Estill County
July 20, 2023 6:00 PM
Regular Board Meeting
I. Call To Order
I.A. Welcome/Pledge
I.B. Reminder to Sign In
I.C. Revisions
II. Facilities/Construction Updates
II.A. Estill Springs Elementary School project (BG #22-207)
II.A.1. Update
II.A.2. Consideration/Approval of Pay Estimate #10 for the amount of $746,365.57
II.B. Estill County Safety and ADA Upgrades project, BG#23-087
II.B.1. Update
II.B.2. Consideration/Approval of Change Order #05 to Jarboe and Change Order No. 2253-01-01 to Contractors Choice for a net zero change to the construction cost to correct materials purchases shown on prior change orders.
II.B.3. Consideration/Approval of Change Order #06 to Jarboe and Change Order No. 2253-01-02 to Contractors Choice to add new door hardware at the entry vestibule & modify door latch strike plates at Estill Middle School.
II.B.4. Consideration/Approval of Pay Application #3 with DPO Invoicing in the amount of $103,666.74
II.C. Consideration/Approval Structure Engineer for the Estill County Middle School
III. Action
III.A. Consider/Approve Student Discipline Code and School Supplements
IV. Consent
IV.A. Approve Board Meeting Minutes June 15, 2023, and July 11, 2023
IV.B. Approve Treasures' Report and Payment of Bills
IV.C. Cybersecurity Readiness Preparation Report
IV.D. Approval KSBA Policy Updates Annual Policy Second Reading
IV.E. Approval of the FY2024 District Assurance
IV.F. Approve FY2024 Federal Cash Request Statement of Assurance
IV.G. Approval of the ARC Chairpersons for the Estill County School District
IV.H. Approve Business Proposal for Speech Therapy Services
IV.I. Approve Surplus Items
IV.J. Consider/Approve Amended 2023-2024 Staffing Policy
V. Superintendent Report
V.A. Notification of Personnel Actions
V.B. Updates on Opening Day, Open House, and Other Dates
VI. Board Member Forum
VII. Public Comments
VIII. Adjourn