Estill County
September 23, 2021 6:00 PM
September 23rd Special Called Board Meeting
I. Call to Order
I.A. Welcome/Pledge
I.B. Reminder to Sign In
II. Recognitions
II.A. Mountain Movers
II.B. Resume Student Presentation January 1, 2022
III. Facilities/Construction Update
III.A.1. Update
III.A.2. Approve pay estimate 25
III.B. Estill County High School Renovation Phase 7
III.B.1. Update
III.C. Air Quality Upgrades: ESSER II
III.C.1. West Irvine Elementary
III.C.1.a. Updates
III.C.2. Estill County District-Wide
III.C.2.a. Updates
III.D. Future Projects
III.D.1. Update on Approved Projects
III.D.2. Approve O/A Agreements for Estill County High School
III.D.2.a. ESSER III HVAC Controls Project
III.D.2.b. ESSER III Sanitary Line Replacement
III.D.3. West Irvine Intermediate Pavement Improvement Project
III.D.3.a. Approve O/A Agreements Pavement Improvement
III.D.3.b. Consideration/Approval of survey proposal from S&ME
III.D.4. Approve BG 1
III.D.4.a. South Irvine Window Replacement/Safety Upgrades
III.D.4.b. Middle School Restroom Renovation/Safety Measures
III.D.5. Review preliminary schematics for possible Estill Springs Renovation and Addition project
IV. Action Items
IV.A. Tax Rates for 2021-2022 Tabled until September 27, 2021
IV.A.1. Establish 2021-2022 property tax rates
IV.A.2. Establish 2021-2022 motor vehicle and watercraft rates
IV.B. Berea College MOU
IV.B.1. Berea College Gear Up
IV.B.2. Berea College Upward Bound
IV.C. Approve FY22 Working Budget
IV.D. ARP ESSER III Budget/Spending Plan
V. Consent Items
V.A. Approve Minutes of August 19, 2021, Regular Meeting and September 9, 2021, Special Called Meeting.
V.B. Approve Treasurer's Report and Payment of Bills
V.C. Update Bank Signature Authorization
V.D. Lease Agreement with Fauste Oil Services Inc.
VI. Closed session pursuant to KRS 61.810, Paragraph (c), discussions of proposed or pending litigation against or on behalf of the public agency
VII. Superintendent's Report
VII.A. Notification of Personnel Actions
VII.B. School Update: Enrollment and Attendance
VII.C. School Fundraiser Report
VII.D. Special Session Update
VII.D.1. Updated Covid-19 Guidance
VII.D.2. Test to Stay Program
VII.D.3. Other
VII.E. FY 22 Professional Growth Plan
VIII. Board Member Forum
IX. Public Comments
X. Adjourn