Elizabethtown Independent
December 14, 2020 6:00 PM
Regular Board Meeting

The December 14, 2020 Regular Board Meeting is Called to Order


Pursuant to EIS Board Policy 01.45 Board Meeting Agenda, as part of the official agenda for each regular board meeting, the Superintendent shall prepare a consent agenda of routine business items.  Prior to the approval of the agenda, the members of the board may request to "pull" any item from the consent agenda and place the item on the action agenda for further discussion and review.

Actions Taken

Motion Passed:  Approve Board Meeting Agenda passed with a motion by Mr. Guy Wallace and a second by Mr. Matt Wyatt.


As part of Mrs. Bush's New Superintendent Training, Mrs. Bush will give her report.

IV.A. Students of the Month



The EHS student of the month for December is Andrew Ballard. Andrew is a senior at EHS who

describes himself as admirable, confident and adaptable. He is a six-year member of the Panther

Soccer team, where he currently serves as team captain. Andrew enjoys playing soccer for his club

team in Louisville, working, and spending time with his grandparents or friends on the weekends.

Some of Andrew’s honors and awards include: 4x All A Honor Roll, First team Academic All-State, 2x

District Champion, 3x Region Champion, 2018 Sophomore player of the year, 2019 All Area Player of

the Year, 2019 MVP for the Soccer team, All-State Honorable Mention, and First Team All-Area

2020. After high school, Andrew plans to attend Bellarmine or the University of Kentucky to major in

Human Health, from there, he’d like to attend medical school to become an Ophthalmologist. 

Here are some comments from his teachers: 

Mrs. Bell (Business/Marketing)- Andrew is a great student and outside of class, Andrew is

friendly to all his peers. He is a student others look up to. I am glad I have had the privilege of having

Andrew in class this year. 


Mrs. Yates (Coach/US Gov.) - “Andrew is one of the most well-rounded students I've ever taught.

His willingness to be the best he can be in the classroom, think critically, and communicate his

thoughts are some of the best in his class. I have enjoyed so much having him in class because he

continues to be an example student athlete. On a personal note, I love Andrew as a student, player,

and person. He has so much potential, and as long as he challenges himself, his range of successes

will be further than the eye can see.” 


Mrs. Black (Anatomy & Physiology) - “Andrew Ballard is an exceptional student and his

leadership skills are among the best I have ever seen. He is an effective vocal leader, but also leads by

setting a great example of work ethic, attitude, and behavior in the classroom, lab, and soccer field.

Each day he was very focused with a goal of learning as much as possible. Andrew is a joy to watch on

the soccer field as he is a very skilled player! I have watched him score many goals and demonstrate

his leadership skills on the field while the youngest to the oldest “Panthers” are cheering him on. I

feel privileged to teach such an intellectual, honorable young man.” 


Mr. Ernst (AP English Lit.) - “Andrew is a fine young man who is dedicated to excellence in every

aspect of his life. He works hard and is willing to put in the time and energy to be successful, no

matter what the task at hand.” 


Mr. Hayes (AP Calculus) - Over the past two school years of having Andrew in class it is obvious

that he is an excellent student and a leader. One thing that I have noticed about Andrew during this

time is his willingness to continue to improve. At times during courses it becomes a real struggle and

challenge. Andrew has shown a willingness to work hard. He doesn’t quit when it’s challenging and

he doesn’t accept less than what he feels is his best. I am quite certain that these traits will prove

successful in his future.

EHS is proud to recognize Andrew Ballard as the December Student of the Month


Michelle is the TKS Student of the Month for December.  She is a straight A student and a favorite among her peers and teachers.  Michelle always has a smile on her face and is respectful and ready to help. 


 In this virtual environment that is tough for so many students, Michelle has handled it without any issues.  She is always present in meets, stays the entire time and participates when asked to do so.  In just a few short weeks she has already shown she is a student who cares about her work and goes above and beyond when it comes to her assignments.


Will do.  Michelle Zheng exemplifies the qualities of a good leader.  Every assignment I've given her she excels.  She carries herself as though excellence is her motto.  I am proud to say that she embodies Panther Pride and I am so glad she represents T.K.Stone December student of the month.  


Michelle is a wonderful person and student.  Definitely earning her "student of the month" title. Her determination and work ethic are impressive and is an incredible role model for all those around her. I look forward to working with her everyday, and can't wait to see how she impacts her community! I see her doing amazing things in her future! Congratulations on this much deserved honor.


I enjoy having Michele in class.  She's a responsible student who is quite respectful. I appreciate her dedication to her studies even through the virtual experience.  What an awesome choice for student of the month! 

Best of luck to Michelle when she attends EHS next year.


Ani Morton is a 4th grade student at Morningside Elementary School.  Her ability to exemplify our school’s Guidelines for Success (To be respectful, be responsible, be cooperative, and be your best) is what has earned her the honor of December’s Student of the Month. 

We all know that this year has been like no other, and Ani has embarked on this journey while remaining 100% virtual in Panther Online Learning.  Despite the obvious obstacles, she has never missed a class, an assignment, or a chance to hangout with her peers and teachers to build relationships through the distance.  We are so proud of her. 

