Glasgow Independent
September 09, 2019 6:00 PM
Glasgow Board of Education Regular Meeting
I.A. Roll Call
I.B. Adopt Agenda - Amend agenda to include: Student Services Action - Item D- Review and approve proposal with TJ Samson for school nursing services.
II.A. Employee Recognition - "Inspiring Greatness"
II.B. Student Recognitions - GSP and GSA students
II.C. Superintendent notification of personnel actions taken since the last regular board meeting.
II.D. Notification of shortened school day for student.
III.A. Approve the Minutes of the August 12, 2019 Regular meeting.
III.B. Approve the minutes of the August 29, 2019 Special Called meeting.
III.C. Approve Payment of Claims
III.D. Approve monthly financial report for August, 2019.
III.E. Approve Trips/Fundraisers
III.E.1. Trips
III.E.1.a. GHS Academic Team, overnight/out of state trip, Regional Quizbowl competition, Nov. 1-2, 2019, Dayton, OH.
III.E.1.b. GHS Baseball team, overnight/out of state trip, baseball tournament, April 6-10, 2020, Destin, FL.
III.E.1.c. GHS Best Fit Sophomore and Junior Group, out of state trip, college visits to Vanderbilt and Belmont, Oct. 3, 2019, Nashville, TN.
III.E.2. Fundraisers
III.E.2.a. GHS Yearbook, Scottie Shoutout sales, 19/20 school year.
III.E.2.b. GHS DECA and Student Y clubs, Gala, Nov. 2 or 23, 2019.
III.E.2.c. GHS Baseball, Christmas Country hams, Nov.-Dec., 2019.
III.E.2.d. GHS Baseball, concession sales, March - May, 2020.
III.E.2.e. GHS Baseball, Boston Butt/Pork Loin sales, Jan.-Feb., 2020.
III.E.2.f. GHS Baseball, garbage bag sales, Sept., 2019; Jan., 2020; May, 2020.
III.E.2.g. GHS Baseball, outfield sign sales, Sept., 2019 - May, 2020.
III.E.2.h. GHS Beta Club, t-shirt sales, Fall 2019.
III.E.2.i. GHS Beta Club, Pura Vida bracelets, Fall 2019.
III.E.2.j. GHS HOSA club, candle sales, Sept., 2019 - May, 2020.
III.E.2.k. GHS HOSA club, sticker and t-shirt sales, Sept., 2019 - May, 2020.
III.E.2.l. GHS HOSA club, Rada knife sales, Sept., 2019 - May, 2020.
III.E.2.m. GHS HOSA club, catalog food sales, Sept., 2019 - May, 2020.
III.E.2.n. GHS HOSA Club, snack/drink sales, Sept., 2019 - May, 2020.
III.E.2.o. GHS HOSA club, seasonal plant sales, 2019/2020 school year.
III.E.2.p. GHS HOSA club, school spirit items, Sept., 2019-May, 2020.
III.E.2.q. GHS HOSA club, jewelry sales, Sept., 2019 - May, 2020.
III.E.2.r. GHS Culinary, event catering, 2019/20 school year.
III.E.2.s. SGE Kindergarten, tshirt sales, Sept. 15, 2019 - April, 15, 2020.
III.E.2.t. SGE PTO, Great American sales, Sept. 19 - Oct. 3, 2019.
III.E.2.u. GMS Academic team, Halloween Dance, Oct. 25, 2019.
III.E.2.v. GHS Boys Basketball, Pancake breakfast, Fall 2019.
III.E.2.w. GHS Boys Basketball, Tournament, Fall 2019, Spring 2020.
III.E.2.x. GHS Boys Basketball, Halftime stats report sponsor, 2019/20 Basketball Season.
III.E.2.y. GHS Boys Basketball, Apparel sales, 219/20 Basketball Season.
III.E.2.z. GHS Boys Basketball, donation letters, Fall, 2019 and Winter, 2020.
III.E.2.aa. GHS Boys Basketball, Halftime shot shootout, home games Dec., 2019 - Feb., 2020.
IV.A. Approve working budget for the 2019/2020 school year.
IV.B. Approve board member out-of-district travel expenses for the 2019 KSBA Region 3 Fall Meeting to be held Monday, October 28, 2019 in Bowling Green, KY at Bristow Elementary.
IV.C. Accept donation to GHS Performing Arts programs in the amount of $15,560.37.
IV.D. Review and approve proposal with TJ Samson for school nursing services.