February 22, 2023 11:00 AM
Full Board of Control
1. Orientation items
2. Adjourn Full Board Into Work Session
3. Convene Full Board of Control Meeting
4. Pledge of Allegiance - Randy McCallon
5. Reflection - Lucy Moore
6. Consent Agenda
7. Items Referred from Work Session
7.1. Items for Direct Membership Input
7.1.1. Issues Surrounding Football Alignment Leslie County Appeal of Placement
Attachments Meade County Football Request to Appeal Alignment and Utilize 5/3 Plan
7.1.2. Follow-up Items, Basketball Region 15 Basketball Request for Pilot Region Tournament - Region 15
Attachments Soccer Alignment, Possible Region Format Revisions, Region 15
Attachments Movement of Teams in Soccer Region 15 to Balance Districts
7.2. Items for Information of the Board
7.2.1. Legislative Report and Status of Regulations
7.2.2. Sports Reports from Staff
7.2.3. Staff Reports - Not Sports or Sport-Activities Related
7.2.4. RPI Out of State Factor and Comparative Data
7.2.5. Officials Licensing Comparison and Arbiter Sports Update
7.2.6. Status Report - Bowling Green High School
7.2.7. Status of Bylaw 11 Financial Aid Reports
7.2.8. Information from Around the State and Nation
7.2.9. Transfer and Eligibility Report
7.2.10. Update on Candidacy Member Schools
7.3. Items for Review for Action at Later Meeting
7.3.1. Strategic Plan Continued Review for Adoption in Spring
7.3.2. Issues Surrounding Football Alignment Discussion of Enrollment and Classification Period
Attachments Consider Playing Up Regulations and Recommendations and Alternatives
7.3.3. Historical Review and Policy Discussion and Current Year Update, Prime Date Scheduling
7.3.4. First-Round State Event Criteria and Desired Execution
7.3.5. Approval of Evaluation of Staffing Levels
7.3.6. Discussion of Possible Annual Meeting Proposals
7.4. Items for Discussion and Possible Action
7.4.1. Officer Elections - President Elect
7.4.2. Triennial Survey Report, Consideration of Additional Sports and Sport-Activities for 2023-24 and 2024-25 and follow up action
7.4.3. Championship and Competition rules Issues - Boys and Girls Wrestling
7.4.4. Golf State First Round Site Specifications
7.4.5. Approve Fall Sports Team Expenses Reimbursements and Distribution of Rebate to First Round Wrestling Hosts
7.4.6. Approve Financial Report for July 1 to December 31
8. Miscellanous Staff Information
9. For the Good of the Order