Franklin County
August 06, 2021 2:00 PM
Special-Called Meeting
1. Call to Order

Natalie Lile, Chairperson

Chuck Fletcher, Vice Chair

BeLinda Henson, Board Member

Larry Perkins, Board Member

Justin Watterson, Board Member

Mark Kopp, Superintendent


2. New Business
2.1. Revised 21-22 Calendar

The variable school calendar is attached for your approval. Due to the recent surge in Covid-19 cases in our county, we are recommending adopting a variable school calendar to begin the year on August 25th, with the hope the numbers will decrease.

Recommended Motion

Approve amended 21-22 School Calendar

Actions Taken

Order #2021-1014 - Motion Failed:  Approve amended 21-22 School Calendar failed with a motion by Mr. Larry Perkins and a second by Ms. BeLinda Henson.

3. Adjournment

The next meeting of the Franklin County Board of Education will be 11:30am on August 16, 2021 at Westridge Elementary.

Recommended Motion

The meeting be adjourned at

Actions Taken

Order #2021-1015 - Motion Passed:  The meeting be adjourned at 2:26PM passed with a motion by Mr. Larry Perkins and a second by Mr. Justin Watterson.