September 13, 2023 10:30 AM
Full Board of Control
1. Convene Board of Control (8:30 a.m.)
2. Public Comment if Requested in Advance
3. Legal Session for Updates on Specific Items Per KRS 61.810(c)
4. Adjourn Full Board Into Work Session
5. Convene Full Board of Control Meeting
6. Pledge of Allegiance- David Zuberer
7. Reflection- Jim Demler
8. Work Session Items
8.1. Operations Reports
8.1.1. Approve the Minutes of the July Meeting
8.1.2. Sports Reports from Staff
8.1.3. Non Championship Reports from Staff
8.1.4. Officials Licensing Comparison and Arbiter Sports Update
8.1.5. Disqualification report and comparison
8.1.6. Transfer and Appeals Eligibility
8.1.7. Status of Regulation Promulgation and Legislative Discussions
8.1.8. Status of Bylaw 11 Financial Aid Reports
8.1.9. Prime Date Report
8.1.10. Update on Bowling Green Independent Schools
8.1.11. Approval of Operations Reports
8.2. Review of Membership Meetings
8.2.1. Regional meeting reports (August 16 to August 31)
8.2.2. Advanced Administrators Workshop meeting (August 29)
8.2.3. HYPE Student Leadership Conference (September 7 and 8)
8.2.4. Annual Meeting of the Membership (September 14)
8.2.5. Title IX Meetings (October 24 and October 26)
8.2.6. Approve the Reports of Membership Meetings
8.3. Finance and Business
8.3.1. Report on Staffing Revisions
8.3.2. TPG Sponsorship Review
8.3.3. Approve Dates and Sites for July, 2024 Board of Control Meeting
8.3.4. Interim Non-Audited Financial Reports
8.3.5. Approve Budget Amendments, Replacement Automobile and Discretionary Technology Adjustment
8.3.6. Approve Finance and Business Reports
8.4. Championship and Competition rules information
8.4.1. Fall Sports Reminders - First-Round Pairings
8.4.2. Opportunities for First Round State Enhancement-Status Report
8.4.3. Update on RPI Per Board Discussion
8.4.4. Approve the Championship and Competition Reminders Reports
8.5. General Reports
8.5.1. HOF Screening Committee
8.5.2. Around the State and Nation
8.5.3. Approve the General Reports
8.6. Items for Review for Action at a Later Meeting
8.6.1. Spring Sports Season Timing-Addition of Lacrosse and Boys Volleyball for 2024-25
8.6.2. Accept the items for Review at Future Meeting
8.7. Items for Discussion and Possible Action
8.7.1. Status and Timetable, Indoor Track and Field
8.7.2. Adjust Swimming and Diving Starting Date to 11/6 due to facilities
8.7.3. First Round State Swimming Implementation Plan
8.7.4. Review of Wrestling Survey to be Distributed
8.7.5. Review Possible Member School Referendum or Multiple Referendum- Bylaw 9
9. For the Good of the Order