Jefferson County
July 28, 2014 4:00 PM
Work Session: Presentations from School of Innovation Design Competition Finalists
I. Presentations from JCPS School of Innovation Design Competition Finalists

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Audio: 7 28 2014 Work Session

The following four teams were selected as finalists in the JCPS School of Innovation Design Competition:

  • The Catalpa School
  • Louisville Reach Academy
  • Metro Museum Magnet School
  • Next-Generation Community School
All four finalists will present their concepts to the Jefferson County Board of Education during a work session scheduled for Monday, July 28, 2014, 4 to 6 p.m., in the Stewart Auditorium at the VanHoose Education Center, 3332 Newburg Road.

Each team is allotted 30 minutes to present their School of Innovation concept and to answer questions about their proposal.

The Board is scheduled to vote to determine the School of Innovation Competition winner(s) at their August 11, 2014, meeting.

I.A. The Next-Generation Community School Presentation

Southeastern High School Education Achievement Authority of Michigan teachers Haley Hart and Brendan Campbell, along with Dean of Instruction Ashley Ogonowski partnered to envision this high school that will allow students to have flexible scheduling and learning environments and give students the opportunity to earn internships at local businesses, media outlets, and community services, which will be housed in the school.

Students would move to new topics and courses once they master the prerequisite material, and mastery would be evaluated through a combination of written, oral, and performance assessments that are aligned to standards.

I.B. Metro Museum Magnet School Presentation

Frazier History Museum Executive Director Dr. Madeline Burnside; JCPS Goal Clarity Coach Dr. Shalonda Gregory; Kentucky Science Center Executive Director Joanna Haas; Kentucky Science Center Director of Education and Experience Kim Hunter; and Frazier Museum Coordinator of School and Teacher Programs Megan Schanie, teamed up to design this unique school for students in kindergarten through grade five.

Children will participate in a classroom that includes Louisville’s Museum Row. Students could walk
to project partners, where they would participate in theme-based projects using authentic objects, experiences, and resources.

Signed letters of support have arrived from a collection of 11 community partners and museums.

I.C. Louisville Reach Academy Presentation

Brandeis Elementary School teacher Kristen Thomas and Klondike Lane Elementary School teachers Amy Clifford, Caroline King, and Katie Taliaferro partnered to envision this year-round school, which would serve students in kindergarten through grade eight and be a hub of services for students, guardians, and the community.

The one site will include opportunities for medical and dental services, family therapy, government services, adult education, job shadowing, and family education workshops.

Other features will include small class sizes, iPads for each student, and a fully operational greenhouse to promote health, entrepreneurial, and educational opportunities.

I.D. The Catalpa School Presentation

Auburndale Elementary School teacher Jessica Forst teamed up with Byck Elementary School teachers
Adrienne Moore, Jennifer Nelson, and Abby Terranova to design this world of learning, which will begin with preschool through grade five and have the ability to grow to include grades six through eight.

The school will be a collaboration of community members and educators who will provide an approach that blends Waldorf traditions with Kentucky Core Academic Standards. Students will balance art, music, drama, movement, and experiences in nature to promote creativity and critical thinking.

Academic lessons and content will be tailored to traditional times of day when students are most cognizant, and teachers will stay with the same group of students as they progress through the
school’s grade levels.