Jefferson County
August 02, 2021 6:00 PM
Board Policy Committee Meeting
1. Board Policy Committee Meeting

Board Policy Committee

Jefferson County Board of Education

Monday, August 2, 2021 – 6:00 pm

Stewart Auditorium, VanHoose Education Center

3332 Newburg Road, Louisville KY 40218

Call to Order

Approval of Minutes for the June 14, 2021 Meeting

Policies for Review - Policy Review Cycle Set #6New Business

      Diversity, Equity & Poverty/School Based Decision-Making

           02.413          Exemption (SBDM)

           02.421          Election of School Council Members (SBDM)

           02.422          School Council Authority (SBDM)

           02.423          School Council Meetings (SBDM)

           02.4231        School Council Relationships (SBDM)

           02.4241        School Council Policies (SBDM)

           02.42411      Appeal of Decisions (SBDM)

           02.4244        School Hiring (SBDM)

           02.431          Training of School Council Members (SBDM)

           02.432          Waiver of School Policies (SBDM)

           02.433          Other Board Policy


           09.1231        Dismissal from School

           09.221          Supervision of Students

           09.223          Student Automobile Use

           09.3              Student Activities

           09.32            Student Organizations

           09.3211        Use of School Facilities by Noncurriculum-Related Student Groups

           09.341          School Performances

           09.35            Social Events

           09.421          Care of School and Personal Property

           09.4281        Reporting Educational Concerns or Grievances

           10.5              Visitors to Schools

      Pupil Personnel

           09.1               School Census

           09.111           Withdrawals

           09.12             Admissions and Attendance

           09.121           Entrance Age

           09.122           Attendance Requirements

           09.123           Absences and Excuses

           09.1221         Shortened School Day and/or Week

           09.1223         Persons Over Compulsory Attendance Age

Next Meeting  

The next scheduled meeting will be held Monday, October 11, 2021 at 6:00 pm in Stewart Auditorium at the VanHoose Education Center.