Be Respectful - Learning virtually is a challenge, but one that Ani has conquered.  She shows up for every Google Meet ready to learn.  We can count on her to arrive at class on time, be sitting up straight and tall, and fully participate in her learning with insightful and thoughtful conversation every day! Her manners are impeccable and her attention to detail is amazing!   

Be Responsible - Ani has never missed a Google Meet or forgotten to complete an assignment.  We especially love that when she needs help on an assignment, she reaches out to seek help and patiently waits on a reply.  We talk a lot about grit at MES and Ani has it! When we are living in a world full of obstacles, she is not letting a single one stand in her way!

Be Cooperative - We have learned new tools while learning virtually and one of those is how to work together when we can’t really be together.  When we have class discussions, breakout rooms, or laid back lunch bunches, Ani is always willing to share her ideas and even help out some students along the way.  She is a true leader and her ability to cooperate with others is going to take her far!

Be Your Best - Thank you, Ani, for being nothing but your absolute best!  Mrs. Billings says that you give 100% on everything in Science.  You go above and beyond to submit thoughtful, detailed writing to Mrs. Eriksen.  Mrs. Ingram says she loves that you always show up ready to learn. Finally, Mrs. Paulsen knows that these traits are going to be the exact thing that paves the way to your dream of becoming a scientist! Always continue to be your best! We are so proud of Ani!


    Amyah Green  is truly a student that stands out!  Choosing a student of the month is often a difficult task for teachers at Helmwood-- because we have so many students that are deserving of such a prestigious recognition.  However, this year was different when we were asked to nominate a student.  Immediately, Amyah’s name popped into my head.  She is one of those students every teacher dreams of having in their classroom.  She is enthusiastic about learning and participates in every lesson throughout the day while exhibiting a genuine kindness that touches your heart.

      Amyah is a role model student that exemplifies our Guidelines for Success.  She is responsible, respectful, cooperative and she truly strives to be her best and do her best every day.  She is so conscientious about her school work that she logs in EVERY afternoon to double check that she has completed everything for the day.  She is one of the first students to log in to our Google Meets and she is always ready to answer questions and share her thoughts.  

            Mrs. Parker Amyah’s 1st grade teacher, stated “Amiyah is never content with just being good enough, and she strives above and beyond in every way possible.”

“Amyah always shows up with a smile on her face and an eagerness to learn during these trying times and that has propelled her to excel during our Panther On-Line learning.” Quoted by Amyah’s station teachers Mrs. Davis and Hinton.

    Her leadership during Panther Online Learning literally contributes to the success of our lessons.  She demonstrates leadership skills as she is willing to try out new activities online and as she volunteers for leadership roles.  She recently was one of the first students to lead and facilitate a discussion during our google break out sessions.  She is incredibly dependable and we can always count on her.

     Most importantly, Amyiah Green, stands out for her kindness and compassion.  She is always willing to help classmates and her teachers.  She truly cares about other people and is sincere in her actions.  Amyah Green is a student that every teacher will remember for their lifetime.  She has won our hearts!


 Mason is a top-notch Kindergarten student.  Not only does he say the guidelines for success every day, but he practices them as well. He is respectful (to adults and students), responsible, cooperative, and a great problem solver. He truly does use his good manners all the time( He always answers me with a yes ma’am or no ma’am) and is very polite to all students and to everyone around him. I have never seen a child with a heart like Mason’s. You can always count on Mason for a kind word or a warm hug. I have witnessed him helping children on the playground and in the classroom. When another classmate is recognized for an accomplishment he always congratulates them….that is not a typical behavior for a 6 year old, but it is for Mason. A hug from Mason can always make you feel better because he puts his heart and soul into them. He is a precious soul with a heart for people. I know things are alright with Mason when I look at him during class and he gives me a wink...and of course, I wink back.

   I can always count on Mason to do his best. He stays on task and is a great helper to those around him who need help. Online learning has had its challenges. Mason has grabbed the bull by the horns and is tackling it with ease.  He is the first person to log in everyday and is usually the first person with his hand up to participate!  There is nothing I can throw at him that he isn’t afraid to tackle. His perseverance, determination and attention to detail is what makes him stand out. I love his enthusiasm for school and for life in general. Mason is the kind of student everyone wants to be around because his personality is so infectious. As his teacher, I look forward to seeing him everyday and to see what he will surprise me with. Whether it is a large or small group activity or  whether it’s online or in person... Mason is always participating and has something to add to the lesson. He is such a leader in my classroom.    

        It is very apparent that his mom has taken a vested interest in his education and his development as a responsible student and as a person. I applaud her efforts in setting high expectations for him and helping him achieve them. Mason always goes above and beyond what is expected of him. One of the things I love most about him is his excitement for learning. He finds a smile in everything we do in our classroom. His attitude is always positive and uplifting. When I am having a bad day, I can look at Mason’s smile and it reminds me why I do what I do!!



IV.B. Recognition of the EHS Soccer Team - Region Champions

Congratulation to the EHS Soccer team for earning another Region Championship!

