Glasgow Independent
February 10, 2020 6:00 PM
Glasgow Board of Education Regular Meeting
I.A. Roll Call
I.B. Adopt Agenda
II.A. Student Recognitions
II.B. Employee Recognition - "Inspiring Greatness": to recognize staff who go above and beyond to inspire others - staff and students alike - to be their very best.
II.C. Superintendent notification of personnel actions taken since the last regular board meeting.
III.A. Approve the Minutes of the January 13, 2020 Regular Meeting.
III.B. Approve Payment of Claims
III.C. Approve monthly financial report for January 2020.
III.D. Approve Trips/Fundraisers
III.D.1. Trips
III.D.1.a. GHS Academic Team, overnight/out of state trip, Small School National Championship, Chicago, IL, Apr. 23-27, 2020.
III.D.1.b. GHS HOSA club, overnight trip, HOSA Leadership Conference, Louisville, KY, Mar. 19-21, 2020.
III.D.1.c. GHS Travel Club, trip to Scotland and England, Spring Break 2021.
III.D.1.d. HES Beta Club, overnight/out-of-state trip, National Beta Convention, June 19-22, 2020, Fort Worth, TX.
III.D.1.e. GMS TSA, overnight trip, State competition, April 13-15, 2020, Lexington, KY.
III.D.1.f. GHS/GMS Band, out of state trip, May 9, 2020, Santa Claus, IN.
III.D.2. Fundraisers
III.D.2.a. HES PTO, 5K Run for the Roses, 5K race, May 2020.
III.D.2.b. HES PTO, Beta tshirts, Jan.-Feb., 2020.
III.D.2.c. HES DonorChoose, STEAM materials, Feb. 2020.
III.D.2.d. GHS Baseball, Kettle Corn sales, Feb. 11 - 18, 2020.
III.D.2.e. SGE Library, Scholastic Book Fair, April 27-May 1, 2020.
III.D.2.f. HES PTO, Spring Vendor Event, March or May, 2020.
III.D.2.g. HES PTO, Spring Fling Dance, April, 2020.
III.D.2.h. HES PTO, Bundt Cake sales, March 2020.
III.D.2.i. GHS Volleyball, Peach sales, April-May, 2020.
III.D.2.j. GHS Volleyball, Little Scotties volleyball camp, April-May, 2020.
III.D.2.k. GMS Beta, sweatshirt/tshirt sales, Feb. 7-28, 2020.
III.D.2.l. GHS Baseball, Kettle corn sales, Feb. 11-18, 2020.
III.D.2.m. GMS TSA, Hardee's night, Spring 2020.
III.D.2.n. GMS TSA, Zaxby's night, Spring 2020.
III.E. Approve partial funding of student participation fees in the amount of $200 per student for the 2020 Kentucky Association for Academic Competition Governor’s Cup Middle Grades and High School Summer Camps to be held at Berea College.
IV.A. Review and approve draft procedure recommendations from performance of Procedure Audit.
IV.B. Discussion and possible approval of student accident insurance vendor for the 2020/2021 school year.
IV.C. Approve selection of 2020-2021 school calendar.
IV.D. Approve board member out of district travel and related allowable expenses to the 2020 KSBA Annual conference to be held February 20-24, 2020 in Louisville, KY.
IV.E. Approve FY20 FRYSC contract modification.
IV.F. Approve donation to GHS Academic Team from Glasgow Kiwanis Club for $1372.
IV.G. Approve donation to HES FRYSC from the Children's Day Fund for $2200.50.