May 10, 2023 8:30 AM
Full Board of Control Work Session
1. May 10 Full Work Session
2. Convene Board of Control and Adjourn to Work Session
3. Legal Session for Updates on Specific Items Per KRS 61.810(c)
4. Public Comment if Requested in Advance
5. Items for Information of the Board
5.1. Legislative Report and Status of Regulations
5.1.1. Report from Top Shelf Lobby
5.1.2. Report on Implementation of 2022 SB83 (Chapter 198 of the 2022 Kentucky Acts)
5.1.3. Report on Implementation of 2023 SB145 (Chapter 93 of the 2023 Kentucky Acts)
5.1.4. Report on Implementation of 2023 HB331 (Chapter 165 of the 2023 Kentucky Acts)
5.1.5. Report on Implementation of 2022 SB6 (Chapter 12 of the 2022 Kentucky Acts)
5.2. Officials Division Updates
5.2.1. Officials Licensing Comparison and Arbiter Sports Update
5.2.2. Recognition of Officials of the Year
5.3. Reports on Ongoing Member School Operations
5.3.1. Status Report - Bowling Green High School
5.3.2. Status of Bylaw 11 Financial Aid Reports
5.3.3. Status of Participation Lists and Title IX Annual Reports
5.3.4. Update on Candidacy Member Schools as well as potential issues with existing members
5.4. Transfer and Eligibility Report
5.5. Sports Reports from Staff
5.6. Non-Championship Reports from Staff
5.6.1. Marketing Sales Status Report from TPG Sales
5.6.2. Report from April NFHS Legal Meeting-Radar Alerts
5.6.3. Reports from KAAA Meeting
5.6.4. NFHS Summer Meeting
5.6.5. NFHS Network Report and Information
5.6.6. Commissioner's Report
5.6.7. Information from Around the State and Nation C-J Series
Attachments Other Associations
Attachments Sports Medicine and Sports Safety
Attachments Sports and Sport Activities
Attachments Title IX and Transgender Developments
Attachments NIL
6. Items for Review for Final Action at Later Meeting
6.1. Report on Existing Members and potential non-renewal
6.2. Discussion of placement of WEB DuBois and Grace James Academy in all sports when eligible
7. Items for Action by the Board
7.1. Approval of Minutes- February, 2022 Board of Control Meeting
7.2. Review Evaluation Plan per 702 KAR 7:065 (BA State Meeting)
7.3. Approve Schedule of Meetings for 2023-24 including Summer July 17-19
7.4. Handbook and Regulations Review
7.4.1. Discuss Bylaw 14 Interpretations on Ineligible Players Participating
7.4.2. Discuss Amended Bylaw 9
7.4.3. Changes to Association Policies Second Reading, Additional Prime Date Options for Prime Date Schedule Compliance
7.4.4. Amendment Discussion, KHSAA Bylaws
Attachments Discuss Bylaw 23, Limit of Seasons, End of Season Discuss Baseball / Softball State Scheduling Discuss Amendment to Bylaw 6 per SB145 and Non-Resident Students
7.5. Championship and Competition rules Issues
7.5.1. Results of Survey and Recommended Action, State Wrestling
7.5.2. Results of Survey and Recommended Action, State Swimming
7.5.3. Results of Survey, Basketball Shot Clock
7.5.4. Alignment, Track and Field and Cross Country 2023-2024
7.5.5. Review Football Enrollment and Classification Period, Playing Up in Class for 2023 and beyond
7.5.6. Future Golf State First Round Sites beyond 2023-2024
7.5.7. Triennial Survey Report and Action
Attachments Follow-up Survey Team Tennis (Spring)
Attachments Follow-up Survey Boys Volleyball (Spring)
Attachments Follow-up Survey Boys and Girls Lacrosse (Spring)
7.5.8. Update on Possible Baseball State Schedule
7.5.9. Review Calendar and Championship Dates and Sites for 2023-2024
7.6. Finance and Administration Items
7.6.1. Review Staffing Plan and Budget Impact
7.6.2. Additional Report of Expenses Including School Reimbursements
7.6.3. Approve Financial Report for July 1 to April 30 and authorize the operational draft budget through the July meeting
8. Adjourn To Full Board