January 18, 2011 8:30 AM
Special Board of Control Meeting
1. 8:30 a.m. Team Sports Committee (Ozz Jackson, Chairperson, John Barnes, Bill Beasley, Carrell Boyd, Anita Burnette, Alan Donhoff, Jerry Keepers, Marvin Moore, Lea Prewitt, Steve Riley, Stan Steidel, Dave Weedman)
1.1. Consider movement of Eminence High School from District 30 to District 31 of Region 8.
1.2. Consider request of Bullitt County Schools to relocate to Region 5, looking at geographic alternatives.
1.3. Consider realignment in Louisville/Jefferson County
1.4. Consider renumbering of Regions 5 through 7
1.5. Discuss distributing realignment information to effected schools, and being work on other sports at next meeting.
2. 9:30 Board of Control Strategic Planning Work Session
2.1. Discuss and Review Current Strategic Plan
2.2. Discuss and consider for revision, KHSAA Mission Statement
2.3. Discuss Strategic Planning Process and Process for Going Forward including identification of stakeholders, and data collection needed