Mercer County
November 21, 2023 5:30 PM
Regular Meeting
1. Call to Order/Roll Call
Randy Phillips

Amber Franceschi, District 1

Vacant, District 2

Billy Montgomery, District 3

Cliff Prewitt, District 4

Randy Phillips, District 5

2. Pledge of Allegiance
Jason Booher
3. Approval of Agenda
Randy Phillips

The agenda is being presented for approval. Any changes are to be made at this time.

4. Moment of Silence and Recognition for the Passing of Board Member Larry Yeager
Randy Phillips
5. Recognitions

1. Superior Titan Award- A student from each school (Mercer Elementary, Mercer Co. Intermediate School, King Middle, and Mercer County Senior High School) will be recognized each month at the board of education meetings for their efforts in the classroom, leadership skills and attitude. The student award recipient must meet the following guidelines:

  • Perfect attendance during the month student(s) are being observed.
  • Completed all homework assignments and tests.
  • Passing grade.
  • No discipline issues.
  • Demonstrates good leadership skills.
  • Exhibits a winning attitude and spirit toward learning and peers.

Mercer County Elementary School - Jackson Main

 Intermediate School – Cooper Whitenack

King Middle School – Skyler Ward

Mercer County Senior High School – Sora Price


2. Other Student Recognitions: 

Individual Track Recognitions: 

Jordan Piazza: 100 meter hurdles state champion

Thaddeus Mays: Triple Jump State Champion

Beau Brown: 100 meter state champion; broke state record, and won 200 meter state champion; Broke state record, and won 400 meter state champion

Teigh Yeast: 100 meter state champion; 200 meter state champion; 400 meter state champion; triple jump state champion

Hayden McGuire: unified 2x50 meter relay state champion

Alex Bradley: unified 2x50 meter relay state champion


Boys Track: State Champions

Girls Track: Third place at State Championship

Samuel Bafundo

Raegan Baker

Alexis Benham

Gage Bennett

Beau Brown

Landon Bryant

Daniel Butler

Byron Collier

Clayra Darnell

Malachi Davis

Rennan Doan

Garrett Fister

Jack Gammon

Doninick Garza

Denim Griffieth

Marshall Hart

Saije Haygood

John Mason Hopkins

Zaryn Jackson

Lindsay Jessie

Mason Kirkland

Katie Lewis

Sam Lewis

Thaddeus Mays

Hayden McGuire

Aiden McKinney

Aiden McKinney

Dliyah Minor

David Nash 

Noah Nichols 

Jesse Odell

Leah Odell

Lleyton Penn

Morgan Pennington

Grayson Perry

Jai Maria Piazza

Jordan Piazza

Ralasia Piazza

Adriana Polhemus

Liam Potts

Ashton Pusey

Gavinn Rodruguez

Myona Russell

Kyler Sallee

Cameron Sanders

Caden Semrau

Bradyn Spurlock

Collin Warren

Tytus Weldon

Jael Wooldridge

Donavan Wright

Landon Yates

Teigh Yeast

Timberlynn Yeast


Golf Team: 

Will Armstrong

Levi Cheek

Noah Nichols

Zach Nichols

Tanner Robinson

Regon Southworth


Kentucky Thespian Festival
Presley Boyne - Superior Rating in Musical Theatre Duet
Kylie Mobley - Superior Rating in Musical Theatre Solo and Musical Theatre Duet


KY All-State Choir
Landon Howard
Nyla Gray

5.A. KEMI Recognition
KEMI Representative

Mercer County School District has earned the distinction of receiving the 2023 KEMI Destiny Award for Workplace Safety. As Kentucky’s largest provider of workers’ compensation insurance, The Destiny Awards are presented annually by KEMI to policyholders that best exemplify their motto, "Control your own destiny." The awards symbolize what can be accomplished when organizations work together to improve workplace safety.

The initial Destiny Award criteria require that policyholders are in KEMI’s Preferred Tier, have premium greater than $30,000, maintain an Emod of 0.80 or below, maintain a loss ratio of 45% or below, and are insured by KEMI for three or more consecutive years.

Mercer County School District was also awarded the Destiny Award in 2021.

6. Public Participation
Randy Phillips

Pursuant to Board Policy 01.421, persons wishing to address the Board must first be recognized by the Chairperson and stand behind the podium. An individual or group granted the privilege of being heard must give his/her name, address, and reason for speaking. The Chairperson may rule on the relevance of the topic to the Board's Agenda, and will set the time limit to three (3) minutes but not to exceed fifteen (15) minutes. The Board will only act on/respond to items on the published agenda. If you wish to have an item placed on the agenda, you must first meet with the Superintendent.


