February 20, 2024 8:30 AM
Full Board of Control Work Session
1. Feb. 20, Full Board Work Session (8:30 a.m.)
2. Convene Board of Control and Adjourn to Work Session
3. Public Comment if Requested in Advance
4. Legal Session for Updates on Specific Items Per KRS 61.810(c)
5. Items for Information of the Board
5.1. Operations Reports
5.1.1. Legislative Report
5.1.2. Status of Regulations and KBE Reports
5.1.3. Non Championship Reports from Staff
5.1.4. Sports and Sports Activities Reports from Staff
5.1.5. Report on 15th Region Region Competition Rules Experiment
5.1.6. Transfer and Eligibility Report
5.1.7. Consider approval of Operation reports
5.2. Officials Division Report
5.2.1. Officials Licensing Comparison and Arbiter Sports Update
5.2.2. Disqualification report and comparison
5.2.3. Officials Admin Fee Review w/background check provisions, recommend another year at lower rate for background checks
5.2.4. Consider Adoption of Officials Division Reports
5.3. Finance and Business
5.3.1. Review of Procedure for President-Elect
5.3.2. Review of Regulatory Requirement Relative to Required Evaluation
5.3.3. TPG Sponsorship Update
5.3.4. Approve Financial Data and Expenditures Reports for July to January
5.3.5. Authorize Payment of Fall Team Sports Expenses for FH, SO, VB, FB
5.3.6. Discuss Joint Request From Superintendents in Harlan and Scott County
5.3.7. Physical Plant Repair Update
5.3.8. Update on ESSER3 and Status
5.3.9. Consider adoption of the Finance and Business Reports
5.4. General Reports
5.4.1. Member School Issues - Mergers and Splits
5.4.2. HOF Selection Status
5.4.3. Around the State and Nation
5.4.4. Follow-up discussion on team alignments
5.4.5. Consider adoption of the General Reports
6. Items for Review for Action at Later Meeting
6.1. Consider Potential Proposals to Bylaws for Annual Meeting
6.1.1. Discuss Bylaw 23 allowances, consider adjusting start of seasons in Golf and Wrestling
6.1.2. Discuss Bylaw 23 allowances, potential for early play in a sport
6.1.3. Give first reading discussion to possible revisions to the Constitutions regarding Board of Control elections.
7. Items for Action by the Board
7.1. Finance, Business and Operations
7.1.1. Approval of Minutes- January 17, 2024
7.1.2. Election of President-Elect for 2024-25
7.1.3. Report on Technology Project and Expansion of Existing Agreement with Arbitersports to include School Monitoring tools to replace existing KHSAA self-managed tools
7.1.4. Officials Fees Review - Rotation Schedule, Football and Soccer
7.1.5. Approve Posting of Position for 5th Assistant Commissioner effective FY25
7.2. Championship Operations
7.2.1. Team Tennis Schedule and Second Site for Individual Tennis
7.2.2. Review Football Classification and Implementation Plan for 2025, Timing and Duration
7.2.3. Review Data and Draft alignment of teams for consideration and distribution, final adoption in May
8. Adjourn To Full Board