Allen County
September 16, 2019 6:00 PM
Regular Board Meeting, 9/16/19
I. Call to Order
II. Presentations or Recognitions by the Board
II.A. Boys & Girls Club - Jef Goodnight
III. Communications
IV. Reports or Updates to Board
IV.A. School Spotlight: ACSHS and ACCTC Report - Mr. Joseph Cosby and ACCTC Students
IV.B. JEBMS - Mrs. Melissa Towery
IV.C. ACIC - Mr. Shawn Holland
IV.D. ACPC - Mr. Tim Wilson
IV.E. Technology Report - Mr. Jason Bean
IV.F. ECE Report - Mrs. Kim Hawkins
V.A. General Administration
V.A.1. Approval of Minutes
V.A.1.a. Approval of Tax Hearing (8-29-19) & Special Called Meeting (8-29-19)
V.A.2. ACPC Fundraisers
V.A.2.a. STLP - Pure Vida Bracelet & I-Pad Raffle
V.A.2.b. ACPC PTO - Food Truck Fridays
V.A.2.c. ACPC PTO - Monster Mash Dance
V.A.2.d. ACPC PTO - Fudraiser Kickoff
V.A.2.e. ACPC PTO- Tape A Turkey to the Wall
V.A.3. ACIC Fundraisers
V.A.3.a. ACIC Archery - New Year's Archery Tournament
V.A.3.b. ACIC Archery - Silent Auction
V.A.3.c. ACIC Archery - Box Tops Collection
V.A.3.d. ACIC Archery - School Supply Sales
V.A.3.e. ACIC Archery - Solicit Sponsorship from area Businesses
V.A.3.f. ACIC Archery - Team T-shirts
V.A.3.g. ACIC Archery - Cotton Candy Booth at Home 2019 Football Games
V.A.3.h. ACIC Archery - Boo Bash Booth on the Scottsville Square
V.A.3.i. ACIC Archery - Smart Card Sale
V.A.3.j. ACIC Archery - Cotton Candy Sales at Community Events
V.A.4. JEBMS Fundraisers
V.A.4.a. JEBMS Special Olympics - T-shirt Sales, Krispy Kreme Doughnut Sales, 3rd Annual Dog on Dumont Show & Event, Soup & Sandwich Sale and Coins for Cash
V.A.5. ACCTC Fundraisers
V.A.5.a. ACCTC DECA -Community Service Projects for September, 2019-December, 2019 and January, 2020 - June, 2020
V.A.5.b. ACCTC FBLA - Balloon Animal Sales
V.A.5.c. ACCTC FBLA - Cotton Candy Sales
V.A.5.d. ACCTC FBLA - Donations for American Cancer Society
V.A.5.e. ACCTC FBLA - Pink Out Activities (water sales)
V.A.6. ACSHS Fundraisers
V.A.6.a. ACS Softball Boosters - Sponsorships, Concessions, General Merchandise, Auction & Meal, Sandwich Sale, Host Tournaments, Car Wash, Apparel Sale, Dance, Golf Scramble, Flower Sale, Raffles, Road Block, Youth Camp & Laundry Detergent
V.A.6.b. Home Ec. - Catering by ACS Culinary Dept.
V.A.6.c. ACS FCCLA - Princess Brunch
V.A.6.d. ACS Culinary Arts/Home Ec. - Cooking Classes for ACPC/ACIC/JEBMS Students
V.A.6.e. ACS Culinary Arts/Home Ec. - Valentine treats
V.A.6.f. ACS Swim Boosters - T-shirt Sales
V.A.6.g. ACS Swim Boosters - Poinsettia Sales
V.A.6.h. ACS Home Ec. - Mother/Daughter Brunch
V.A.6.i. ACS Home Ec. - Prom Catering (Meals)
V.A.6.j. ACS Home Ec. - Culinary Showcase
V.A.6.k. ACS Home Ec. - Dinner & Movie Event
V.A.6.l. ACS Home Ec. - Murder Mystery Dinner
V.A.6.m. ACS Home Ec. - Breakfast with Santa
V.A.6.n. ACS Home Ec. - Polar Express
V.A.6.o. ACS Co-Ed-Y - Patriot Neck Ties
V.A.6.p. ACS Co-Ed-Y - Jewelry Sales
V.A.7. Overnight Trips
V.A.8. Out of State Trips
V.A.8.a. ACSHS Cheerleaders - Travel to Lebanon, TN for Cheer Competition Showcase on 10/20/19
V.A.8.b. ACCTC FBLA - Travel to Nashville, TN for Tennessee Titans Learning Lab on 10/29/19
V.A.8.c. ACPC - Kindergarten Class Room Travel to Bottom View Farms in Portland, TN on Oct. 17, 2019
V.A.8.d. ACPC - Travel for 1st Grade Classrooms to Bottom View Farms in Portland, TN on Oct. 25, 2019
V.B. Curriculum & Instruction
V.B.1. Approval of early graduation request for students A and B at ACSHS.
V.C. Operations
V.C.1. District Financials
V.C.1.a. Approve Treasurers Report for August, 2019 showing a balance of $3,076,940.72
V.C.1.b. Approve the payment of current bills
V.C.1.c. Approve the Balance Sheets for August, 2019
V.C.1.d. Approve the Monthly Financial Report for August, 2019
V.C.1.e. Approval of August, 2019 School Activity Fund Reports
V.C.2. Surplus Declaration
V.C.3. Removal of Swim Boosters as an external booster group
V.C.4. Consider / take appropriate action for payment to Sherman Carter Barnhart Architects for safety project, BG #20-012
V.D. Personnel
V.D.1. Personnel Report
V.D.2. FMLA Request
V.D.2.a. Approve FMLA Extension Request for Chelly Taylor-Stamps for date of Sept. 7, 2019 - Sept. 30, 2019
V.D.2.b. Approve FMLA Extension Request for Kim Wix, food service employee at ACIC, for date of August 6, 2019 - September 12, 2019
V.D.3. Approval of Volunteer Coach
V.D.4. Maternity Leave Request for Natalie Morris for dates August 19, 2019 - November 6, 2019
VI.A. General Administration
VI.A.1. Consider/Take appropriate action to approve the 2019-20 Working Budget
VI.A.2. Consider/Take appropriate action for approval of Affinity Debit Card Agreement with MidWest America Federal Credit Union
VI.A.3. Consider/Take Appropriate action to authorize superintendent to proceed with necessary steps to partner with the Boys and Girls Club of Franklin Simpson Inc.
VI.B. Curriculum & Instruction
VI.C. Operations
VI.C.1. Consider/Take appropriate action to approve changes to the District Code of Conduct
VI.C.2. Consider/Take appropriate action to approve ACPC Canopy Pay Request
VI.C.3. Acknowledge Review of Administrative Procedure 03.125 AP.22(Certified) and 03.225 AP.2 (Classified), Professional Meeting Expense Statement
VII. Superintendent Report
VIII. To enter into Executive Session per KRS 61.810 (1)(f) for the purpose of discussions or hearings which might lead to the appointment, discipline, or dismissal of an individual employee, member, or student without restricting that employee's, member's, or student's right to a public hearing if requested; KRS 61.810 (1)(k) for meetings specified by law to be conducted in private which is pursuant to KRS 156.557 (6)(c) for preliminary discussion relating to the evaluation of the superintendent
IX. Motion to Adjourn Executive Session
X. Action (if any) related to Executive Session
XI. Adjournment