August 08, 2013 8:30 AM
Kentucky Board of Education Regular Meeting (Will be webcast)
I. Call to Order - Full Board Convenes - 8:30 a.m. EDT
II. Approval of Minutes from the June 5, 2013 Kentucky Board of Education Meeting
III. Introduction of New KDE Employees
IV. Report of the Secretary of the Education and Workforce Development Cabinet
V. Report of the President of the Council on Postsecondary Education
VI. Report of the Executive Director of the Education Professional Standards Board
VII. Report of the Commissioner of Education
VIII. Good News Items
IX. Public Comment Segment
X. Professional Growth and Effectiveness System Update (Review Item) - Associate Commissioner Felicia Smith - 45-minute presentation/discussion (Strategic Priority: Next Generation Professionals)
XI. Reaching the 96 Districts Required by SB 97 and Beyond Resolution and Celebration (Action/Discussion Item) - Governor Steve Beshear, First Lady Jane Beshear, Chair David Karem and Commissioner Terry Holliday - 30-minute presentation/discussion (Strategic Priority: Next Generation Schools/Districts)
XI.A. Welcome to Governor Steve Beshear and First Lady Jane Beshear - Chair David Karem
XI.B. Announcement of number of districts passing policy to raise compulsory school age to 18 and recognition of KDE team supporting SB 97 efforts - Commissioner Holliday
XI.C. Approval of resolution and presentation to Governor and First Lady - Chair David Karem
XI.D. Remarks by the Governor and First Lady and announcement of afternoon celebration at the Capitol
XII. Hearing Officer's Report - General Counsel Kevin Brown - 45-minute presentation/discussion
XII.A. Statement of Consideration for 704 KAR 3:303, Kentucky Core Academic Standards (Action/Discussion Item)
XII.B. Statement of Consideration for 702 KAR 7:065, Designation of Agent to Manage Middle and High School Interscholastic Athletics (Action/Discussion Item)
XIII. Management Committee Meeting, 11:00 a.m. EDT (Tentative Start Time); First Floor, Capital Plaza Tower, State Board Room
XIII.A. Action/Discussion Items
XIII.A.1. 702 KAR 1:115, Annual in-service training of district board members (Second Reading) (KDE Support and Guiding Processes)
XIII.A.2. Requests for Waivers of 702 KAR 3:300, Section 2, from Daviess County, Webster County, Paris Independent and Williamstown Independent School Districts (KDE Support and Guiding Processes)
XIII.B. Review Items
XIII.B.1. 702 KAR 7:125, Pupil Attendance (First Reading) (KDE Support and Guiding Processes)
XIII.B.2. 702 KAR 6:101, Repeal of 702 KAR 6:100, Appeal procedures for nutrition and health services programs (First Reading) (KDE Support and Guiding Processes)
XIV. Recess and travel to Governor's Mansion for Graduate Kentucky Luncheon and to the Capitol for recognition of school districts passing policy to raise the compulsory attendance age, press conference and reception - 11:30 a.m. EDT (Tentative Departure Time)
XV. Curriculum Committee Meeting, 2:45 p.m. EDT (Tentative Start Time); First Floor, Capital Plaza Tower, State Board Room
XV.A. Action/Consent Items
XV.A.1. Kentucky School for the Blind (KSB) Advisory Board Appointment (Next Generation Learners)
XV.A.2. Appointment to the Kentucky Writing Advisory Committee (Next Generation Learners)
XV.B. Action/Discussion Items
XV.B.1. 704 KAR 3:390, Extended School Services (Second Reading) (Next Generation Learners)
XV.B.2. Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education State Plan for FY14 (Career and Technical Education)
XV.B.3. Amending the attendance policies for the Kentucky Schools for the Blind and Deaf (Next Generation Schools/Districts)
XV.C. Review Items
XV.C.1. Kentucky Schools for the Blind (KSB) and Deaf (KSD) Update (Next Generation Learners)
XV.C.2. 704 KAR 3:305, Minimum Requirements for High School Graduation (First Reading) (Next Generation Learners)
XVI. Approval of Action/Consent Items (Full Board Meeting Resumes)
XVII. Report of the Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Committee on Action/Discussion Items
XVIII. Report of the Management Committee on Action/Discussion Items
XIX. KDE Employment Report (All offices except Career and Technical Education)
XX. KDE Employment Report (Office of Career and Technical Education)
XXI. Board Member Sharing
XXII. Internal Board Business
XXII.A. Determination of time for board's discussion of commissioner's self evaluation during October meeting
XXII.B. Ratification of NASBE dues payment
XXIII. Litigation Report
XXIV. Election of Board Officers for 2013-14 (Action/Discussion Item)
XXV. Adjournment