Floyd County
October 25, 2021 6:30 PM
Floyd County Board of Education Regular Meeting
1. Chair's Welcome/Call to Order
1.A. Roll Call/Welcome
1.B. Review Focus Areas- Safety and Health of Students and Staff; Remain Fiscally Solvent; Attendance 94%; Social Emotional Well-Being of All Students & Staff; Postsecondary Readiness; Proficiency in All Academic Areas; ACT 19.5
1.C. Reminder for a Request to Speak
1.D. Pledge of Allegiance
1.E. Moment of Individual Silent Reflection: "Why are we here?"
1.F. The Adoption of Agenda
2. Spotlight on Student/Staff/Community Achievements, Report on Student Work By Floyd Central High School Principal and SBDM Council
3. Community Comments to the Board of Education
3.A. Students
3.B. Parents, PTA/PTO
3.C. SBDM Councils
3.D. Classified Employees
3.E. Certified Employees/FCEA
3.F. Principals' Association
3.G. Members of the Board of Education
3.H. Public Comment
4. Action or Special Reports - Student Learning
4.A. Receive Attendance & Plans/Enrollment and Health Aide Service Report
5. Action or Special Reports - Student Support
5.A. Receive Report of Superintendent
5.A.1. Standard 6-Collaborative Leadership
5.A.1.*. Engages all stakeholders in shared responsibility to take the Safety Star Pledge with our goal of 1,000 plus pledges
5.A.1.*. Develops collaborative partnerships with the community that support the vision
5.A.1.*. Implements proactive partnerships that remove barriers to college and career readiness
5.B. Consider/Approve Initial BG-1 (BG# 22-129) for the Floyd County Schools Bus Garage Re-roof
5.C. Receive presentation regarding the proposed construction of an Allied Health and Wellness Building for Prestonsburg High School, which would include an expansion of the school of innovation, given by members of the community of Prestonsburg
5.D. Consider/Approve sealed bids for the McDowell Elementary School Property located at KY Route 680, McDowell, KY 41647, pending KDE Approval
5.E. Consider/Approve advertising for Request for Proposals (RFP) to consider Architectural Service for the Esser III Funded projects at Adams Middle School/Allen Elementary (Roof and HVAC) and Betsy Layne Elementary (Roof Projects)
5.F. *Receive presentation from New Beginnings Church on Community Partnership
6. Action by Consent
6.A. Consider Approval of Minutes
6.B. *Consider Payment of Bills and Claims
6.C. Superintendent's Report on Personnel
6.C.1. Actions Taken
6.C.2. Consider Requests for Leaves of Absences
6.D. Consider/Approve surplus Delco Eliminator Pressure Washer
6.E. Consider/Approve Memorandum of Understanding between Floyd County Board of Education and Kentucky Cooperative Extension Services (KCES) for Nutrition Education Program
6.F. Consider/Approve increasing substitute teacher pay effective November 1, 2021
6.G. Consider/Approve increasing the Health Services Coordinator position to a 240 days contract
6.H. Consider/Approve PHS Basketball to travel and play in the Cherokee High School Christmas Tournament in Rogersville, TN on December 18th through December 21st
6.I. Consider/Approve the Kentucky Blood Center to host two blood drives at Floyd Central High School; the first to be held on November 10, 2021 and the second o be held during the spring semester (date to be determined)
6.J. Consider/Approve allowing Christ Community Baptist Church to gather and use the facilities (specifically the cafeteria and adjacent bathrooms) at Prestonsburg High School beginning on April 3rd 2022 until they are able to rent or purchase property of their own.
6.K. Consider/Approve agreement between the Floyd County Board of Education (Delegate) and the Big Sandy Area Community Action Program (Grantee) for the Head Start Program
6.L. *Consider/Approve setting adult meal prices for Breakfast and Lunch
7. Executive Session
8. Adjournment