Elizabethtown Independent
November 16, 2020 6:00 PM
Regular Board Meeting



Pursuant to EIS Board Policy 01.45 Board Meeting Agenda, as part of the official agenda for each regular board meeting, the Superintendent shall prepare a consent agenda of routine business items.  Prior to the approval of the agenda the members of the board may request to "pull" any item from the consent agenda and place the item on the action agenda for further discussion and review.

Actions Taken

Motion Passed:  APPROVAL OF BOARD MEETING AGENDA passed with a motion by Mr. Paul Godfrey and a second by Mr. Matt Wyatt.

III.A. Students of the Month


The EHS student of the month for November is Elizabeth Godfrey.  Elizabeth is a senior at EHS who is an exemplary student-athlete, who has maintained a 4.0 GPA her entire high school journey.  She is a three-year member of the Varsity Volleyball team where she is currently serving as team captain.  In addition, she is a two-year member of Beta Club, where she is currently serving as Beta Club President.  Some of Elizabeth’s other honors and awards include, First Team Academic All-State Volleyball; 2018-2020, Academic First Team All State Swimming; 2019-2020, Swimming All Region Team:  2019 and 2020, Volleyball 17th District All-Tournament Team:  2018 and 2019, 5th Region All-Tournament Team: 2018, and State Honorable Mention 2019.  Elizabeth enjoys playing volleyball, support other EHS athletic teams, watching Criminal Minds and making TikToks.  Elizabeth plans on attending Belmont University to major in the medical field while playing Division 1 Volleyball.

Coach Catlett (Volleyball coach);  It’s very hard to put into words what happens to a program when a young lady like Elizabeth walks through your door and decides she wants to play volleyball for you.  She is always the first person at practice, and the first player to make sure we have things ready to go.  We have a motto on our team, “everything that goes right is your fault, everything that goes wrong is my fault”.  Elizabeth encompasses that.  She is the first person to let a teammate know when they do something great, and when things aren’t going well, she is the first person to let her teammates know that she will pick it up, and “we” have got this.  While Elizabeth is known for her skill, work ethic and playing ability, the first thing that comes into my mind is what a wonderful and caring young lady she is.  I’m very happy for E, and all her accomplishments, but I’m mostly happy that she came into my gym and wanted to play volleyball.  As much as I have taught her, she has taught me, and I will forever be grateful that she was a part of my life and coaching career.

Kim Black (Anatomy and Physiology Teacher):  Elizabeth works very hard in all of her classes demonstrating a diligent work ethic and is a reliable student.  She is kind to everyone and loves learning about science.  She is a family oriented girl and passionate about helping others.  She is a joy to work with everyday!

Caleb Ernst (AP Literature Teacher):  Elizabeth is hardworking, competent, and deeply invested in her success.  Even more importantly, she understands that humility and openness are the most important qualities for a student to have.  She is receptive to others’ ideas while still maintaining her own opinions, and is mature enough to accept constructive criticism and act on it, working to improve her own understanding and that of others.

Mr. Spears (Digital Literacy):  Elizabeth has always got a smile on her face and a positive attitude.

Jason Hayes (AP Calculus Teacher):  Elizabeth is a wonderful student who has such a positive attitude and infectious smile.  No matter if the content is easy or extremely challenging and always puts her best effort into what she is doing.  She is always striving for understanding, not just completing the task.  It has been a true joy to have her in class both last year as well as this year.  Her attitude, work ethic, and desire to do her best will be great benefits to her in the future.

EHS is proud to recognize Elizabeth Godfrey as the November Student of the Month.


Elizabeth “Liz” Schory is TK Student of the Month.  Liz enjoys school and her favorite subject is social studies.  When asked why she likes social studies, Liz replied “I like to see how old people’s culture influences my life.”  Also, “I like seeing how social studies can change the world”  when not in school, Liz enjoys reading adventure and mystery books like Sherlock Holmes and Percy Jackson.  She also likes learning about Greek mythology and playing video games.  Liz loves learning Spanish because it allows to communicate with more people.

