Harrison County
November 27, 2018 6:00 PM
Harrison County Board of Education Regular Meeting
1. Call to Order
Chairperson Carey
2. Information: Good News Report
Board Members
3. Presentation: Civil Air Patrol-Kentucky Wing/Cynthiana-Harrison County Airport Board/EAA 1522
Captain Izzie House/Will Smith/Gordon Davis
4. Presentation: FY17-18 Financial Audit Report
Kristin Leadingham
5. Approval to Declare Surplus Band Items
John Merz
6. Approval for HCMS to Apply for Science Grant
Jaime Chapman
7. Approval for HCMS to Apply for LBAR Grant
Mike McIntire
8. Approval of Beta Club Field Trip
Patti Clapp
9. Approval for HCHS Culinary Department to Apply for a Grant
Jennifer Grause
10. Approval for HCHS Project Graduation to Apply for Grants
Jennifer Grause and Rachel Slusher
11. Approval for HCHS to Apply for 3M Donors Choose Grant
Shelbie Sledd
12. Approval for HCHS to Apply for a PLTW-Computer Science Grant
Christine Garnett
13. Approval of Consent Items: Board Minutes and Fundraisers
Chairperson Carey
13.A. Approval of Board Minutes
Chairperson Carey
13.B. Fundraisers
Chairperson Carey
13.B.I. Approval of Harrison County High School Fundraiser Requests
Chairperson Carey
13.B.II. Approval of Harrison County Middle School Fundraiser Requests
Chairperson Carey
13.B.III. Approval of Southside Elementary School Fundraiser Requests
Chairperson Carey
14. Approval of Financial Reports
Chairperson Carey
15. Information: Superintendent's Report on Board Goals
Andy Dotson
16. Approval of MOA with Morehead State University
David Case
17. Presentation: Month Three Attendance Report
Bow Switzer
18. Approval of the 2019-2020 District Calendar Committee
Bow Switzer
19. Information: 2019-2020 Calendar Discussion
Bow Switzer
20. Approval for Groups to Use HCBOE Facilities
Bow Switzer
21. Approval of the District's Local Planning Committee Members
Bow Switzer
22. Approval of Construction Pay Application
Bow Switzer
23. Approval to Advertise for Service Providers
Bow Switzer
24. Approval to Hold Special Meeting in December
Chairperson Carey
25. Information: Significant Dates for Harrison County Schools
Chairperson Carey
26. Approval of Employee Leave of Absences
Chairperson Carey
27. Information: Superintendent's Report of Personnel Actions
Chairperson Carey
28. Approval of Emergency and Miscellaneous Items
Chairperson Carey
29. Public Comment
30. Request for Adjournment
Chairperson Carey