Estill County
September 21, 2023 6:00 PM
Regular Board Meeting
I. Call To Order
I.A. Welcome/Pledge
I.B. Reminder to Sign In
I.C. Revisions
II. Recognitions
II.A. South Irvine Early Learning Center Presentation
III. Facilities/Construction Updates
III.A. Estill Springs Elementary School BG #22-207
III.A.1. Update
III.A.2. Consideration/Approval of the following Change Orders 3-1-1, 3-4-1,12-4-1
III.A.2.1. Change Order 3-1-1 Lee Builiding Products
III.A.2.2. Change Order 3-4-1 Triplecrown Concrete
III.A.2.3. Change Order 12-4-1 Rexel USA, Inc.
III.B. ADA Upgrades project, BG#23-087
III.B.1. Update
III.B.2. Consideration/Approval of a deductive DPO Change Orders for Contractors Choice & Davis Elliot to reconcile final DPO amounts for the Estill County Safety and ADA Upgrades project, BG#23-087
III.B.2.1. Change Orders: CO 2253-01-03
III.B.2.2. Change Orders: CO 2253-03-01
III.B.3. Consideration/Approval of BG4 for the Estill County Safety and ADA Upgrades project, BG#23-087
III.B.4. Consideration/Approval of Final Pay Application #5 with associated DPO invoicing for the Estill County Safety and ADA Upgrades project, BG#23-087
IV. Action
IV.A. Consideration/Approval Resolution Agreement to join the Central Kentucky Educational Cooperative.
IV.B. Consideration/Approval of the Following Out of State Trips
IV.B.1. FCCLA Capital Leadership Meeting in Washington D.C. on October 8-11
IV.B.2. FCCLA National Fall Meeting in Birmingham, AL, November 9-12.
IV.C. Consideration/ Approval of Increase Credit on Credit Cards
IV.D. Consideration/Approval FY24 Working Budget
IV.E. Consideration/Approval Amend Salary Schedule for Substitute Pay
IV.F. Consideration/Approval Position for Additional Instructional Coach
V. Consent
V.A. Approve Minutes of August 17, 2023
V.B. Approve Treasurer's Report and Payment of Bills
V.C. Approve the Following MOA's
V.C.1. Gear Up
V.D. Approve the DATASEAM Equipment Participating Partner Agreement
VI. Superintendent's Report
VI.A. Update
VI.B. Notification of Personnel Action
VI.C. School Update: Enrollment, Attendance, etc.
VI.D. Fundraisers Report
VII. Principals Report
VIII. Board Member Forum
IX. Public Comments
X. Adjourn