At this time the board will receive comments from the public.

7. Reports

This section of the agenda is reserved for reports only, no action will be taken.

7.A. Finance Officer's Report
Amber Minor

Ending GF Cash Balance:
  o $ 5.67 million as opposed to $4.11 million last year at the same time.

General Fund Revenue:
  o Overall revenue increased 5% compared to the prior year at the same time.
  o Receipts received in the year were 4% lower as opposed to the prior year at the same time.
  o Huge increase in revenue coming in November, due to property tax collections.

General Fund Expenditures:
  o Down 6% compared to the prior year at the same time.
  o Expenses of $1.7 million in October.

Other Important Information:
  o Audit and Annual Financial Statements for fiscal year 2023 are complete.
      -General Fund ended with a Total Fund Balance of $6,965,946
              -$49,316 going to SBDM Carryforward
              -$619,709 going to Sick Leave Committed funds
              -$6,296,921 going to Beginning Balance for the current year
      -The following are the Beginning Balances for the other funds for the current year:
              -District Activity Fund $539,314.25
              -Student Activity Fund $51,256.81
              -Capital Outlay Fund $510.40
              -Building Fund $1,219.03
              -Construction Fund $427,191.44
              -Food Service Fund $2,397,181
              -Daycare Fund $13,535.27

o The auditor will be coming to an upcoming board meeting to present the financial statements and audit.

7.B. Attendance/Enrollment Report
Esther Hayslett

The DPP will report to the board at this time.

7.C. Instruction Report
Jason McAllister

The Chief Academic Officer will report to the board at this time.

7.D. MCIS Principal Report
Jaziel Guerra

Any principal may report to the board at this time if needed.

7.E. Personnel Report
Jason Booher

KRS 160.390; KRS 160.38; KRS 160.370    The Superintendent is responsible for all personnel actions including hiring, assignments, transfer, dismissal, suspension, reinstatement, promotion, and for reporting these actions to the board of education (KRS 160.390 (1)).  All appointments, promotions and transfers of principals, supervisors, teachers, and other school employees shall be made only by the Superintendent of schools, who shall notify the Board of the action taken (KRS 160.380(2a)).

7.F. Superintendent's Report
Jason Booher

The Superintendent will report to the board at this time.

8. Consent Agenda
Randy Phillips

“Consent Agenda” items are voted on with one motion and one vote. 

These are, typically, items that happen on a regular basis, are annual fees, or routine items in doing business. 

The board may discuss any item they wish.

The board has the option to pull any item out for a separate vote.

8.A. Board Meeting Minutes
Randy Phillips
8.B. Invoices
Amber Minor
8.C. Board Vacancy
Jason Booher

A vacancy exists on the Mercer County Board of Education, as of November 21, 2023, in the seat [Division # 2 (for county school systems) or the District at large (for independent school systems)] formerly held by Larry Yeager. The unexpired term for this seat is set to end November 2024. The Board will proceed to appoint an individual to fill this seat for the unexpired term pursuant to KRS 160.190 and Board Policy 01.3.

8.D. Surplus Buses
Randy Phillips

The following buses are being requested to be deemed as surplus:

-Bus 061 (sell or scrap)

-Bus 071 (sell or scrap)

8.E. Out of State Travel-KMS Spring Trip
Randy Phillips

KMS annual Spring Trip. The 2024 Spring Trip will be to Savannah, Georgia. March 21-24. The trip sponsor is Tiffany Penn. We have used Impression Tours for several years for the Tour Company.

Students will be covering 100% of the cost

8.F. Scoreboards
Jason Booher
9. Action Items for Discussion
Randy Phillips

The following items require board action, but do not require a roll call vote for approval.

9.A. Dress and Appearance Policy-First Reading
Donald Wayne Smith and Jay Anderson
10. Action Items for Roll Call Vote
Randy Phillips

The following items require board action and a roll call vote for approval.

10.A. Enter into Executive Session Pursuant to KRS 61.810(1)(f) and KRS 61.810(1)(g)
Jason Booher

A motion must be made to enter into executive session. 

10.B. Exit Executive Session
Jason Booher
10.C. Action Related to Executive Session
Jason Booher
10.D. Unpaid Leave Request
Chantal Joyce

Employee has exhausted medical leave, and is requesting unpaid through January 3rd. 

11. Adjournment
Randy Phillips