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October 21, 2019 6:00 PM
Board of Education Regular Meeting





Pursuant to EIS Board Policy 01.45 Board Meeting Agenda, as part of the official agenda for each regular board meeting, the Superintendent shall prepare a consent agenda of routine business items.  Prior to the approval of the agenda the members of the board may request to "pull" any item from the consent agenda and place the item on the action agenda for further discussion and review.

Actions Taken

Motion Passed:  Approve the Board Meeting Agenda passed with a motion by Mr. Paul Godfrey and a second by Mrs. Kimbley Iman.

IV.A. Students of the Month

ELIZABETHTOWN HIGH SCHOOL                              JADA PORTER

The EHS student of the month for October is Jada Porter.  Jada is a senior at EHS who is involved in a wide variety of activities.  Jada is a member of the Pep Club and SADD Club (where she is currently serving as treasurer).  Jada participated on the softball team for two years, basketball team for three years, and is a four-year team member of the volleyball team, playing on the varsity team for the last two years.  In addition, Jada has volunteered at Feeding America, and has worked at Sky’s the Limit Trampoline Park and the American Legion Waterpark.  After graduation, Jada plans to attend Western Kentucky University and obtain a degree in Social Work.

Here are some comments from her teachers:

Mrs. Brangers (Child Services Teacher);  I have only known Jada for a couple of months, so I don’t know her that well.  She seems really excited about working with children and the teachers she has worked with at TK and Panther Academy say she is doing a great job.

Mrs. Bell (Business Teacher):  Jada is a student who cares about her work and her peers.  She will separate herself from other classmates to get her work done and accomplish her goals.  She is respectful of others.

Mrs. Dodson (English Teacher):  Jada is a hard working student.  I appreciate her willingness to add her insights to our literary discussions.

Coach Schmidt(former Softball Coach):  Jada has persevered and not let anything negative stop her from achieving her goals.  She is very mature and handles adversity better than most.  Jada always asks how things are going and how my daughter, team or day is going.  She is very honest and genuine too.  Here a few key things I think best describe Janda!

  • Respectful – treats classmates, teachers and staff with respect by valuing each as an individual, respecting differences, and valuing the work that others do.

  • Responsible – embraces the responsibility required to maintain progress in their school work, keep a job and play sports

  • Positive – contributes to the success of the school by promoting a positive attitude – I saw this at volleyball senior night – the smile and pure joy was on display.  She is typically upbeat.

T.K. STONE MIDDLE SCHOOL                       COOPER HOLT

Congratulations to Cooper Holt for being named Talton K. Stone’s October Student of the Month!

We are thrilled that Cooper is receiving this award as he is a fun-loving, interesting and a life long Panther.

In class Cooper believes that he is a good communicator as he prides himself on asking questions and being a strong listener.

Cooper shared that his favorite moment at T.K. Stone is when he made the seventh grade basketball team because it made him proud that he set a goal for himself and was able to achieve his goal.

Cooper shared that Mr. Thorn is a teacher who has made a large impact on his life because Coach Thorn encourages him to do the right thing.

Cooper believes he has a positive Panther because he tries to be respectful and nice.  He takes time to help people with their lockers and volunteers to help his teachers.

When Cooper is not playing sports and is not at school he enjoys reading running and playing video games.

Cooper is passionate about helping people, making people feel welcome, being kind to his peers and sports.

Ms. Johnson stated that Cooper is a fantastic student leader as he is always smiling and being respectful.  She appreciates his determination and work ethic.

Mr. Pearman stated that he is a joy to have in class because he is a very respectful young man.

Mr. Green shared that Cooper is a great student because he is hard-working, conscientious and has an amazing sense of humor.

Cooper’s family would like for us to know that he is truly one of the most genuinely kind individuals they know.  They observe him being accepting and open to all people; a person who is a friend to everyone to a point it is humbling.

They also want us to know that Cooper loves sports, especially football and basketball.  He is a statistical lyrist!!! He knows stats like no other for various teams.  Being an exceptional sports broadcaster may be in his future!.


It is our pleasure to recognize Nora Hacker as Morningside Elementary School’s Student of the Month for October, 2019.  Nora Hacker is in Mrs. Fowler’s first grade class.

Nora has a great attitude and strives to do her best at all times.  She comes to school with a smile and a positive attitude.  She has a wonderful work ethic and never gives up even when she is challenged.  Nora’s hard work and determination has made her a role model to the students in her class and grade.  Others look at Nora for guidance and as an example because she is a great listener,  rule follower, and leader.

Nora is a great helper.  She is always willing to assist teachers and students when needed.  She is very artistic and enjoys helping her peers when doing our crafts.

Congratulations Nora.  We are honored to present you with the Morningside Elementary School’s October 2019 Student of the Month.  We are very proud of you!


