May 19, 2011 8:30 AM
KHSAA Board of Control Meeting
1. May 18, 6:30 p.m., Dinner recognizing outgoing members of the Board of Control, Sals Restaurant, 3373 Tates Creek Road, Lexington, KY 40502
2. May 19, Full Board of Control Meeting, Lexington
3. 8:30 a.m. Executive Committee - All Board Members (to continue after lunch if break is necessary)
3.1. Review Consent Agenda and Consider items for Removal
3.2. Hall of Fame Selection Criteria
3.3. For the good of the Order
3.3.1. Review of NFHS Legal Meeting and Cases Discussed
3.3.2. Current Operations and Investigations
3.4. Consideration of New Membership Application - Valor Traditional (Louisville)
3.5. Consider statewide requirement for three officials - Basketball - Varsity Only
3.6. Consider the one allowable extension on basketball hosting agreement
3.7. Discuss Ejection Alternatives to Emphasize Sportsmanship
3.8. KSBA Orientation for Board members, use of Electronic Meeting System
4. 9:45 a.m. Regulation Adoption/Legislative - Alan Donhoff, Chairperson, John Barnes, Bill Beasley, Art Davis, Marvin Moore, Gene Norris, Lea Prewitt, Boyd Randolph, Steve Riley, Jeff Schlosser, Stan Steidel, Dave Weedman
4.1. Review 2009-2010 LRC Program Review Recommendations for Consideration of Bylaw 6 Amendments
4.2. Review of KHSAA Bylaws and Situations Needing Amendment
4.3. Discuss and Consider Revised Interpretations concerning Bylaw 25 off season restrictions
4.4. Give Second Reading for Review and Possible submission of items for KHSAA Annual Meeting (JT-W/A)
4.5. Review Proposals Received from Membership (JT-W/A)
5. 11:15 - Audit/Finance Committee Work Session - Carrell Boyd, Chairperson, Bill Beasley, Anita Burnette, Kelley F. Ransdell, Art Davis, Ozz Jackson, Jerry Keepers, Marvin Moore, Lea Prewitt, Jeff Schlosser, Bob Schneider, Dave Weedman
5.1. Board Budget Status Report through April 30, 2011 (W/A)
5.2. Review Team Expense Allowance for Team Sports (Volleyball, Soccer, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Softball)
5.3. Presentation and Consideration of Draft Budget for FY2012
6. Lunch (on site)
7. 1:15 p.m. Team Sports Committee - Ozz Jackson, Chairperson, John Barnes, Bill Beasley, Carrell Boyd, Anita Burnette, Alan Donhoff, Jerry Keepers, Marvin Moore, Lea Prewitt, Steve Riley, Stan Steidel, Dave Weedman
7.1. Review Prospective Volleyball Alignment per Revised Basketball Alignment
7.2. Consider Membership Survey, Football Playoff Format (4 Teams per district or 2 Teams per district) (Steidel)
7.3. Report on State Soccer Site Proposals and Recommendation
8. 2:00 p.m. Full Board of Control Meeting
9. Action Items (Action must be approved/adopted with motion)
9.1. Call to Order
9.2. Reflection – Jeff Schlosser
9.3. Pledge of Allegiance – John Barnes
9.4. Review Consent Agenda for Consideration and Approval
9.4.1. Approve Minutes of the April, 2011 Regular Meeting
9.4.2. Reports for Approval Transfers, July 1 to April 30, 2011 (W)
Attachments Other Eligibility Rulings including fines and Penalties, July 1, 2010 Through April 30, 2011 (W)
Attachments Advanced Officials Camp Financial Reports (W)
Attachments KDE Staff Note - Annual Reporting Requirements
9.4.3. Approval of Bills, March 1 to April 30, 2011
9.5. Closed Session to Review Legal Matters (**)
9.6. Committee Report from the Executive Committee (A)
9.7. Committee Report from the Regulation Adoption and Legislative Committee (A)
9.8. Committee Report from the Audit/Finance Committee (A)
9.9. Committee Report from the Team Sports Committee (A)
10. Correspondence and Miscellaneous
11. Adjourn