Erlanger-Elsmere Independent
March 10, 2022 7:00 PM
Board of Education Regular Meeting
I. Call to Order
I.A. Open Meeting
I.B. Pledge to the Flag
II. Recognitions
II.A. Retirees Thomas Blaker, Donna Schulte, and Paul Nolan
II.B. Morgan Jenkins, Aidan Vickers, and Michael Walker
III. Presentations
III.A. Comprehensive District Improvement
District Administrators
IV. Reports
IV.A. Schools, District Personnel, and Departments
IV.B. Grants Report
IV.C. Student Board Member Report
V. Individuals Desiring to Speak to the Board
VI. Approve February 10, 2022 Monthly Board Meeting Minutes
VII. Consent Agenda
VII.A. Authorize Treasurer to pay bills from General Funds and Special Programs
VII.B. Authorize Treasurer to pay March Salaries
VII.C. Approve Detailed Monthly Report and Balance Sheets for February 2022 to be posted on the District website for a six-month period (House Bill 154)
VII.D. Approve 2022-2023 Tentative Budget
VII.E. Approve Student #03102022a Educational Enhancement Opportunity Request for January 28, 2022 per Board Policy 09.123
VII.F. Approve Student #03102022b Educational Enhancement Opportunity Request for March 17-March 21, 2022 per Board Policy 09.123
VII.G. Second Reading and Approval of revised Policy 03.1326 Staff Dress Code - Certified
VII.H. Second Reading and Approval of revised Policy 03.2326 Staff Dress Code - Classified
VII.I. Sealed Offers in Response to an advertisement for Surplus Bus #7 VIN #4DRBWAAR28A513679 were received and opened on March 7, 2022 at 12:00 noon
VII.J. Upon the recommendation of the Finance Director to accept the Surplus Bus #7 VIN #4DRBWAAR28A513679 offer from Rick Coldiron, Facility Manager at Notre Dame Academy
VII.K. Approve the 2021-2022 Comprehensive District Improvement Plan
VII.L. Approve Request for Proposal Insurance Broker/Agent of Record
VII.M. Approve A1A Owner-Architect Standard Form of Agreement for Miles, Arnett, and Tichenor - HVAC and Generators BG #22-327/REH #127-1121
VII.N. Approve Lloyd High School Turf Field (REH #127-821-A) - Schematics/Designs Development drawings and accompanying BG-3 Form
VII.O. Approve the Youth Scholars Academy Memorandum of Agreement with Northern Kentucky University (NKU) and the Northern Kentucky Cooperative for Educational Services (NKCES)
VIII. Personnel Changes
IX. Facility Fundraising Requests
X. Transportation Report
XI. Adjourn