Mr. Pearman

Liz seems to be a fine young lady with diligence for her studies whether it be at school or online.  She has been very respectful to me and, from what I have seen, her fellow classmates.  I’m glad to have her in my class.  I look forward to getting to know her better as the year progresses.


Mrs. Chadwick

Liz is a treat to have as a student.  She is bright and friendly and incredibly kind.  She is also brilliant and cares deeply about the quality of her work.  I am so lucky to have Liz this year!  I have seen her skill and dedication in the past couple of months, even with online school and hybrid scheduling.  Sheis determined and capable of overcoming challenges.


Mr. R. Smith

Liz Schory is a talented and hard-working young lady.  She is always very dependable and very trustworthy.  She always does her best to set a good example for her classmates and tries to help bring out the best in them whenever we are working.  She is constantly encouraging others and does her best to ensure that everyone is having a great day.


Mrs. Johnson

Liz is a “go-getter!”   She is always asking great questions, even questions beyond what we are talking about!  Liz is a great role model for others and always brings positivity to the classroom.  She is an absolute joy to have in class, and I can always count on her to be prepared, excited to learn, and kind to others.  Congratulations, Liz!


Liz is looking forward to attending EHS next fall to take on new challenges.  She is interested in interior design and decoration.  Liz is also contemplating culinary school.  She enjoys cooking with her mom and dad.  There’s no doubt that Liz will be successful in the future – her hard work and tenacity will serve her well.  Congratulations to Liz Schory, TK’s student of the month.




The 3rd grade teachers are honored to recognize Josiah and Noah Nunnally as the students of the month for Morningside Elementary School.

New to MES, the Nunnally brothers exhibited our Guidelines to Success from the first day by being respectful, being responsible, being cooperative and being their best everyday.

These students work diligently from home and show an initiative to complete their work that sets a strong example for their peers, both at home and in the classroom.  Always going above and beyond on Google Meets and their assignments, Josiah and Noah put following the rules and learning at the top of their list everyday.  All 3rd grade teachers have noticed the boys’ impressive work ethic and pride in their learning from the very start.

We are proud to call Josiah and Noah Morningside Panthers and the 3rd grade students of the month!



It is with great pleasure that we present Ms. Charlotte McCurry as Helmwood Heights, November Student of the Month.

Charlotte McCurry is an excellent student in all academic areas, but most importantly, Charlotte is a phenomenal person.  She is a kind, helping soul that is always willing to share and assist others.  Charlotte is very conscientious and punctual about her school work.  She not only wants to do her best but she takes pride in her schoolwork, always turns her assignments in on time, and in a neatly fashioned manner.  “Charlotte is a role model in her class and I often see other students looking to her as an example.”  Stated Mrs. Kendra Adams.  Charlotte is a leader in and out of the classroom.  She is an outstanding and disciplined athlete as she pulls double duty starring in Basketball (Elizabethtown Panthers) and club soccer (Athletico Flames).

Charlotte is a well deserving student for this recognition and Mrs. Kendra Adams stated “It is a true blessing to have Charlotte McCurry in my homeroom.”

Mrs. Marsha Adams, one of Charlotte’s 4th grade teachers added, “Charlotte has an internal drive to do well in whatever she is doing whether it is schoolwork or just being kind to others.  To be around a person such as Charlotte gives you hope for the future of the world we live in.”


PANTHER ACADEMY                                       JEMIN SILLAH

Mrs. Lee, his kindergarten teacher:

Jemin is a hard-working student who always does his best.  He always has a positive attitude, a big smile on his face, and does everything with a happy heart.  He loves learning, loves his school as well as helps others when they need it.  Jemin is always respectful, responsible, cooperative and kind.  He is such a joy to have in class!

Mrs. Ash, his preschool teacher the previous 2 years:

  • Always polite and respectful
  • Shows kindness to all
  • Loves to laugh and is always smiling
  • Is a very good listener and follows directions always
  • I miss him very much but so happy when I see him in the halls
  • Congratulations J!!


