Elizabethtown Independent
November 18, 2019 6:00 PM
Regular Board of Education Meeting

The November 18, 2019 Meeting of the Elizabethtown Board of Education is CALLED TO ORDER.




Pursuant to EIS Board Policy 01.45 Board Meeting Agenda, as part of the official agenda for each regular board meeting, the Superintendent shall prepare a consent agenda of routine business items.  Prior to the approval of the agenda the members of the board may request to "pull" any item from the consent agenda and place the item on the action agenda for further discussion and review.

IV.A. Students of the Month

Elizabethtown High School              Marquel Brown

The EHS student of the month for November is Marquel Brown.   You couldn’t ask for a student with better character and nicer disposition than Marquel.  He is an outstanding student that has a passion for Information Technology.  He is currently taking 2 dual credit classes through Elizabethtown Community and Technical College on the IT Pathway, Digital Literacy and Computer Hardware and Software Maintenance.  After completing these courses, Marquel will be Career Ready in Information Technology and be ready to start his major in Computer Technology  at ECTC.

Along with his academics, Marquel is a dominant force on the football field, being both a defensive end and an offensive guard.   At this year’s home game against LaRue County, Marquel was given the “hit stick” – an honor bestowed by Coach Brown to the best player of the game.   When Marquel’s not on the football field, you will typically find him working at the Taco Bell on West Dixie or with his church youth group at Grace Heartland.   He valued his participation in Chrysalis and plans to return to volunteer as a youth leader when his brother participates in Chrysalis this year. 

Mrs. Deon, his IT teacher, had these comments to share:  “It is an honor to have Marquel in class. The one thing that stands out to me about Marquel is his character - he is a student that others can look up to and emulate. Marquel always displays a kind heart and respect for others. He is a self-motivated student that will be successful in whatever he chooses to do!”

Marquel’s Algebra 3 teacher, Mr. Hayes stated:  “Marquel is such a joy to have in class. He always gives his best effort, always has a positive attitude, and is always willing to help others. He is polite, respectful, and hard working. I can’t wait to see what he accomplishes in the future.”

Mrs. Thompson, Marquel’s instructor for dual credit English added:  “I am thrilled that EHS is recognizing Marquel as our student of the month. He was my student in junior English and is in my dual credit English class this year. I feel very fortunate to have him for a second time in class. He has always been incredibly generous and kind. He is a hard worker who has shown his dedication to taking on challenges in school. I adore Marquel and want to congratulate him on this honor!”

  1. Congratulations Marquel for being selected as the November Student of the Month and thank you for all of your contributions as an Etown Panther.  You are a leader of the class of 2020 and Etown High School is truly honored to have you represent us.


T.K. Stone Middle School                  Gabby Brown

Congratulations to Gabby Barnes Brown for being selected Talton K Stone’s November student of the month. 


Gabby was interviewed by our journalism students and she shared several fun facts about herself.  


Gabby would like everyone to know that she tries to help others as much as possible in and out of the classroom.  Although making the grades in the classroom are important to her,  her REAL PASSION is playing sports. She loves basketball, volleyball and SOCCER. 


At TKS she has a special bond with Mrs. Atcher.  Mrs. Atcher is one of her basketball coaches and they spend a lot of time together. Gabby likes this because she finds Mrs.  Atcher to be helpful and she feels like she can talk to her about anything.


Gabby‘s basketball teammates would like for us to know… that although she seems very reserved and quiet… she’s THE ONE that makes life fun!



On the other hand, they say she is a hard worker and a great encourager.  

The only complaint her teammates have is that she is absolutely a cookie thief!


Gabby is also a high school JV soccer player, is involved in BETA, KYA and is a member of student council.


Athletics are a HUGE part of her life and where she finds great enjoyment.  While not on a field or a court she also enjoys being with her family and her friends. 


Goals for the future... Gabby would like to attend medical school or be a professional soccer player. Mrs. Carter loves cheering Gabby on during soccer games and agrees that Gabby has a bright future in soccer.  Mrs. Carter is SURE those long shots she takes are going to fall and fall and fall in the back of the net next year! Keep shooting Gabby!


Gabby‘s family would like for us to know that she has a kind heart is a hard worker and a fabulous athlete.  They are crazy proud of her and some things that make her attributes so special is that she is a loving big sister and she manages her time wisely.  


Mr. Pearman shared:  I enjoy having Gabby in class. She's a very respectful, full-of-smiles young lady.  He appreciates the dedication to her studies and treating adults respectfully.  If she continues in this positive direction, she will make a fine, upstanding citizen for any community in which she lives.  


