regarding importance in teaching, learning and leading
5.A.2. Strategic Planning-Implementation. Creates processes to ensure the district’s vision, mission, values, beliefs and goals drives decisions and reflects the culture of the district
5.A.3. Strategic Planning (Monitoring/Evaluation). Facilitates the collaborative development of the district and schools improvement plans
5.A.4. Strategic Planning (Resourcing). Determines financial priorities based on the districts comprehensive improvement plan
5.B. Receive Utility Report for Betsy Layne Elementary School
5.C. Receive FY 2021 Financial Audit Report, FY 2021 Annual Financial Report, and Final FY 2021 Balance Sheet
5.D. *Consider/Approve contract with RossTarrant Architects for the Bus Garage Re-Roof, pending KDE approval
6. Action by Consent
6.A. Consider Approval of Minutes
6.B. *Consider Payment of Bills and Claims
6.C. Superintendent's Report on Personnel
6.C.1. Actions Taken
6.C.2. Consider Requests for Leaves of Absences
6.D. Consider/Approve purchase of OTUS single teaching and learning platform for use by all K-12 stakeholders to teach, test, analyze, and plan
6.E. Consider/Approve accepting FY 2022 KETS Offer of Assistance in the amount of $46,706.00
6.F. Consider/Approve the agreement between the Floyd County Board of Education and Teach for America, Inc
6.G. Consider/Approve the District Workplace Ethics Program for all students, K-12
6.H. Consider/Approve the addition of 1650 single subject license of NWEA MAP Growth Assessment for all 6-8 students at all Floyd County Schools
6.I. *Consider/Approve revision for El/Middle School Price Admission to athletic events
6.J. *Consider/Approve creating a second based interventionist and 3 daytime ESS tutors for Duff-Allen Central Elementary
6.K. *Consider/Approve Bates Security Bid for School Access Control Systems
6.L. *Consider/Approve the revision to the Salary Schedule 2021-2022 FY for Co-Curricular/Speech and Drama Team
6.M. *Consider/Approve allowing Star City Ballers to use the gymnasium at Adams Middle School for practice and games
6.N. *Consider/Approve a contract agreement with Fun Flicks Outdoor Movies to provide a showing of an outdoor movie (The Polar Express) on December 15, 2021 at the Floyd County Board of Education Central Office
7. Executive Session to Discuss (Litigation, Property, Personnel, and Expulsions) KRS 61.810
8. Adjournment