Actions Taken

Motion Passed:  APPROVAL OF CONSENT AGENDA ITEMS passed with a motion by Mr. Matt Wyatt and a second by Mrs. Kimbley Iman.

V.A. Acknowledge Receipt of SBDM Written Reports

Attached are the SBDM Written Reports from Elizabethtown High School, T.K. Stone Middle School, Morningside Elementary, Helmwood Heights Elementary and Panther Academy for your review.

V.B. Approve Minutes of October 19, 2020 Regular Board Meeting

Attached are the minutes from the October 19, 2020 Regular Board Meeting for review/approval.

V.C. Approve Request for Early Graduations Due to Hardships

Board Policy 98.1132 states:

Students who experience extreme health or economic hardship may apply for assistance with graduation requirements for hardship reasons.

Attached are letters and hardship graduation applications requesting approval for early graduation due to hardship.

These students meet the requirements for early graduation.

V.D. Approve District Calendar Committee for 2020-2021 School Year

The BOE, upon the recommendation of the Superintendent shall annually appoint a district calendar committee to review, develop and recommend school calendar options.

The district calendar committee, after seeking feedback from district employees, parents, and community members. shall recommend school calendar options to the Superintendent for presentation to the board.

The district calendar committee will meet on Monday, November 23rd@4:15 at the CO Board Room

the 2nd meeting will be Tuesday, December 1 @ 4:15 @ CO

The District Calendar Committee shall consist of:






District High School Principal

Jennifer Burnham, EHS


District Office Administrator

Jessica Turner, CO


Local Board Member

Matt Wyatt, Board Member


Parent Representative

Amy Inman


Parent Representative

Holly Moberly


District Elementary Teacher

Jimmy Knight, MES


District Middle or HS Teacher

Ashley Atcher, TKS


District Classified Employee

Trish Pfeiffer, CO


District Classified Employee

Brenda Gilkerson, PA


Community Member

Rick Games, President of the Etown Industrial Foundation


Community Member

Janna Clark, Etown Tourism Board Member


Committee Chair

Steve Smallwood, Assistant Superintendent


V.E. Approve Request to Purchase School Bus

Mr. Steve Smallwood, Assistant Superintendent for Students and Support Services, is requesting approval to purchase a school bus with up to $45,000 reimbursed through the Volkswagen Mitigation Trust funds.

(see attached)

V.F. Approve MOA Between Western Kentucky University and EIS

Attached is a Memorandum of Agreement between Western Kentucky University's College of Health and Human Services and Kentucky Emergency medical Services Academy and EIS to furnish education to College and Health & Human Services (CHHS) students enrolled at WKU, and students in the Kentucky Emergency Medical Services Academy of WKU.  This agreement shall begin on or about 8/1/2020 and continue through 12/31/2025.

V.G. Approve KETS Offer of Assistance

Pursuant to KRS 157.655-157.660 and 750KAR2:010, the School Facilities Construction Commission (SFCC) is hereby making an official FY-2021 KETS offer of assistance to your Board of Education.  Acceptance of this offer of assistance commits the Board of Education to follow the statutes and regulations of the SFCC and the Kentucky Department of Education governing the Education Technology Funding Program.

Based on final FY-2020 statewide ADA figures, your first offer of assistance in FY-2021 is in the amount of $16,221.  Accepted state technology fund offers of assistance must be matched equally by your Board of Education or can be escrowed for up to three (3) years.

Please note that the education technology funds restricted account has a new designation in the MUNIS chart of accounts:  Fund 2, Project 162G EdTech account.  In order for your district to receive funds, local funds should be transferred to that account.  