Helmwood Heights Elementary                   Ezra Simon


There are many 3rd grade students who exemplify what it means to be a successful student. Ezra Simon is a fine example of what that means! The class and I were delighted to find that Ezra had been voted Helmwood’s Student of the Month! He represents our school and class very well and we are lucky to have him! Ezra can be described as 

-Full of GRIT

-A Leader








-Hard Working

Needless to say we are beyond proud of him and all he has accomplished so far this year. His past and present teachers couldn’t be more excited to see what is to come for him and all he will accomplish in the future. This young man can truly do ANYTHING he puts his mind to! 

Congratulations Ezra! 


Morningside Elementary School                  Carter Sublett

It is Morningside Elementary School’s honor to recognize Carter Sublett as Student of the Month for November 2019. Carter is in Mrs. Hinkle’s 2nd grade class and an absolute joy to have at Morningside.

Carter exemplifies the Morningside’s core values and beliefs. Each day he brings forth a positive attitude and a true curiosity for learning new things. He is without a doubt respectful to teachers, other adults, and peers. His cheerful disposition lends itself to a kind heart and a humble personality.

Carter is very helpful to her peers and is always the first person to face a challenge with an open mind and heart. He is truly admired by his classmates for his hard work and determination to be his very best.

Carter is soft spoken yet assertive when working with her peers. He is a perfect model of what leadership means in the classroom. His zeal to learn and compassionate demeanor make Carter the kind of student everyone strives to be.

We are definitely honored to call Carter a Morningside Panther. It is with great pleasure to present Carter Sublet with the Elizabethtown Independent School’s November 2019 Student of the Month award. He deserves it!

Panther Academy      Greyson Hughes

Greyson Hughes is an excellent student that always makes good choices and is a great role model for other classmates. He is friendly and helpful to everyone in the classroom.  Greyson is a hard worker and always does his very best. He displays good manners, follows classroom rules, and he always follows Panther Academy’s Guidelines for Success:  Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Cooperative, and Be Kind. Greyson is such a pleasure to have in class!  


Panther Place                        Willow Stephenson

Willow Stephenson is Panther Place’s November student of the month.  She comes to us from Helmwood Heights Elementary where she is in Ms. Hood’s first grade class.  Ms. Christie, our first grade teacher, said that she nominated Willow because she is a perfect example of what a Panther student should be like.  She always follows the rules and does everything she is suppose to do with a positive attitude.  She is very eager to learn new things and participate in all activities.  Ms. Christie said that Willow is dependable and willing to help in the classroom.  I spoke with her classmates and they had these kind words to say, “She’s sweet”, “She’s a great friend”, “She’s a good student”, “She’s nice”, and “We’re best friends.”  Willow told me that her favorite thing to do at Panther Place is playing games.  Her favorite thing to do at school is going down the slide during recess.  And when not in school, she enjoys relaxing with her family and playing with her little brother.  We are proud to name Willow, Panther Place’s student of the month for November.


IV.B. EHS Soccer Team - Region Champions

Congratulations to the EHS Soccer Team for earning another regional championship.


Seniors:  Luis Gomez, Bryan Herringshaw, Ethan Larkin

Juniors:  Ali Ahmed, Andrew Ballard, Ty Been, Gave Binkley, Bryce Bowers, Eli Brown, Griffin Inman, Jacob Mata, Matt Musgrave, Brandon Parsons

Sophomores:  Donovan Adams, Dylan Barnes, Landin Grzelewski, Jackson Holt, Jonah Shirts

Freshmen:  Zach Berger, Nicholas Blair, Connor Goodman, Gavin McGovern, Cole Varela

Coaches:  Corey Yates, Judd Yates



Actions Taken

Motion Passed:   passed with a motion by Mr. Paul Godfrey and a second by Mr. Matt Wyatt.

V.A. Acknowledge Receipt of SBDM Written Reports

Attached are the SBDM written reports from Elizabethtown High School, T.K. Stone Middle School, Helmwood Heights Elementary, Morningside Elementary and Panther Academy for your review.

V.B. Approve Minutes of October 21, 2019 Regular Board Meeting

Attached are the minutes from the October 21, 2019 Regular Board Meeting for review/approval.

V.C. Approve Early Graduations Due to Hardships

Hardship Graduation Requirements

Board Policy 98.1132 states:

"Students who experience extreme health or economic hardship may apply for assistance with graduation requirements for hardship reasons.

(Attached) are letters and hardship graduation applications requesting approval for early graduation due to a hardships.

These students meet the requirements for early graduation.

