Elizabethtown Independent
September 16, 2019 6:00 PM
Regular Board of Education Meeting





Pursuant to EIS Board Policy 01.45 Board Meeting Agenda, as part of the official agenda for each regular board meeting, the Superintendent shall prepare a consent agenda of routine business items.  Prior to the approval of the agenda the members of the board my require to "pull" any item from the consent agenda and place the item on the action agenda for further discussion and review.

Actions Taken

Motion Passed:  Approval of Board Meeting Agenda passed with a motion by Mr. Matt Wyatt and a second by Mrs. Kimbley Iman.

IV.A. Students of the Month


The EHS student of the month for September is Carson Foy. Carson is an outstanding student that has quite the resume. Most notably, Carson was a Governor’s Scholar this past summer, having a focus area of Engineering. He was on the Vex Robotics team as a freshman and sophomore, competing at the region level. He was also on the STLP team, going to the state competition as a freshman based on the app that the team created to help with scheduling career day. In the community, Carson enjoys volunteering at the animal shelter on Saturdays, walking dogs, cleaning kennels, and various other activities. Carson was on the MIT Invent Team last year and went with the team to MIT in June to present the team’s work on a sensor that could be used to detect vital signs and gas levels in an enclosed space and would emit a warning signal when there were dangerous levels. For this project, Carson worked on the programming that was required. The team’s sponsor was Mr. Stone and he had these comments to share: “Carson Foy is gifted to a level that he is yet to fully understand. His intuition and understanding of the physical world and electronics exceeds both his years and his peers. Carson's quiet demeanor does not reflect the intellect and capacity for excellence that he possesses” Throughout his high school years, Carson has taken 6 different AP Courses and exams, having a 3.67 average on these exams. With these credentials, Carson has been named an AP Scholar with Distinction by the College Board. One of these courses was AP English Language and Mrs. Wilson shared these comments: “Carson Foy is an honorable young man who stands out as a friendly individual who seems to get along well with others and converses easily with anyone. He’s the kind of young man who willingly lends a hand to those around him. Carson exhibits the personality traits teachers prefer to have in class. He is an attentive listener, a cooperative group worker, and a willing participant in class discussion. His easy going personality contributes to class discourse in a positive, gentle way that influences others without offense. Carson is a good student with tremendous potential. He is dutiful, dependable, and diligent in his work. He is teachable.” Another course that Carson took last year was PreAP Chemistry, which Carson took for Dual Credit through Western Kentucky University. His teacher, Mrs. Lively, wanted to share: “Carson is a very bright, intelligent and hard working student. He has a depth of knowledge in Science, especially Computer Science, which very few students have. I enjoyed having him as a student in PreAP Chemistry, and could count on him to understand and explain the most complex topics. His quiet nature often misleads people, because he has a wonderful and witty sense of humor! I'm sure Carson will do well in whatever field he chooses to enter after high school, and look forward to hearing that he has done great things.” Following high school, Carson plans on becoming an Electrical Engineer at either MIT or Louisville Speed School. Congratulations Carson for being selected as the September Student of the Month and thank you for all of your contributions as an Etown Panther. You are a leader of the class of 2020 and Etown High School



Congratulations to T.K. Stone’s September student of the month…Kate Shirts.

Kate is a very interesting Panther and participated in a student interview through our Journalism class.

Kate told our Journalism students that she stands out in class because she works hard and tries to be the best at what she does.  She also said that her favorite memory while being at TK Stone is participating in her first KYA because she had never done anything like that before.

A teacher that has really impacted Kate’s life is her third grade teacher Ms. Porter because she was a motivator and helped her enjoy school.

Kate is a positive Panther because she tries to help out when she can, even if it’s a little thing.

Kate participates in school by being in KYA, drama club, choir, beta and the academic team.

Kate’s passions are dance, her church groups at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, musical theater and learning to play the ukulele.

Kate is passionate about school family and being kind to others.

Kate has been a part of the EIS system for 7 years.