As I think about our entire 4th grade class, many students exemplify the qualities that work together to make successful students.  However, I was delighted when I found out that Aniajah Ray was voted to be this month’s Student of the Month.  I believe Aniajah’s classmates were as delighted as I was when they heard she was our school’s next Student of the Month.  I asked each of her classmates to write about what he/she thought described Aniajah.

Words they used repeatedly to describe Aniajah:

Nice and Sweet, Kind, Respectful, Responsible, Loving, Caring, Funny, Awesome Person

Quotes from her classmates:

Wonderful Student:

“She always checks over her math test when she is done.”

Aniajah always gets her work done, with a positive attitude.”


Aniajah makes herself focus.  She is a leader.”

“Always does her homework.”

“She is a really good leader and role model.  Aniajah listens to teachers.”

Aniajan is always doing what she is supposed to do and wants others to do so, too.  She gives 110% effort.”


“She is very nice to me.  For example, when I wave to her, she waves back.  She is sweet, loving, and caring.  She does very kind things.”

“Aniajah loves cupcakes and kids, and she likes to play on the playground.”

Ms. Stinson has commented, “Aniajah encompasses all the qualities one would expect of a student receiving such a wonderful honor.  She is an amazing student and a joy to be around.”

Mrs. Turner also recognizes that Aniajah is part of Helmwood’s new program Girls with Pearls.  During this time each month, she soaks in all she can about what it means to be a strong young woman.  She holds herself with pride and dignity, and is a leader and role model for her peers.  She can be anything she wants to be in life and we are proud to say she is a Helmwood Panther!


PANTHER ACADEMY      Melody Willoughby      

Melody is a top-notch Kindergarten student.  Not only does she say the guidelines for success every day, but she practices them as well. She is respectful (to adults and students), responsible, cooperative, and a great problem solver. That is why she received the Panther Cub Award in September for showing respect in our school. She truly does use her good manners all the time and is a very polite student to everyone around her. I have never seen a child with a heart like Melody’s. You can always count on Melody for a kind word or a warm hug. I have witnessed her helping children on the playground and asking them “are you ok”. When another classmate is recognized for an accomplishment she always congratulates them….that is not a typical behavior for a 6 year old, but it is for Melody. I have also watched her tear up with another student was sad or just having a rough day.  A hug from Melody can always make you feel better because she puts her heart and soul into them. She is a precious soul with a heart for people. 

   I can always count on Melody to do her best. She stays on task and is a great helper to those around her who need help. There is nothing I can throw at her that she isn’t afraid to tackle. Her perseverance, determination and attention to detail is what makes her stand out. I love her enthusiasm for school and for life in general. Melody is the kind of student everyone wants to be around because her personality is so infectious. As her teacher, I look forward to seeing her everyday and to see what she will surprise me with. Whether it is a large or small group activity, Melody is always participating and has something to add to the lesson. She is such a leader in my classroom.        

     It is very apparent that her parents have taken a vested interest in her education and her development as a responsible student and as a person. I applaud their efforts in setting high expectations for her and helping her achieve them. Melody always goes above and beyond what is expected of her. One of the things I love most about her is her excitement for learning. She finds a smile in everything we do in our classroom. Her attitude is always positive and uplifting. When I am having a bad day, I can look at Melody’s smile and it reminds me why I do what I do!!


Chance Gray is the Panther Place Student of the Month.

This is Chance’s first year to be enrolled in the Panther Place program.  He is proving to be a wonderful addition to our Panther Place family.  His Panther Place teacher, Ms. Tina Anderson nominated him and had these words to say about Chance,”Chance is attentive, patient and follows instructions well during homework and activity time.  He is polite and respectful to his fellow classmates and anyone that he interacts with.  He is always eager for a challenge.  I am proud to be a part of Chance’s educational learning path.”  Kady, the fourth grade classroom assistant said that Chance is always eager to assist the teacher or another student in any way he can.  One of his classmates told me that Chance is kind and tries hard to get along with everyone.  I have witnessed the kindness Chance shows even to his brother, who also attends Panther Place.  When Chance gave his brother a hug, other students noticed and commented that they couldn’t believe how well the brothers get along with each other.  That is a rare and wonderful thing in this day and age.  Getting help from the teachers is what Chance likes best about Panther Place.  He said that science is his favorite subject in school and when not in school he enjoys playing outside with his friends.

Because he is kind and respectful and exhibits all the good Panther character qualities, I am happy to name Chance our Student of the Month.

Actions Taken

Motion Passed:   passed with a motion by Mrs. Kimbley Iman and a second by Mr. Paul Godfrey.

