Floyd County
February 22, 2021 6:30 PM
Floyd County Board of Education Regular Meeting
1. Chair's Welcome/Call to Order
1.A. Roll Call/Welcome
1.B. Review Focus Areas- Safety and Health of Students and Staff; Transition Ready; Remain Fiscally Solvent; ACT 19.5; Student Growth; Student Participation
1.C. Reminder for a Request to Speak
1.D. Pledge of Allegiance
1.E. Moment of Individual Silent Reflection: "Why are we here?"
1.F. The Adoption of Agenda
2. Spotlight on Student/Staff/Community Achievements, Report on Student Work By Betsy Layne High School Principal and SBDM Council
3. Community Comments to the Board of Education
3.A. Students
3.B. Parents, PTA/PTO
3.C. SBDM Councils
3.D. Classified Employees
3.E. Certified Employees/FCEA
3.F. Principals' Association
3.G. Members of the Board of Education
3.H. Public Comment
4. Action or Special Reports - Student Learning
4.A. Receive Attendance & Plans/Enrollment and Health Aide Service Report
4.B. Receive "Athletic" Academic/Attendance Report
5. Action or Special Reports - Student Support
5.A. *Receive Report of Superintendent
5.A.1. Receive ARH and Pikeville Medical Telehealth Presentations
5.B. Receive Utility Report for Betsy Layne High School
5.C. *Consider/Approve Change Order Number 29-16-2 for the Floyd Central High School Project (BG 14-246)
5.D. *Consider/Approve BG-4/ Rising Sun Developing Inc. Floyd Central High School Project (BG 14-246)
6. Action by Consent
6.A. Consider Approval of Minutes
6.B. *Consider Payment of Bills and Claims
6.C. Superintendent's Report on Personnel
6.C.1. Actions Taken
6.C.2. Consider Requests for Leaves of Absences
6.D. Consider/Approve extending the purchase of the MAP Accelerator Program for all students in Grades 3-8 at all Floyd County Schools through July 31st of the current school year. This program is a personalized Mathematics online learning tool
6.E. Consider/Approve Memorandum of Agreement (2021-2023) between the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence, a Kentucky non-profit corporation and Floyd Central High School, effective the date signed and ends October 1, 2023
6.F. Consider/Approve Duff-Allen Central Elementary to partner with the Prichard Committee to complete the Family Friendly School Introduction Module training and to build a strong family-school partnership
6.G. Consider/Approve Managed Lit Fiber Contract for Gearheart Communications to continue providing fiber connectivity to all District Buildings
6.H. *Consider/Approve 2021-2022 School Calendar (1st Reading)
6.I. *Consider/Approve creating 1 full time ESS tutor for Betsy Layne Elementary for the 2020-2021 school year
7. Executive Session
8. Adjournment