Ms. Johnson, her science teacher said the following about Kate:

She is an extremely kind and hard-working young lady.  Even though I have only known her for a short time, she has shown great leadership and is obviously very talented academically.  I know I can count on Kate to show up on time and complete her work with a smile which is contagious and enthusiastic for the entire class.   She is a joy to have in class and I look forward to seeing how her influence changes our community in the future congratulations Kate!

Mr. Pearman is Kate’s language arts teacher and had the following to say about her:

I’ve only known Kate for a couple of weeks but she seems very mature.  She’s volunteering in class.  She’s keeping up with her work and she is very respectful to me and her fellow classmates.  She comes in each day with a positive attitude which is sometimes difficult for middle school students to do.  I look forward to working with her the rest of the year.

Kate’s mom and dad said they love that Kate is a good friend to those around her.  They appreciate the help she gives at home with her siblings.  Best of ally they enjoy Kate’s sense of humor.

Kate’s good friend Ella Hustead said Kate makes a good friend because she is super fun and funny.  She is also helpful when she can be.  Ella also thinks she is talented in acting, singing and is SUPER smart.  Ella thinks that Kate totally deserves to be student of the month because she works hard at everything and goes out of her way to help everyone she can.


Caroline is the perfect example of perseverance, gentleness, hard-work, patience and kindness.  When asked “who is the person that comes to mind when you think of integrity” most of our class agreed, it’s her.  Caroline always does the right thing, even when no one is watching.  Her integrity and resiliency will for sure take her far in life.  As a student, she works hard and always gives 100% effort to be successful and beyond this she never gives up!  All of Caroline’s teachers, current and past, think very highly of her because of the strong traits she exhibits.  She is a strong leader.  All who know her know she can be trusted and that she will embrace any challenge she is given with a positive attitude.

Caroline’s friends say she is loyal, kind, a good role model, loving, nice, a good listener and is always fund to be around because she makes them all laugh!  Her family is so proud of her for the person she is and the one she is becoming.

A few of her favorite things:

Basketball                           Kayaking              Animals (especially cats)

The Outdoors                      Tubing                                 

Lake with her family!           Babysitting         

Swimming                           Creating


Mrs. Kendra Adams’, Caroline’s teacher from last year wrote, “Caroline is one of the hardest workers I have ever had in math class.  She comes to class each day ready to give 100%.  Caroline has great determination and the will to learn.  It was an honor to have Caroline in class and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for her.”

Ms. Marsha Adams’, Caroline’s other 4th grade teacher from last year wrote, “Caroline embodies success.  She is determined to work through any obstacles with a wonderful attitude while doing so.”

DOMINIC McCOY                             MORNINGSIDE ELEMENTARY

It is Morningside Elementary’s honor to recognize Dominic McCoy as Student of the Month for September 2019.  Dominic is in Mrs. Line’s fifth grade class, but is admired by all of his fifth grade teachers.

Dominic is a wonderful student to highlight because of the way that he carries himself, interacts with his classmates, and his work ethic.  He is very deserving of this award.  He comes to school ready to get to work each and every day.  He always puts forth his best effort and is without a doubt polite and respectful to teachers, other adults, and fellow students.

Dominic is a very kind friend to his peers.  He is willing to help others succeed in the classroom by offering his guidance.  His kind and patient demeanor helps set the tone in his class for learning.

Dominic is well rounded in many areas.  According to Mrs. Key, Dominic is such a hard worker and a true pleasure to have in her reading class.  He always gives his best effort and goes above and beyond expectations.  According to Ms. Shaw, Dominic consistently sets the example  for appropriate behaviors and effort in math class.  He is a quiet, steady, and determined presence in her classroom every single day.  Finally, Mrs. Line is so thankful to have Dominic in her homeroom.  He constantly strives to persevere and do his best in class.  He has a true growth mindset showing grit and determination even if something seems hard.  Seeing him achieve goals and be successful brings joy to each and every day of class.

Dominic has an eagerness to learn and the persistence to always produce his best work.  We are proud to call him a Morningside Panther.  It is with great pleasure to present Dominic McCoy with this award.

