November 15, 2023 8:30 AM
Full Board of Control Work Session
1. Nov. 16, Full Board Work Session (8:30 a.m.)
2. Legal Session for Update on Specific Items
2.1. Current Legal Matters and Contract Issues
3. Operations Reports for Information of the Board and Approval
3.1. Approve the Minutes of the September Meeting
3.2. Legislature and Regulations
3.2.1. Report of Monitoring/Lobbying Including Firm
3.2.2. Presentation from Legislative Budget Review Committee
3.2.3. Status of Regulations
3.3. Sports and Sport Activities Reports from Staff
3.4. Report on 15th Region Competition Rules Experiment
3.5. Non Championship Reports from Staff
3.6. Transfer and Appeals Eligibility
3.7. Status of Bylaw 11 Financial Aid Reports
3.8. Update on Bowling Green Independent Schools
3.9. Officials Division Reports
3.9.1. Officials Licensing Comparison, Arbiter Sports, NASO and DQ Updates
3.9.2. RefReps Agreement And Implementation
3.10. Finance and Business
3.10.1. TPG Sponsorship Review
3.10.2. Approve Financial Report for July to October
3.10.3. Reminder about scheduling, July 31-August 2 Board of Control meeting
3.10.4. Advance NIL Agreement
3.11. General Reports
3.11.1. Member School Issues - Mergers and Splits, New Members
3.11.2. Around the State and Nation
3.11.3. Draft NFHS Summer Meeting Schedule - Boston, MA
3.12. Approval of Operations Reports
4. Items for Review for Possible Action at a Later Meeting
4.1. Championship and Competition rules information
4.1.1. Spring Sports Season Timing Discussion, Limitation of Seasons, Addition of Lacrosse and Boys Volleyball for 2024-25
4.1.2. Discuss Bylaw 23, Limitation of Seasons, Sport-Activities and Sports
4.1.3. Discuss Competition Rules - Circle Scoring Option- Golf
4.1.4. Discuss Soccer Mercy Rule Threshold
4.1.5. Discuss Running Clock Threshold, Football
4.1.6. Discuss Football Playoff Forfeiture Penalties and Sanctions
4.1.7. Discuss Football Classification and Implementation Plan for 2025
5. Items for Discussion and Possible Action
5.1. Finance and Business
5.1.1. Approve Budget Amendments, Utilize Building Repair Designated Funds to Replace Museum Carpet
5.1.2. Network Holding Company Extension Agreement Extension
5.1.3. Approval to Diversify Bank Holdings (CDs, etc.)
5.2. Indoor Track and Field
5.2.1. Discuss Bylaw 23, Limitation of Seasons, Track and Field
5.2.2. Entry Discussion and Recommendations for Year 1 of State Indoor Track and Field Meet
5.3. Swimming and Diving
5.3.1. Approve State First Round Sites
5.3.2. Consider Capacity Driven Competition Rules Changes
5.3.3. Approve Final 2023-2024 State Meet Advancement and Competition Parameters
5.4. Wrestling (Girls)
5.4.1. Consider alternative action of Female Weight Classes
5.4.2. Approve Region Composition and "Finish by" Dates
5.5. Archery
5.5.1. Consider and Approve State Event Site
5.6. Other Action Items
5.6.1. Results of Referendum on Bylaw 9
6. Upon Adjournment (11:30)
6.1. Hall of Fame Screening Committee
7. Full Board Meeting (10:30 a.m.)