November 16, 2022 9:00 AM
Full Board of Control Work Session
1. November 16 Full Work Session
2. Convene Board of Control and Adjourn to Work Session
3. Legal Session for Updates on Specific Items Per KRS 61.810(c)
4. Public Comment if Requested in Advance
5. Accept Report of Executive Committee-Evaluation/Leadership/Audit/Finance Team
6. Status Report - Bowling Green High School
7. Items for Information of the Board
7.1. Approval of Minutes- September, 2022 Board of Control Meeting
7.2. Copies of Board Informational Correspondence
7.3. Legislative Report and Status of Regulations
7.4. Sports Reports from Staff including discussion of future action
7.5. Other Non-Action Reports from Staff
7.6. Officials Licensing Comparison
7.7. ArbiterSports Update
7.8. Status of Bylaw 11 Financial Aid Reports
7.9. Status of Prime Date Requirement and Update of Information
7.10. Transfer and Appeal Eligibility
7.11. Around the State and Nation
8. Items for Review for Action at Later Meeting
8.1. Strategic Discussion and Review of Priorities-Strategic Plan Including Board goals and Triennial Survey
8.2. Discuss Bracketing - VB and SO Alternatives for First-Round State (and second for soccer)
8.3. Review of GF, Discuss Parameters for State First Round Hosts in Future, including Practice Rounds Availability and Costs
8.4. Female Wrestling Review and Status
8.5. Status of Swimming Alignments and Regional Imbalance - Jefferson County area and Timetable, including format revision discussion due to facilities
8.6. Status of Alignments and Timetable, Basketball Request (and others), Jenkins
8.7. Discuss Concepts for Review in Future, Football Specific RPI
8.8. KHSAA Summer Meeting Location Discussion for July, 2023
9. Items for Action by the Board
9.1. Review WR Sites for First Round State
9.2. Approval of Item(s) Passed at Annual Meeting
9.3. Authorization to Distribute Enrollment Information for Classification Upon Receipt
10. Adjourn To Full Board