ALIVIAH GREEN                                                PANTHER ACADEMY

Mrs. Shilts had this to say about Aliviah:

“Aliviah is the perfect student for this years first Student of the Month!  Aliviah showcases the guidelines for success in everything she does.  She is always respectful and uses her manners with adults and other students.  She is responsible in keeping up with all her work.  Aliviah quickly became friends with everyone in our class and treats everyone she meets kindly.  She will do great things this year in Kindergarten and we can’t wait to see the impact she makes!”

Actions Taken

Motion Passed:   passed with a motion by Mr. Paul Godfrey and a second by Mrs. Kimbley Iman.

V.A. Acknowledge Receipt of SBDM Written Reports

Attached are the SBDM written reports from Elizabethtown High School, T.K. Stone Middle School, Morningside Elementary, Helmwood Heights Elementary and Panther Academy for your review.

V.B. Approve Minutes of August 19, 2019 Regular Board Meeting, August 19, 2019 Tax Hearing

Attached are the board minutes from the August 19, 2019 regular board meeting and the August 19, 2019 Tax Hearing for your review/approval

V.C. Approve Appointee to the 2019-2020 District Evaluation Appeals Committee

The state regulations on evaluation of certified personnel, KRS 156.557 and 704 KAR 3:345 require the local board of education to appoint its representative to the Local Evaluation Appeals Panel.

As part of our district's evaluation process, an Evaluation Appeals Panel is established each year.  This is an important element in the evaluation process; it ensures that our evaluation process and guidelines have been followed, and it provides a process to ascertain whether an employee has been fairly evaluated in his/her summative evaluation.

The Evaluation Appeals Panel is made of three members - all certified staff members.  Two members of the three-member team are elected by the certified staff members in the district.  The third member is appointed by the Board of Education.

The certified staff members have selected the following to serve on the panel for this school year:

  • Lori Larkin
  • David Grossman
  • Tabitha Kerr (Alternate)

The Board of Education is required to appoint the third member of the panel and an alternate.Mr. Ballard would like to suggest Mrs. Carole Brown, Director of Special Programs serve on the committee and Mr. Steve Smallwood, Assistant Superintendent for Student and Support Services to serve as the alternate.


V.D. Approve Emergency Repair Work for Cooling Tower at TKS

On August 20, 2019 an emergency was declared in accordance with KRS 45A.380 in regards to the failure of the T.K. Stone Middle School cooling system due to an underground leak in the water loop system.  The loss of use to T.K.S. required prompt attention to repair the system to advert the closure of school.

V.E. Approve Capital Funds Request

Attached is a Capital Funds Request Form to review/approve for the cooling tower work at T.K. Stone.

V.F. Approve Overnight Field Trip Request via Charter Bus

Ms. Jennifer Burnham, Principal at Elizabethtown High School, is requesting approval of an Overnight Field Trip Request via charter bus.  They are requesting Wise Charter to provide transportation for EHS seniors to travel to Orlando, FL. for the senior trip April 16, 2020 - April 20, 2020.

V.G. Approve Job Description and Corresponding Salary Schedule for Director of Building and Grounds

Attached is the Job Description and Corresponding Salary Schedule for the Director of Building and Grounds

for review/approval

V.H. Approve Revised Job Description for Assistant Superintendent for Student Services and Support

Attached is a revised job description for Assistant Superintendent for Student Services and Support for review/approval.

V.I. Approve Revised Job Description for Workforce Readiness Coordinator

Attached is a revised job description for Workforce Readiness Coordinator

for review/approval

V.J. Approve Local Head Start Memorandum of Agreement

This agreement is between the Central Kentucky CAC Head Start Grantee Program "Head Start" and EIS to coordinate services to eligible children through federal Head Start and state Preschool programs.

This MOA sets out the terms by which the Head Start program and EIS will ensure full utilization of Head Start funds by meeting the following ovbectives:

1.  to avoid duplication of programs and services

2.  to void supplanting of federal funds

3.  to maximize the use of Head Start funds to serve as many four-year-old children as possible.

This MOA also provides for coordination between Head Start and EIS as required by 45 CFR 1302.53 and 45 CFR 1302.63.

