December 07, 2010 8:30 AM
Board of Control Meeting, Committee Meetings and Full Board of Control
-. 8:30 a.m. Executive Committee (All Board Members, to continue after Team Sports Committee)
-.A. Review Consent Agenda and Consider items for Removal
-.B. Review KMA Recommendations (Oral Report from Commissioner)
-.B.1. Consolidation of Sports Safety and Medical Symposium Requirements into one online course
-.B.2. Recommendations on Fast Pitch Softball Format
-.B.3. Extension of Heat recording to entire school year
-. 9:00 a.m. Officials Policy Committee (Marvin Moore, Chairperson, John Barnes, Carrell Boyd, Kelley F. Ransdell, Art Davis, Alan Donhoff, Jerry Keepers, Gene Norris, Boyd Randolph, Steve Riley, Bob Schneider, Stan Steidel)
-.A. Review of Wrestling Regular Season Pay Schedule (W/A Barren)
-.B. Review Basketball Game Fee (postponed from last year) (Oral discussion with Commissioner)
-.C. Discuss Fee Difference between Baseball and Softball (Oral Discussion from Commissioner)
-.D. Discuss Fee Schedule in Scheduled Sports (Baseball/Softball) (W/A)
-.E. Discuss Long Term Contract with Honigs (possible other vendors through licensing) for Officials Supplies
-.F. Discuss Standardization of Assigning Fees, suggested survey, determine data elements to be gathered from regions (SS/Staff)
-. 9:45 a.m. Team Sports Committee (Ozz Jackson, Chairperson, John Barnes, Bill Beasley, Carrell Boyd, Anita Burnette, Alan Donhoff, Jerry Keepers, Marvin Moore, Lea Prewitt, Steve Riley, Stan Steidel, Dave Weedman)
-.A. Discussion of Soccer Overtime
-.A.1. Review of NFHS Playing Rules
-.A.2. Discussion of Current KHSAA Application of NFHS Rules
-.A.3. Review Jefferson County letter for Alternative Possible Procedure Change (move to shootout after regulation if tied)
-.B. Begin Discussion of Alignment Review (Basketball) – (STAFF-W/D)
-.B.1. Review Correspondence from Bullitt County Schools
-.B.2. Review Jefferson County proposed Revisions from 2009-2010
-.C. Softball State Tournament Schedule Revisions for 2011
-.D. Review and Discuss Long Range Playing Dates (and prospective site) for State Volleyball
-. 10:30 a.m. Executive Committee )All Board Members)
-.A. Presentation from NFHS Partner Licensing Resource Group (LRG)
-.B. Current Operations and Investigations
-.B.1. Review and Discuss Tennis Format Change for 2011 (approved last year, but discussion review requested)
-.B.2. Review of KSBA online meeting process
-.C. Discussion of Role of Advisory Committees (SS/Staff-O/D)
-.D. Board Budget Status Report through September 30, 2010
-.E. Review of Sports Sanctioning Process
-.E.1. Review Current Procedure of Sanctioning Process
-.E.2. Discuss Items for Triennial Survey
-. 11:15 a.m. Full Board of Control Meeting
-.A. Call to Order
-.B. Reflection – Alan Donhoff
-.C. Pledge of Allegiance – Jerry Keepers
-.D. Executive Session
-.E. Consent Agenda (single consent vote to accept all)
-.E.A. Approve Minutes of the October, 2010 Regular Meeting
-.E.B. Approve Association Bills from October 1, 2010 through November 30, 2010
-.E.C. Written Reports for Review and Approval
-.E.C.1. Transfers, July 1 to September 30, 2010 (W)
-.E.C.2. Other Eligibility Rulings including fines and Penalties, July 1, 2010 Through September 30, 2010 (W)
-.E.C.3. HB 327 Coaches to date (W)
-.F. Committee Report from the Officials Policy Committee
-.G. Committee Report from the Team Sports Committee
-.H. Committee Report from the Executive Committee
-. For the good of the Order
-.A. Various Copies of Correspondence
-.B. Support Staff Resumes for review
-.B.1. Day, Marsha
-.B.2. Goodwin, Cheryl
-.B.3. Isaacs, Fay
-.B.4. Koszenski, Darlene
-.B.5. Mitchell, Marilyn
-.B.6. Sallee, Phyllis
-. Adjourn