V.A. Acknowledge Receipt of SBDM Written Reports

Attached are the SBDM written reports from Elizabethtown High School, T.K. Stone Middle School, Helmwood Heights Elementary School, Morningside Elementary School and Panther Academy for your review.

V.B. Approve Minutes of September 16, 2019 Regular Board Meeting

Attached are the minutes from the September 16, 2019 Regular Board Meeting for review/approval.

V.C. Approve Authorization to sign Non-Resident Contracts for the 2020-2021 School Year

Annually, the board has approved and authorized the Chairman of the Board and the Superintendent to sign non-resident contracts with those board of education who have students living in their school districts but are enrolled in the Elizabethtown Independent Schools, as well as Non-Resident Contracts for students who live in the Elizabethtown Independent School District and are enrolled in other school districts.  Proposed contracts for non-resident student contracts are:

Barren County Public Schools, Breckinridge County Public Schools, Bullitt County Public Schools,Caverna Independent Schools, Grayson County Public Schools, Green County Public Schools, Hardin County Public Schools, Hart County Public Schools, Jefferson County Public Schools, LaRue County Public Schools, Meade County Public Schools, Nelson County Public Schools, Taylor County Public Schools, West Point Independent Schools,

V.D. Approve Authorization to File for Funds Available Under Public Law 874 Impact Aid

Annually, the Board of Education must officially authorize the Superintendent to file for Public Law 874 Impact Aid Funds.  Impact Aid provides funding for federally connected children, including those who have a parent on active duty in the uniformed services, line on or have a parent who works on federal property, or live in federally assisted low-rent housing.

V.E. Approve Pay Increase for Rank 4 Teachers

Mrs. Michelle Motley, Director of Personnel and Public Relations is requesting approval to change the current pay for teachers with a Rank 4 from $28,475 per year  to Rank 3 pay which starts at $39.426.00 per year.

If approved, this change would be in effect for the 2019-2020 school year and would only pertain to teachers with a Bachelor's and Master's degrees and on emergency certification.

V.F. Approve/Accept Bid for EHS Roof Repair Project

An invitation to Bid on the EHS Roof Replacement Project was placed on October 9, 2019 in the News Enterprise.  EIS accepted sealed bids for the replacement of specified roof areas and designated gutter replacement at Elizabethtown High school.  Bids were received in the EIS Central Office until 9:00 on October 21, 2019 (today).  Vessels Roofing submitted the only bid for the project in the amount of $36,000.

The recommendation is to accept the bid from Vessels Roofing for the amount of $36,000.00 for the project.

V.G. Approve Field Trip Request via Charter Bus

Ms. Jennifer Burnham, Principal at Elizabethtown High School and Mr. Glenn Spalding, Athletic Director are requesting board approval for the EHS football team to travel to Lloyd Memorial High School (Erlanger, KY) to play football on November 1, 2019 via Motor Coach.

V.H. Approve MOU between EIS and the University of the Cumberlands

Attached is a Memorandum of Understanding between EIS and the University of the Cumberlands to provide student teacher experiences for the education profession.

V.I. Approve the Kentucky Center for School Safety Safe Schools Allocation Report

The Safe Schools Allocation Report is attached for your review/approval.

V.J. Approve Treasurer's Monthly Financial Report and Payment of Bills and Claims (Those Paid Since Last Meeting for September 2019)

Consideration of approval of the treasurer's monthly financial report and payment of bills and claims (those paid since last meeting for September 2019).  Attached are the treasurer's monthly financial report (overview), balance sheet, monthly report, year to date report, cash flow, reconciliation register, vender list. 

Checks #60282-60508.

V.K. Acknowledge Report for Superintendent on Personnel Actions
VI.A. Consideration of Approval of the Districts 2018-2019 Financial Audit Report and Presentation
Actions Taken

Motion Passed:   passed with a motion by Mrs. Kimbley Iman and a second by Mr. Paul Godfrey.

Motion Passed:   passed with a motion by Mrs. Kimbley Iman and a second by Mr. Paul Godfrey.

VII.A. Presentation of the 2018-2019 Attendance and Dropout Report

Mr. Steve Smallwood, Assistant Superintendent for Student and Support Services will present the attendance and drop out reports.

VII.B. Presentation of the District's 2019 State Accountability Scores
IX.A. Consideration of Approval of Early Graduation Request Due to Hardship

Hardship Graduation Requirements

Board Policy 98.1132 states:

"Students who experience extreme health or economic hardship may apply for assistance with graduation requirements for hardship reasons.

Attached is a letter and hardship graduation application requesting approval for early graduation due to hardship.

This student meets the requirements for early graduation.


Actions Taken

Motion Passed:  Approve Request for Early Graduation Due to Hardship passed with a motion by Mr. Paul Godfrey and a second by Mrs. Kimbley Iman.