Estill County
May 18, 2023 6:00 PM
Regular Board Meeting
I. Reception for New Superintendent Mr. Charlie Brock 5:00-6:00 PM
II. Call To Order
II.A. Welcome/Pledge
II.B. Reminder to Sign In
II.C. Revisions
III. Recognitions
III.A. Mountain Movers
III.B. Estill Springs Elementary Student Presentation
IV. Facilities/Construction Updates
IV.A. Consideration/Approval of the following BG5
IV.A.1. District Central Storage Building Demolition Project BG#22-208
IV.A.2. Estill County High School ARP ESSER III Sanitary Line Replacement Project BG#22-179
IV.A.3. Estill County High School ESSER III HVAC Controls BG#22-177
IV.A.4. Estill County High School Emergency Sanitary Line Repair BG# 22-466
IV.A.5. Estill County High School ARP ESSER Stadium Restroom Renovation BG Number 22-243
IV.A.6. Estill County Middle School ESSER III Renovation Project BG#22-175
IV.A.7. Estill County Middle School and Central Office Bleacher Replacement BG#20-285
IV.A.8. Estill County ESSER II District-Wide Air Purification Upgrades BG 21-245
IV.A.9. West Irvine Intermediate ESSER II/HVAC Upgrades BG#21-244
IV.A.10. Estill County Bus Garage BG#19-340
IV.A.11. South Irvine ESSER III Renovation Project BG#22-176
IV.B. Estill Springs Elementary ARP ESSER Renovation and Addition Project (BG #22-207)
IV.B.1. Update
IV.B.2. Consideration/Approval of Pay App #8 for $586,704.25
IV.C. Estill County Schools Safety and ADA Upgrades(BG23-087)
IV.C.1. Update
IV.C.2. Consideration/Approval of Change Order #4 for $0.00.
IV.D. District Facility Planning
IV.D.1. Approve Draft District Facility Plan (DFP)
IV.D.2. Date for Public Hearing – Final DFP: May 23, 2023
V. Action
V.A. Consider/Approve FY24 Tentative Budget
V.B. Consider/Approve Capital Outlay Cash Request for the purchase of two school buses ($250,000)
V.C. Consider/Approve FY 24 District Salary Schedule
V.D. Consider/Approve FY 24 Fuel Bid
V.E. Consider/Approve Department of Defense (DOD) No-Cost Technology Equipment from DOD Computers for Learning Program MOA
V.F. Consider/Approve Either IGS or STAND ENERGY CORPORATION Agreement
V.G. Consider/Approve Food Service Requirements
V.G.1. Procurement Certificaiton
V.G.2. Intent to Participate in CP
V.G.3. Indirect Cost
V.H. Consider/Approve Superintendent Selection and Contract
V.H.1. Finalize Mr. Charlie Brock as the New Estill County Superintendent
V.H.2. Finalize Superintendent Charlie Brock's Contract for Fall 2023-2027
VI. Consent
VI.A. Approve Minutes of April 12,19,20 and 21st.
VI.B. Approve Revised Board Minutes for February 16. 2023
VI.C. Approve Treasurer's Report and Payment of Bills
VI.D. Approve District Staffing Policy Revision
VI.E. Approve All MOA/Agreements listed below
VI.E.1. Physical Therapy Agreement FY 2023-2024
VI.E.2. BCTC Adult Education MOA
VI.E.3. KDE/Estill County ATC Facility Use MOA
VI.F. Approve KEDC Membership
VI.G. Approve 2022-2023 Amended School Calendar
VI.H. Approve Additional Work Days for Superintendent Transition
VI.I. Approve the use of Emergency Substitutes for the 2023-2024 School Year
VII. Superintendent's Report
VII.A. Notification of Personnel Action
VII.B. School Update: Enrollment, Attendance, etc.
VII.C. Estill Crisis Memorial Policy
VII.D. Congratulations, Class of 2023 Graduation May 21, 2023, at 3PM
VII.E. Retiree Celebration June 15, 2023 at 5 PM Central Office
VII.F. Superintendent Evaluation
VII.F.1. Professional Growth Plan
VII.F.2. Superintendent Standards 1 and 2
VII.F.3. Superintendent Summative Evaluation
VIII. Board Member Forum
IX. Public Comments
X. Adjourn