V.K. Approve Technology Unmet Needs Report

The Kentucky Board of Education and the School Facilities Construction Commission have approved the 2019-2020 technology unmet needs calculations (attached) for your review/approval.

V.L. Approve Student Fee Request for Membership to International Thespian Society

Mrs. Carmen Caldera-Brzoska EPAC Coordinator is requesting approval for eligible TKS and EHS students to pay dues to become members of the International Thespian Society.

Background: T.K. Stone Middle School, as a Title I School received a grant paying for the start of their troupe (the first in Hardin County!) and for the first nine students.  Elizabethtown High School does not yet qualify for a troupe, as they have only produced one show at this time, but I hope to be able to charter their troupe by Christmas.  As they are not a Title 1 school, they are not eligible for the start up grant TK Stone received.
Dues: Middle school students (beyond the first nine) who meet the requirements for ITS would pay $12 (one time induction membership/dues).  They only pay this once in their middle school career, regardless of their grade level when inducted. High school students one-time membership dues are $30 for a lifetime, regardless of what year they are inducted. After graduation, they become alumni members.
Requirements: Induction to both the junior and the high school level ITS is based on an intricate point system defined below.
In addition, our local parameters would include:
  • At least 50 of the required hours from involvement with their school's theatre group/drama club; 50 of those may be participation with local, regional, and/or professional theatre groups, recognizing that this shows their dedication to their art, as well as honing skills they will bring back and share with their fellow students, and
  • no major office referrals, and
  • no failing grades.
Benefits of Thespian induction:
  • Membership in the only international honor society for middle (junior ITS) and high school theatre arts students—a recognized demonstration of achievement and a valuable addition to college and employment applications.
  • An official Thespian induction pin.
  • A personalized membership certificate and membership card.
  • Log-in access to his or her member dashboard page and a variety of online benefits.
  • A one-year, bimonthly subscription to the print edition of Dramatics magazine (a $38 value). The first issue arrives within six to eight weeks. They may also renew at a special member rate.
  • Log-in access to Dramatics Digital from induction through the year following graduation (graduation from 8th grade for middle/12th for high).
  • A bumper sticker that reads: Proud parent of a theatre arts honor student.
  • Special member pricing on theatre books and digital media through the online EdTA store.
  • Thespian-level access to the Theatre Education Community.
  • Leadership opportunities at the troupe, chapter, and national levels.
  • Eligibility for scholarships, grants, and awards through EdTA and its chapters. See schooltheatre.org/ags.
  • Eligibility to audition at the International Thespian Festival for admission to college theatre programs, submit original compositions to the Thespian Next Generation Works program, audition for chapter Individual Events programs, and qualify for the National Individual Events Showcase (NIES). See schooltheatre.org/festival.
  • Eligibility to receive additional Thespian honors, including graduation and honor items, advancement through Thespian honor ranks, and Thespian scholar distinction. 
Thank you for your time and support,
Carmen Caldera-Brzoska
TKS Drama Club and EHS Theatre Guild Sponsor

V.M. Approve the Treasurer's Monthly Financial Report and Payment of Bills and Claims(Those paid since last meeting), for August 2019

Consideration of approval of the treasurer's monthly financial report and payment of bills and claims (those paid since last meeting for August, 2019).  Attached are the treasurer's monthly financial report (overview), balance sheet, monthly report, year to date report, cash flow, reconciliation register, vender list.  Checks #60111-60281

V.N. Acknowledge Receipt of the Superintendents Personnel Report

Attached are personnel actions that have taken place since the last meeting of the Board of Education on August 19, 2019.

VI.A. Consideration of Approval of 2019-2020 Working Budget

The Working Budget is presented for Board approval at this meeting.  A local school board is required to submit a Working Budget by September 30.  The Tentative Budget approved by the Board in May 2019 is now recommended for amendment (see attached)

Actions Taken

Motion Passed:  Approve the Working Budget for 2019-2020 passed with a motion by Mr. Matt Wyatt and a second by Mrs. Kimbley Iman.

VIII.A. Implementation of New Kentucky Academic Standards
Actions Taken

Motion Passed:   passed with a motion by Mr. Paul Godfrey and a second by Mr. Matt Wyatt.