Jefferson County
May 11, 2015 5:00 PM
Work Session: Magnet Review Timeline
I. Magnet Review Timeline

Audio: 5 11 2015 Work Session 2

This work session will focus on our progress in implementing three recommendations from the Magnet Schools of America. 

  • MSA Recommendation #3: JCPS should create a community task force with various stakeholders to determine the purpose, goals, and types of magnet programs that will serve students in the county.
    • The Magnet Steering Committee will be redesigned to (1) include two co-leads to serve as facilitators and (2) include members from the community, external to JCPS, for broader stakeholder input.
  • MSA Recommendation #4: The Traditional School model should be reviewed and updated to reflect current research.
    • The subcommittee of traditional principals, led by Mr. Allen, will present proposed revisions to the traditional school guidelines.
  • MSA Recommendation #11: JCPS should adopt a centralized application process and conduct lotteries for all magnet schools that take into consideration existing factors. This central process should also determine eligibility of students if academic criteria is used.
    • Progress on standardizing magnet criteria in a centralized application process using three different scenarios will be presented.

Submitted by: Dr. Robert Rodosky 

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