January 18, 2023 8:00 AM
Full Board of Control Work Session
1. January 18th Full Work Session
2. Convene Board of Control and Adjourn to Work Session
3. Legal Session for Updates on Specific Items Per KRS 61.810(c)
4. Public Comment Session- Speakers must sign in, and will be time limited
5. Items for Information of the Board
5.1. Marketing Sales Status Report from TPG Sales
5.2. Legislative Report and Status of Regulations
5.3. Sports Reports from Staff
5.4. Officials Licensing Comparison
5.5. ArbiterSports Update and Regulatory Changes to Officiating Policies
5.6. Status Report - Bowling Green High School
5.7. Status of Bylaw 11 Financial Aid Reports
5.8. Prime Date Requirement and Update of Information
5.9. Information from Around the State and Nation
5.10. Review Timeline of Officer Elections
5.11. Transfer and Eligibility Report
5.12. Minutes- November Board of Control Meeting
6. Items for Review for Action at Later Meeting
6.1. Statistical Records Reminders and Discussion - SB128 Students
6.2. Triennial Survey Report
7. Items for Action by the Board
7.1. Approval of Adjustments to Football Specific RPI Revision, first two "downplay" exemption
7.2. Approval of Adjustment to FB Specific RPI for any team withdrawing from competition in district play
7.3. Discussion Related to Football Alignment Period 2023 and Beyond
7.3.1. Draft Feedback Report (staff and round table)
7.3.2. Discussion and Resolution of Possible Three Team Districts (Geographic Travel Concerns)
7.3.3. Consider alignment Period for Two Years vs. Four Years with 2025 and beyond considered in 2023-24
7.3.4. Adoption of Scheduling Grid
7.3.5. Consideration of Fort Campbell Request to Play in Lower Class
7.3.6. Consideration of Madisonville-North Hopkins Request to play in lower class
7.3.7. Review Draft Alignment of Each Class
Attachments Class 1A Consideration of Request from Harlan High School
Attachments Adoption of Class 1A Alignment for period Class 2A West Carter Request to Rescind Playing Up
Attachments Consider request from Leslie County
Attachments Adoption of Class 2A Alignment for period Class 3A Consideration of Rockcastle County geographic Request
Attachments Adoption of Class 3A Alignment for period Class 4A Adoption of Class 4A Alignment for period Class 5A Grayson County request for geographic and travel move
Attachments South Oldham request for geographic and travel move (time)
Attachments Adoption of Class 5A Alignment for period Class 6A Consideration of Class 6A bracketing Rotation, Districts 3 to 6 Adoption of Class 6A Alignment for period
7.3.8. Consideration of Items for Further Research and Details
7.4. Finance and Admin Review
7.4.1. Approve Financial Report for July 1 to December 31
7.4.2. Call on PPP Loan Overage (Assigning Secretaries) from PNC
7.5. Confirm sites for Golf State First Round 2023
7.6. Consider Jenkins alignment request - Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Volleyball
8. Additional of Female Fishing Championship for 2023
9. Strategic Plan Continued Review for Adoption in Spring
10. Adjourn To Full Board