July 18, 2023 3:00 PM
Full Board of Control
1. Convene Full Board (President Billings)
2. Adjourn Full Board Into Work Session
3. Convene Full Board of Control Meeting
4. Pledge of Allegiance- Matt Wilhoite
5. Reflection-Marty Mills
6. Consent Agenda
7. Items Referred from Work Session
7.1. Legal Session for Update on Specific Items
7.2. Items for Information of the Board
7.2.1. Operations Reports Sports Reports from Staff
Attachments Non Championship Reports from Staff
Attachments Review of NFHS Summer Meeting by attendees
Attachments Officials Licensing Comparison, Arbiter Sports Update and NFHS All Access Rules Books
Attachments Disqualification report and comparison
Attachments Transfer and Appeals Eligibility Status of Regulations, including required SB6, HB563 and SB83 adaptations, SB128 phase-out
Attachments Title IX Schools for revisit Prime Dates and Penalties/Reports
Attachments Status of Bylaw 11 Financial Aid Reports
Attachments Upcoming Meetings for Planning Finance and Business TPG Sponsorship Status Review
Attachments NFHS Network and GoFan Ticketing Report Board Format Report of General Ledger, Working Trial Balance and Checks for Approval
Attachments Championship and Competition rules information Opportunities for First Round State Enhancement
Attachments Status of Alignments and Timetable, Swimming including format revision discussion due to facilities Status of Alignments and Timetable, Football, Track/Cross Country Update on Bowling Green Independent Schools
7.2.2. General Reports Around the State and Nation
7.2.3. Consider Approval of Reports as submitted
7.3. Items for Discussion and Possible Action
7.3.1. Approve Minutes from May, 2023 Meeting
7.3.2. Discuss recommended Spring Calendar and Championship Dates for 2023-2024
7.3.3. Approval of membership applications including notations about specific members
7.3.4. Final Adoption of Playing Up Changes, Football and Track and Field/Cross Country
7.3.5. Consider any Feedback from Track and Cross Country Alignment
Attachments Consideration of Harlan County Information
Attachments Consider feedback from Logan County High School
Attachments Adopt alignment as final
7.4. Items Referred from Audit Finance Committee
7.4.1. Review of Post-Evaluation Discussion by Board Officers
7.4.2. Approve Financial Report for July 1 to June 30 and Budget Review
7.4.3. Review Staffing Revisions (internal promotion, openings to be published)
7.4.4. Finance Next Steps, including revisions from May
8. For the Good of the Order