May 08, 2024 8:30 AM
Full Board of Control Work Session
1. Convene Board of Control (8:30 a.m.)
2. Legal Session for Updates on Specific Items Per KRS 61.810(c)
2.1. Current Legal Matters and Contract Issues
3. Public Comment Session
3.1. Feedback from Registered Attendees on Non-Football Issues (non-agenda items limited to 3 minutes, agenda items limited to 5 minutes)
3.2. Feedback from Registered Attendees on Football Alignment (agenda items limited to 5 minutes)
4. Convene Full Board Into Work Session
5. Operation Reports and Status
5.1. Reports Surrounding Competition Rules and Championships
5.1.1. Introduction of Lake Cumberland Tourism Commission Officials
5.1.2. Status of 15th Region Competition Rules Experiment and Other Interest
5.1.3. Report of Recommendation for Placement of W.E.B. DuBois Academy
5.1.4. Review Football Classification and Implementation Plan for 2025, Options Moving Forward, Draft Feedback Report (staff and round table)
5.1.5. Sports and Sport Activities Reports from Staff
5.1.6. Acceptance of Competition Rules Reports submitted
5.2. Daily Operations Reports
5.2.1. Staffing and Physical Plant Repair Update
5.2.2. Legislative Report and Update From Top Shelf Lobby
5.2.3. Non Championship Reports from Staff- Meetings, Etc.
5.2.4. Reports on TUFSS Initiative Meeting
5.2.5. Report from April NFHS Legal Meeting/Summit-Radar Alerts
5.2.6. Technology Conversion Project Update
5.2.7. Reports from KAAA Meeting
5.2.8. Transfer and Appeals Eligibility
5.2.9. Update on Candidacy Schools
5.2.10. Status of Title IX and Annual Participation Reports
5.2.11. Status of Prime Date Requirement and Update of Information
5.2.12. Bylaw 11 Final Report - 2022-2023
5.2.13. Update on Bowling Green Independent Schools
5.2.14. Update on Ashland Independent Schools
5.2.15. Acceptance of Daily Operations Reports submitted
5.3. Officials Division Reports
5.3.1. Officials Licensing Comparison and Arbiter Sports Update
5.3.2. Disqualification report and comparison
5.3.3. NFHS Section II Officials Meeting
5.3.4. Recognition of Officials of the Year
5.3.5. Acceptance of Officials Division Reports submitted
5.4. Finance and Business
5.4.1. TPG Sponsorship Update
5.4.2. Update on ESSER3 and Status of DUNS/Federal Registration
5.4.3. Acceptance of Financial Reports submitted
5.5. General Reports
5.5.1. Member School Issues Mergers and Splits
5.5.2. Around the State and Nation Media
5.5.3. Report of Appeal- Harlan County Schools and Scott County Schools
5.5.4. Acceptance of General Reports submitted
6. Items for Discussion and Review for Possible Action
6.1. Handbook and Regulations Review
6.1.1. Discuss Bylaw 4 and related References to Full-time and Approve Interpretation
6.1.2. Discuss Bylaw 5, Reinstatement Interpretation, after failing the first-day credit check.
6.1.3. Discuss Bylaw 21 Interpretation Revision for Soccer with Rule Change
6.1.4. Bylaw 23, Limitation of Seasons Items Discuss Bylaw 23 tryout period interpretations Discuss Bylaw 23 adjustment of prior interpretation to allow football non-varsity games to be played on Monday of Week 1.
Attachments Bylaw 23 Spring Sports Season Timing, Limitation of Seasons, Addition of Lacrosse and Boys Volleyball for 2024-25
6.1.5. Consider changes to Association Policies Not Contained in Bylaws
6.1.6. Review of followup of KDE Meeting Regarding Title IX
7. Items for Discussion and Action
7.1. Championship and Competition rules Issues
7.1.1. Football Alignment Consideration of Feedback Received and Adoption of Alignment - Class 6A Consideration of Hopkinsville Request
Attachments Consideration of Daviess County 6A request
Attachments Consideration of Feedback Received and Adoption of Alignment - Class 5A Consideration of Barren County Request for Geographic Move
Attachments Consideration of Grayson County request for geographic move
Attachments Consideration of Graves County Feedback
Attachments Consideration of Feedback Received and Adoption of Alignment - Class 4A Consideration of Feedback from Breckinridge and Taylor County
Attachments Consideration of Request from Grant County for geographic move
Attachments Consideration of Feedback Received and Adoption of Alignment - Class 3A Consideration of joint request for move by Bardstown and LaRue County
Attachments Consideration of joint request by Garrard County and Casey County
Attachments Consideration of Feedback Received and Adoption of Alignment - Class 2A Consider Beechwood RPI request
Attachments Consideration of the request by Betsy Layne and East Ridge to move Betsy Layne in the alignment as well as moving Leslie County
Attachments Consideration of Feedback Received and Adoption of Alignment - Class 1A Consider requests in Class 1A
7.1.2. Approve Competition Rules Parameters - Circle Scoring Option- Golf
7.1.3. Calendar Adjustments Due to Venues and Formats Consider Starting Date for Competition in Wrestling Consider Starting Date for Swimming and Diving
7.1.4. Consider Swimming Awards Revisions
7.1.5. Discuss Site Criteria Refinement -State First Round Sites-Volleyball, Soccer, Golf, Swimming, Female Wrestling
7.1.6. Track & Field and Cross Country - Consider agreement with FloSports / MileSplit
7.2. Board Considerations and Issues
7.2.1. Consideration of UHA Proposed Waiver of Bylaw 23
7.2.2. Consideration of Anderson County Bylaw 21 Appeal
7.2.3. Placement of W.E.B. DuBois for 2024-2025
7.2.4. Approval for Region 1 alternate format for district and region soccer.
7.2.5. Approval for Region 1 alternate format for district and region soccer.
7.2.6. Review Schedule of Board of Control Meetings for 2024-25 including Summer July 31-August 2
7.2.7. Spring Sports Site Updates and Contingencies
7.3. Board Operations
7.3.1. Election of Officers for 2024-25
7.3.2. Approval of Minutes, February Board of Control
7.3.3. Review Evaluation Plan per 702 KAR 7:065
7.4. Finance and Business
7.4.1. Confirmation of NFHS Network MRA Extension
7.4.2. Authorize Payment of Fall Team Sports Expenses for BK, BA, FP
7.4.3. Approve Financial Data and Expenditures Reports for July to April Approval of Checks and Other Disbursements
Attachments Licensed Officials Payments for Championships
Attachments Approved Worker Payments for Championships
Attachments Previously Approved Team Expense Payments for Championships
Attachments Financial Reports for Football, Boys and Girls Basketball
7.4.4. Approve Financial Status Report for July 1 to April 30 and approval to operate through the July Board of Control Meeting
8. Adjourn to Full Board