In responding to this offer of assistance, please provide the SFCC with the following information:

1.        Copy of a report from the MUNIS accounting system demonstrating evidence of a journal entry certifying local matching funds have been transferred to Fund 2, Project 162G EdTech account. The certification shall be the signature of the superintendent on the report

2.        Excerpt of Board of Education meeting minutes (accepting, escrowing, or rejecting offer within 60 days from the date of offer)

3.        New Procedure – (No Fund Utilization Form Required) Please Mark Below and Return Letter with Journal Entry.


Accept Offer in Full      ______X_________                                  Superintendent Signature


Escrow Offer                 _______________                                  _______________________


1 year   ________

2 years ________

3 years ________


As always, we look forward to working with you in the Education Technology program. We trust you will join us in continuing the success of this program in your district and in the Commonwealth of Kentucky as a whole. Please direct any questions you may have concerning the Education Technology program to Kristi Russell in the SFCC office.



Chelsey Bizzle

Executive Director, SFCC


V.H. Approve Treasurer's Monthly Financial Report and Payment of Bills and Claims(those paid since last meeting for October, 2020)

Attached are the Treasurer's Monthly Financial Report (overview), Balance Sheet, Monthly Report, Cash Flow, and Reconciliation REgister (subject to audit) and payment of bills and claims as listed on the Board Orders of the Treasurer. Checks # 62282-62430.

V.I. Acknowledge Report of Superintendent on Personnel Actions
VI.A. Approve Declaration of American Education Week

American Education Week presents everyone with an opportunity to celebrate public education and honor individuals who are making a difference in ensuring that every student receives a quality education.

American Education Week honors the team of people who work in our nation's public schools, everyone from the bus driver and classroom teacher to the cafeteria worker and administrative staff, plus countless others.




WHEREAS,  America  depends  upon  successful schools to meet the needs of every child, and


WHEREAS,  America's schools are experiencing a transformation in how teaching and learning occurs, and


WHEREAS,  Kentucky continues to  implement the most dramatic reform of schools ever legislated in America, and


WHEREAS,  teachers  are  challenged daily to implement reform by reaching  out  to  every student regardless of ability, interest in  learning,  social  or  economic  background, handicap, race, religion, creed, or ethnic  origin,  and  to  provide  the assistance   and   guidance   necessary  for  full  intellectual development, and


WHEREAS,  each  of  us  can  recall  the personal attention that teachers  gave  to  us as we made important decisions during the formative years of our lives, and


WHEREAS,  teachers  are  molding lives and shaping the future of our next generation, and


WHEREAS,  teachers in the Elizabethtown Independent Schools are among the best in the nation and deserve the deepest respect and admiration of our citizens.


NOW, THEREFORE  BE  IT RESOLVED that the Elizabethtown Board of Education recognizes November 16-20, 2020 as American Education Week. This is a time for public recognition of the contributions provided by the teacher toward the development of this community and for the influence of the teacher upon the lives of each of us.




Tony Kuklinski, Chairperson

Elizabethtown Board of Education



Kelli Bush, Superintendent

Elizabethtown Independent Schools

VII.A. Special Education Programming During COVID

Mrs. Carole Brown, Director of Special Education, will talk about Special Education Programming during COVID.

VIII.A. Approve Change Order #6 for the EHS Softball Field House Project

Attached is Change Order #6 for the EHS Softball Field House Project for review/approval.

Actions Taken

Motion Passed:  Approve Change Order #6 for the EHS Softball Field House Project passed with a motion by Mr. Paul Godfrey and a second by Mrs. Kimbley Iman.

VIII.B. Approve BG # 4 for the EHS Softball Field House Project 18-391

Attached is the BG#4 for the EHS Softball Field House Project  18-391

Actions Taken

Motion Passed:  Approve BG#4 for the EHS Softball Field House Project 18-391 passed with a motion by Mr. Paul Godfrey and a second by Mr. Matt Wyatt.

VIII.C. Approve Final Pay Application for the EHS Field House Project 18-391

Attached is the final pay application for the EHS Field House Project  18-391

Actions Taken

Motion Passed:  Approve final pay application for the EHS Field House Project 18-391 passed with a motion by Mrs. Kimbley Iman and a second by Mr. Matt Wyatt.