Jefferson County
November 22, 2021 6:00 PM
Board Policy Committee Meeting
1. Board Policy Committee Meeting

Board Policy Committee

Jefferson County Board of Education

Monday, November 22, 2021 – 6:00 pm

Stewart Auditorium, VanHoose Education Center

3332 Newburg Road, Louisville KY 40218

(Note: Some members may participate via tele-conference)


1. Call to Order

2. Approval of Minutes for the August 2, 2021 Meeting

3. 2022 Board Policy Committee Meeting Schedule


4. Polices for Review – Staff/Board Recommendations

Change            01.421           Public Participation in Open Meetings

Change            01.45             Board Meeting Agenda

Change            03.11             Hiring (Certified)

Change            03.21             Hiring (Classified)


5. Policies for Review - Policy Review Cycle Set #7



Change            10.1            Public Information Program

No Change     10.12             Public Statements



Change            10.31           Parent/Family Involvement


Human Resources

No Change     03.1236        Emergency Leave (Certified)

No Change     03.2236        Emergency Leave (Classified)

No Change     03.1237        Court Appearances- Jury Leave (Certified)

No Change     03.2237        Court Appearances- Jury Leave (Classified)

Change          03.1238        Military-Disaster Service Leave (Certified)

Change          03.2238        Military-Disaster Service leave (Classified)

No Change     03.1239        Leave for Political Activities (Certified)

No Change     03.2239        Leave for Political Activities (Classified)

Change          03.1322        Gifts (Certified)

Change          03.2322        Gifts (Classified)

Change          03.1324        Political Activities (Certified)

Change          03.234          Political Activities (Classified)

Change          03.1325        Disrupting the Educational Process (Certified)

Change          03.2325        Disrupting the Educational Process (Classified)



No Change     08.1354        Voter Registration and Participation

Change          09.41            Pregnant Students


6. Policies for Review - Policy Review Cycle Set #8



No Change     08.114          Early Childhood Education

Change          08.12            Instructional Organization

Change          08.1346        Physical Education

Change          08.2322        Review of Instructional Materials

Change          08.233          Library Media Centers

No Change     08.235          Previewing Materials

No Change     08.51            Curriculum Development and Implementation


Exceptional Child Education

Change            08.131           Students with Disabilities


Human Resources

Change            03.1              Certified Personnel           

Change            03.112          Certification and Records (Certified)

Change            03.115          Transfer of Tenure

Change            03.1161        Coaches and Assistant Coaches (Certified)

Change            03.2141        Nonteaching Coaches and Assistant Coaches (Classified)

Change            03.1311        Transfer (Certified)

Change            03.1211        Transfer (Classified)

Change            03.1312        Promotion (Certified)

Change            03.2312        Promotion (Classified)

Change            03.1313        Demotion (Certified)

Change            03.2313        Demotion (Classified)

Change            03.171          Reduction in Force (Certified)

Change            03.271          Reduction in Force (Classified)

Change            03.174          Reinstatement (Certified)

Change            03.175          Retirement (Certified)

Change            03.273          Retirement (Classified)

Change            03.2711        Nonrenewal (Classified)

Change            03.3             Student Teachers (Certified)

No Change       03.7              Temporary and Substitute Employees


7. New Business


8. Next Meeting

The next scheduled meeting will be held Monday, January 31, 2021, at 6:00 pm in Stewart Auditorium at the VanHoose Education Center.


9. Adjourn