Coach Corey Yates will say a few words about the season.

IV.C. EHS Volleyball Team - Region Champions

Congratulations to the EHS Volleyball team for earning the Region Championship!

Coach Bart Catlett will say a few words about the season.

IV.D. Board Member Recognition

We want to wish Tony Kuklinski all of the best as he steps away from the EIS Board of Education after serving on the board since 2008.  While serving on our board Tony served as the board Chairman in 2011, 2013, 2014, 2018, 2019 and 2020 and served as Vice-Chairman in 2010, 2015 and 2017. During his tenure we opened a new school ( Panther Academy )and took on many construction projects including the renovation of Helmwood Heights Elementary, The Pool Renovation Project at T.K. Stone, the EHS Athletic Complex project and the Softball fieldhouse project.  He made difficult budget decisions and EIS has always come out on top.  We appreciate Tony's dedication to the students, families and staff of Elizabethtown Independent Schools!  You will be missed!!

Actions Taken

Motion Passed:   passed with a motion by Mr. Paul Godfrey and a second by Mr. Matt Wyatt.

V.A. Acknowledge Receipt of SBDM Written Reports

Attached are the SBDM Written Reports from Elizabethtown High School, T.K. Stone Middle School, Morningside Elementary, Helmwood Heights Elementary and Panther Academy for review.

V.B. Approve Minutes of November 16, 2020 Regular Board Meeting

Attached are the minutes from the November 16, 2020 Regular Board Meeting for review/approval.

V.C. Approve Authorization to Submit the WHAS Crusade for Children Grant Application

Mrs. Carole Brown, Director of Special Programs is requesting approval to submit the WHAS Crusade for Children Grant Application. 

V.D. Approve Authorization to Sign Non-Resident Reciprocal Agreement w/Marion County Public Schools

Annually, the board approves non-resident contracts with those board of education who have students living in their school districts but are enrolled in the Elizabethtown Independent Schools, as well as Non-Resident Contracts for students who live in the Elizabethtown Independent School District and are enrolled in other school districts.  This is a contract between EIS and Marion County Public Schools.

V.E. Approve Master Clinical Education Affiliation Agreement Between EIS and the University of Louisville

Attached is the Master Clinical Education Affiliation Agreement Between Elizabethtown Independent Schools and the University of Louisville for speech-language pathology students for approval.

V.F. Approve Delay of Random Drug Screens for Students Due to COVID 19
V.G. Approve Treasurer's Monthly Financial Report and Payment of Bills and Claims (those paid since last meeting for November, 2020)

Attached are the Treasurer's Monthly Financial Report (overview), Balance Sheet, Monthly Report, Cash Flow, and Reconciliation Register (subject to audit)and payment of bills and claims as listed on the Board Orders of the Treasurer.

V.H. Acknowledge Receipt of Superintendent's Personnel Report
VII.A. Discussion Regarding the 2021-2022 School Calendar

The Calendar committee met on Tuesday, December 8, 2020 and discussed 3 calendar options for the 2021-2022 school year.

Mr. Steve Smallwood, Assistant Superintendent for Student and Support Services will share what the committee discussed.

The board will approve the 2021-22 school calendar at the January board meeting.


VIII.A. Consideration of Approval of the 2020 Financial Audit Report


Actions Taken

Motion Passed:  Approval of the 2020 Financial Audit Report passed with a motion by Mrs. Kimbley Iman and a second by Mr. Guy Wallace.

IX.A. Approve Use of Two Charter Buses for Transportation of the EHS Football Team to the KHSAA State Tournament

Congratulations to the EHS Panther Football Team for advancing to play in the KHSAA State Championship game.
Attached is a field trip request for the EHS Football Team to take two Charter Buses to the KHSAA State Championship game on Saturday, 12/19/2020.   
They plan on using Miller Transportation and total cost will be $1,000.00 per bus, for a total of $2,000.00
Since the Board Covers all STATE TOURNAMENT Transportation Expenses for EHS, we will need to apply that to their Charter Bus Expense.
Driver pay is $20 per hour and we also pay $.80 cents per mile.  
Departure Time would be 7AM and Return time would be 3PM for a total of 8 Hours each for the two drivers:  Driver pay would be $320.00
Mileage would be 86 miles one way and 172 round trip x $.80 for each bus =  $137.60(275.20)
Total Cost of taking two school buses would be:  $1095.20

Actions Taken

Motion Passed:  Approve use of two Charter Buses for transportation of EHS Football Team to the KHSAA State Tournament passed with a motion by Mr. Paul Godfrey and a second by Mr. Matt Wyatt.

IX.B. Election of Chairperson and Vice-chairperson for 2021

Per Board Policy 01.41Organization Meetings, the first meeting of the board of education in January is designated as the time for which the Board elects a Chairperson and Vice-chairperson.  

Outgoing board member Tony Kuklinski, is the current board chair and will no longer serve on the board effective January 1, 2021.  We are electing a new Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson to serve the 2021 school year.


Actions Taken

Motion Passed:   passed with a motion by Mr. Guy Wallace and a second by Mr. Matt Wyatt.