Allen County
October 18, 2021 6:00 PM
ACBOE Regular October 2021 Meeting
I. Call to Order
I.A. Prayer
I.B. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag
I.C. Roll Call
I.D. Adopt Agenda
II. Presentations or Recognitions by the Board
III. Communications
IV. Reports or Updates to Board
IV.A. Principal/School Reports
IV.A.1. ACIC Report
IV.A.2. ACSHS Report
IV.B. Director Reports
IV.B.1. Deputy Superintendent - Brian Carter
IV.B.2. Chief Academic Officer - Melissa Biggerstaff
IV.B.3. Human Resources / Transportation - Joseph Cosby
IV.B.4. Exceptional Child Education - Kim Hawkins
IV.B.5. Director of Pupil Personnel - Shane Davis
IV.B.6. Food Service - Robin Herrington
IV.B.7. Facilities / Maintenance - Kelly Grizzle
V.A. General Administration
V.A.1. Approve the September, 2021 minutes
V.A.2. Approval of JEBMS Fundraisers
V.A.2.a. Cheer - Sale of Nothing Bundt cakes, Pizza Kits, Candles, Shirts and Suckers (candy) during 21-22 school year.
V.A.3. Approval of ACSHS Fundraisers
V.A.3.a. Beta Club - Sale of Money cards, Food sales and T-shirts during October - April, 2021
V.A.4. Approval of Overnight Trips
V.A.4.a. ACSHS Environmental Science to Cumberland Falls in Corbin, KY on October 23-24, 2021 for classroom field trip.
V.A.4.b. ACSHS Student Y to Kentucky Youth Assembly (KYA) - Mock Govt. in Louisville, KY on November 21-23, 2021.
V.A.4.c. ACSHS Beta Club to State Convention in Louisville, KY on January 9-11, 2022.
V.A.5. Approval of Out of State Trips
V.A.5.a. ACCTC FBLA to Nissan Stadium in Nashville, TN on November 9, 2021.
V.A.5.b. ACSHS Art to Frist Art Museum in Nashville, TN on December 13, 2021.
V.A.5.c. ACSHS Girls' Basketball to Gatlinburg, TN on December 19-22, 2021 for basketball tournament.
V.A.5.d. ACSHS Cheer to Orlando, FL on February 9 - 14, 2022 for National High School Cheer Competition.
V.A.6. Acknowledge Review of Request for Donated Sick Day procedure.
V.B. Curriculum & Instruction
V.B.1. Grants
V.B.1.a. Acknowledge Review of Grant Updates Report
V.B.1.b. Approval of Grant Applications
V.B.1.b.1. Approval to apply for Toyota Foundation Grant
V.B.1.c. Acceptance of Grant Awards
V.B.1.c.1. Approval to accept Innovative Approaches to Literacy Program grant in the amount of $3,750,000
V.B.2. Acknowledge review of Early Graduation requests.
V.B.3. Approval for a team to attend Deeper Learning Conference
V.B.4. Approval of updated District Math Coach Job Description
V.C. Operations
V.C.1. District Financials
V.C.1.a. Approve Treasurers Report for September, 2021 showing a balance of $3,217,377.12
V.C.1.b. Approve the payment of current bills for Sept. 17 - Oct. 13, 2021 in the amount of $339,243.12
V.C.1.c. Approve the Balance Sheets for September, 2021
V.C.1.d. Approve the Monthly Financial Report for September, 2021
V.C.1.e. Approve the September, 2021 School Activity Fund Reports
V.C.2. Acknowledge review of ARP ESSER expenditures for the Allen County Intermediate Center gymnasium sound system in the amount of $23,885.93
V.C.3. Acknowledge review of ARP ESSER expenditures for the Allen County Primary Center gymnasium sound system in the amount of $24,846.93
V.C.4. Approval of SFS Adult Meal Price Increase to $2.73 for Breakfast and to $4.58 for Lunch.
V.D. Personnel
V.D.1. Acknowledge review of monthly Personnel Report
V.D.2. Leaves of Absence
V.D.2.a. Approval of FMLA Requests
V.D.2.a.1. Karri Graves (9/5-13/2021)
V.D.2.a.2. Demetria Hanner (9/5-15/2021)
V.D.2.a.3. Channa Jones (9/7-14/2021)
V.D.2.a.4. Rebecca Taylor (9/9-20/2021)
V.D.2.a.5. Debbie Atwood (9/13-23/2021)
V.D.2.a.6. Peggy Blankenship 9/13-21/2021)
V.D.2.a.7. Cindy McIntyre (9/21-10/1/2021)
V.D.2.a.8. Freda Rigsby (9/22-10/1/2021)
V.D.2.a.9. Ricky Sloan (8/31-9/13/2021)
V.D.2.a.10. Haley Brown (9/6-13/2021)
V.D.2.a.11. Tracy Butler (9/7-20/2021)
V.D.2.a.12. Emily Chapman (9/9-13/2021)
V.D.2.a.13. Amanda Minix (9/9-19/2021)
V.D.2.a.14. Mary Jo DeWitt (9/14-24/2021)
V.D.2.a.15. Devin Stovall (9/23-10/3/2021)
V.D.2.a.16. Mark Dyer (9/7-15/2021)
V.D.2.a.17. Sandy Newton (9/9-19/2021)
V.D.2.a.18. Melissa Turner (8/30-9/8/2021)
V.D.2.a.19. Linda Pardue (8/28-9/7/2021)
V.D.2.a.20. Laura Rector (8/31-9/13/2021)
V.D.2.a.21. Megan Spears (8/31-9/15/2021)
V.D.2.a.22. Ruthane Blankenship (8/31-9/13/2021)
V.D.2.a.23. Wes Pardue (9/4-13/2021)
V.D.2.a.24. Ashley Stovall (9/13-18/2021)
V.D.2.a.25. Debbie Sullivan (8/25-10/4/2021)
V.D.2.a.26. Steve Anderson (8/26-9/12/2021)
V.D.2.a.27. Tom Schofield (9/4-13/2021)
V.D.2.a.28. David Hughes (9/7-17/2021)
V.D.2.a.29. Shelby Morgan (9/8-15/2021)
V.D.2.a.30. Lisa Copas (9/9-17/2021)
V.D.2.a.31. Christy Gatlin (9/29-10/5/2021)
VI.A. General Administration
VI.A.1. Consider/take appropriate action to amend the Safe Return to In-Person Learning and Continuity of Services Plan, including the COVID-Operational Continuum.
VI.B. Curriculum & Instruction
VI.B.1. Consider/take appropriate action to create an Assistant Director of Special Education and associated job description
VI.B.2. Consider/take appropriate to purchase FastBridge for screeners and interventions in connection with the Literacy Grant
VI.B.3. Consider/take appropriate action to contract with Varsity Tutor for High Dosage Tutoring Services
VI.C. Operations
VI.C.1. Consider/take appropriate action on ARP ESSER expenditures for the replacement of our virtual server.
VII. Superintendent Report
VIII. Adjournment