Jefferson County
November 23, 2020 6:00 PM
Board Policy Committee Meeting
1. Board Policy Committee Meeting

Board Policy Committee

Jefferson County Board of Education

Monday, November 23 – 6:00 pm

Via Videoconference

Livestreamed at


  1. Call to Order
  2. Approval of Minutes for the September 24, 2020 Meeting
  3. Proposed New Policy

    05.511             Continuity of Operations Plan


  4. Policy Review Cycle

    JCPS is initiating an ongoing cycle of policy review, whereby, over the course of five years, all Board policies will be reviewed. In many instances, no change will be needed – the policy conforms to statutory and regulatory requirements, is clear and accurate, and reflects current practice. In other instances, a policy will need to be updated, or language improved for clarity and standardization of usage. This is the first set of policies to be reviewed in this process. The Committee will review as many policies as time permits during the meeting, addressing those that remain at subsequent meetings.


    Board Administration

    01.0                Definitions – Change

    01.1                Legal Status of the Board – Change

    01.11              General Powers & Duties of the Board – Change

    01.22              Board Committees – No Change

    01.53              Code of Ethics – Change

    01.81              Liaison with School Boards Associations – No Change

    02.0                Administrative Organization – No Change


    Board Positions

    01.411            Duties & Responsibilities of the Chair and Vice-Chair – Change

    01.412            Duties & Responsibilities of the Secretary – No Change

    01.413            Duties & Responsibilities of the Treasurer – No Change

    01.7                Board Attorney – No change


    Board Members

    01.2                Board Member Qualifications – Change

    01.21              Board Member Disqualifications – Change

    01.3                Board Vacancy – Change

    01.821            Board Member Compensation & Expenses – Change

    01.83              In-Service Training – Change


    Board Meetings

    01.4                Meetings – Change

    01.41              Organizational Meetings – Change

    01.42              Regular Meetings – Change

    01.421            Public Participation in Open Meetings – Change

    01.43              Executive Sessions – No Change

    01.44              Special Called Meetings – No Change

    01.45              Board Meeting Agenda – Change


    Board Policies

      01.5              School Board Policies – Change

      01.51            Administrative Procedures (Board Policies) – Change

      01.6              Board Records – No Change

      01.61            Records Management – Change


  5. New Business


  6. 2021 Board Policy Committee Schedule & Next Meeting


    See attached 2021 Board Policy Committee Meeting Schedule. Meetings will be held on Monday evenings at 6:00, with two exceptions due to calendar conflicts. This change is needed to avoid meetings on the same dates when Board meeting agendas and materials are published.


    The next scheduled meeting will be held Monday, January 11, 2021 via Zoom.


  7. Adjourn