Floyd County
May 17, 2021 6:30 PM
Floyd County Board of Education Regular Meeting
1. Chair's Welcome/Call to Order
1.A. Roll Call/Welcome
1.B. Review Focus Areas- Safety and Health of Students and Staff; Transition Ready; Remain Fiscally Solvent; ACT 19.5; Student Growth; Student Participation
1.C. Reminder for a Request to Speak
1.D. Pledge of Allegiance
1.E. Moment of Individual Silent Reflection: "Why are we here?"
1.F. The Adoption of Agenda
2. Spotlight on Student/Staff/Community Achievements, Report on Student Work By Renaissance Learning Center Principal and SBDM Council
3. Community Comments to the Board of Education
3.A. Students
3.B. Parents, PTA/PTO
3.C. SBDM Councils
3.D. Classified Employees
3.E. Certified Employees/FCEA
3.F. Principals' Association
3.G. Members of the Board of Education
3.H. Public Comment
4. Action or Special Reports - Student Learning
4.A. Receive Attendance & Plans/Enrollment and Health Aide Service Report
5. Action or Special Reports - Student Support
5.A. Receive Report of Superintendent
6. Action by Consent
6.A. Consider Approval of Minutes
6.B. *Consider Payment of Bills and Claims
6.C. Superintendent's Report on Personnel
6.C.1. Actions Taken
6.C.2. Consider Requests for Leaves of Absences
6.D. Consider/Approve membership with Kentucky Education Development Corporation for 2021-2022
6.E. Consider/Approve naming Allen Elementary Gym Court and football field after David "Moose" Mosley
6.F. Consider/Approve allowing ALL eligible Floyd County students the opportunity to participate in "The Supplemental School Year Program for the 2021-2022 School Year"
6.G. Consider/Approve Payroll Date Schedule for FY 22
6.H. Consider/Approve the FY 2022 Principal's combining budget
6.I. Consider/Approve Performance Bond of Treasurer for FY 2022
6.J. *Consider/Approve the Professional Services Agreement with the Floyd County School System and Teach for America, Inc
6.K. *Consider/Approve FY 2021-2022 Tentative Working Budget
6.L. *Discussion of Mechanic Salary Schedule
6.M. *Consider/Approve the Negotiated Agreement between Floyd County Board of Education and the Floyd County Education Support Professionals Association
6.N. *Consider/Approve delivery vehicle lease for Summer Feeding Program
6.O. *Consider/Approve the District Facilities Plan Hearing Report
6.P. *Consider/Approve a 3% pay increase or $0.50 per hour, whichever is greater, effective 7/1/21 FY 22 for all certified 187 day base pay salary schedules/extra service and classified hourly/salary schedules
6.Q. *Consider/Approve agreement between Floyd County Board of Education and Great Minds to provide English Language Arts curriculum, teacher and student resources as well as digital resources (3 years) for all students Grades K-8
7. Executive Session
8. Adjournment