V.D. Approve the District Calendar Committee for 2020-2021 School Year

The BOE, upon the recommendation of the Superintendent shall annually appoint a district calendar committee to review, develop and recommend school calendar options.

The district calendar committee, after seeking feedback from district employees, parents, and community members, shall recommend school calendar options to the Superintendent for presentation to the board.

The committee will  meet on November 25, 2019 and December 4, 2019 to begin work on the 2020-2021 school year calendar.

The District Calendar Committee shall consist of:

      Role                                      Representative

District Elementary Principal     Jessica Turner, HHES

District High School Principal     Jennifer Burnham, EHS

District Office Administrator      Kelli Bush, CO 

District Office Administrator      Steve Smallwood, Committee Chair

Local Board Member                 Matt Wyatt, Board Member  

Parent Representative              Amy Inman, MES, TK & EHS 

Parent Representative              Holly Moberly, HHES, TK & EHS 

District Elementary Teacher      Jimmy Knight, MES

District Middle or HS Teacher    Lori Larkin, TK 

District Classified Employee      Gayla Barnard, CO

District Classified Employee      Brenda Gilkerson, PA 

Community Member                 Rick Games, President of the Etown Industrial Foundation

Community Member                 Janna Clark, Etown Tourism Board Member


V.E. Approve/Accept the SFCC official KETS Offer of Assistance

Attached is information from the School Facilities Construction Commission (SFCC) regarding their official FY-2020 KETS offer of assistance.  Acceptance of this offer of assistance commits the Board of Education to follow the statutes and regulations of the SFCC and the Kentucky Department of Education governing the Education Technology Funding Program.

This is the first offer of assistance in FY-2020.  Said offer is in the amount of $19,465.00 and is based on final FY-2019 statewide ADA figures.  Accepted state technology fund offers of assistance must be matched equally by the Board of Education or can be escrowed for up to three (3) years.

V.F. Approve Stipend Increase for Beta Sponsor at EHS

Ms. Jennifer Burnham, Principal at Elizabethtown High School is requesting the stipend for Beta Sponsor be increased from $600.00 to $1600.00.  The additional funds will be paid from the EHS Section 6 funds.  This change to the EHS Section 6 budget and funding of this additional amount to the Beta stipend was approved by the EHS SBDM on August 14, 2019.

V.G. Approve Change Order # 01 for the EHS Softball Field House Project

Attached is  Change Order #1 in the amount of $2,151.56  for the EHS Softball Field House Project for review/approval.

V.H. Approve Application and Certificate for Payment # 632-04 for the EHS Softball Field House Project

Greg Hosfiel, w/RossTarrant Architects is requesting approval of pay app. # 632-04 (see attached) for the EHS Softball Field House Project

V.I. Approve Application and Certificate for Payment #632-05 for the EHS Softball Field House Project

Mr. Greg Hosfiel w/Ross Tarrant, Architects is requesting approval for payment application # 632-05 for the EHS Softball Field House Project

(See attached)

V.J. Approve Revised Date for TKS 8th Grade Trip to Philadelphia

At the June, 2019 board meeting, the board approved an overnight field trip request for 8th grade students to travel to Philadelphia March 26-28, 2020.

They recently received an update that Hershey Park(a stop on the field trip) would not be open by March, 2020.

Ms. Dawne Swank, Principal at T.K. Stone is requesting approval to change the date of this field trip from March 26-28, 2020 to April 9-11, 2020 so the students can visit Hershey Park.

V.K. Approve Treasurer's Monthly Financial Report and Payment of Bills and Claims (Those Paid Since Last Meeting for October, 2019)

Attached are the Treasurer's Monthly Financial Report (0verview), Balance Sheet, Monthly Report, Cash Flow, and Reconciliation Register (subject to audit) and payment of bills and claims as listed on the Board Orders of the Treasurer.  Checks #60509-60702.


V.L. Report of Superintendent on Personnel Actions
VI.A. Approve Declaration of American Education Week

American Education Week presents all Americans with an opportunity to celebrate public education and honor individuals who are making a difference in ensuring that every child receive a quality education.

The Elizabethtown Board of Education recognizes November 18-22, 2019 as American Education Week.  This is a time for public recognition of the contributions provided by the teacher toward the development of hit community and for the influence of the teacher upon the lives of each of us.

Actions Taken

Motion Passed:  Approve Declaration of American Education Week passed with a motion by Mr. Guy Wallace and a second by Mr. Paul Godfrey.

VII.A. Station Teaching

Mrs. Carole Brown, Director of Special Programs will discuss Station Teaching.