Jefferson County
August 17, 2021 4:30 PM
Work Session: Strategic Planning
I. Call to Order

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II. Acceptance of Resignation of Position of Vice-Chairperson from Dr. Chris Kolb and Declaration of Vacancy
Actions Taken

Order #2021-132 - Motion Passed:  A motion to accept the resignation of position of Vice-Chairperson from Dr. Chis Kolb and declare a vacancy in the office of Vice-Chair passed with a motion by Mrs. Linda Duncan and a second by Ms. Sarah McIntosh.

III. Election of Vice-Chairperson
Actions Taken

Order #2021-133 - Motion Passed:  A motion to elect Dr. Corrie Shull to serve as Vice-Chairperson until the first regularly scheduled Board meeting in January 2022 passed with a motion by Ms. Diane Porter and a second by Mr. James Craig.

IV. Work Session: JCPS Strategic Plan

Over the past eighteen (18) months, the Board and District have been focusing a great deal of attention on the immediate demands required to respond to the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, taking bold actions to support students and families, to connect District and school staff to new ways of working, and to continue engaging students in instruction and learning despite challenges.  

While rapid and intentional responses to changing contingencies remain critical as the District returns to in-person instruction in the context of the ongoing pandemic, the Board and the District must also give significant time and attention to planning for the future. The Board, working in conjunction with District leadership, needs to establish goals to significantly improve student outcomes, improve equity in instruction and resources, and provide support for all students in every District school, and identify the key strategies necessary to achieve those goals. Such strategic planning, will set a course for the District toward the Future State, providing clear direction to teachers, administrators, and other District staff, and shaping the allocation of resources in future years. It will also communicate to students, families, and the community the ways in which the District plans to serve its mission and pursue its vision and provide every child what they need to succeed and thrive.

During this work session, the Board will have the opportunity to engage in discussions and provide perspectives regarding the priorities, goals, and strategies of the new strategic plan, as well as the process for the development of the plan. The work session will offer direction to District leadership regarding the critical components that will need to be incorporated into the development and completion of new strategic plan.

Submitted by: Dr. Dena Dossett


V. Adjournment
Actions Taken

Order #2021-134 - Motion Passed:  A motion to adjourn the meeting at 5:45 p.m. passed with a motion by Mr. James Craig and a second by Ms. Sarah McIntosh.