Glasgow Independent
January 11, 2021 6:00 PM
Glasgow Board of Education Organizational Meeting
I. CALL TO ORDER - We recommend that the Superintendent call the organizational meeting to order and introduce all board members acknowledging re-elected board members and welcoming newly elected board members. Roll call will also be conducted at this time.
II. Election of Board Chairperson. We recommend that the Superintendent facilitate the election of Board Chairperson.
III. We recommend that the newly elected Chairperson facilitate the meeting from this point forward beginning with the election of Board Vice Chairperson.
IV. We recommend the appointment of the following officers and directors for the Glasgow Independent School District Finance Corporation for the purpose of bond sales: President: BOARD CHAIR, Vice President: BOARD VICE CHAIR, Secretary: Keith Hale, Treasurer: Sandy Moore, Directors: Remaining 3 board members.
V. Meeting will be adjourned and continue on to the Regular Board Meeting.