July 22, 2022 11:00 AM
Full Board of Control Work Session
1. July 22nd Full Work Session
2. Convene Board of Control and Adjourn to Work Session
3. Legal Session for Updates on Specific Items Per KRS 61.810(c)
4. Public Comment if Requested in Advance
5. Items for Information of the Board
5.1. Covid-19 Update on Procedures
5.2. Status Report - Bowling Green High School
5.3. Team Sport Seeding tiebreaker review and clarity
5.4. Enrollment and Classification Review
5.5. Status of Alignments and Timetable, Football, Track/Cross Country
5.6. Sports Reports from Staff
5.7. Review of Calendar for 22-23 and Future Years
5.8. ArbiterSports Update
5.9. Officials Licensing Comparison
5.10. Status of Regulations, including required SB6, HB563 and SB83 adaptations, SB128 phase-out
5.11. Constitution Review and Clarifications if necessary
5.12. Bylaw Review and Clarifications if Necessary
5.12.1. Status of Bylaws, reinstituted following COVID
5.12.2. Bylaw 9 Clarifications and Reminders-Girls Basketball
5.13. Competition Rules Review
5.14. Board Policy Review and Clarifications if Necessary
5.14.1. Prime Date Requirement and Potential Penalties/Reports
5.14.2. Penalizing Schools with no Title IX and participation reports
5.14.3. Status of Bylaw 11 Financial Aid Reports
5.14.4. Discuss Preliminary Tenets of Strategic Goal Establishment
5.14.5. Review of Sanctioning Requirements for new sports and sport-activities
5.14.6. Triennial Survey Update
5.15. Student Leadership Meetings
5.16. Regional Meetings
5.17. Advanced Administrators Workshop meeting (September 21)
5.18. Annual Meeting of the Membership (September 22)
5.19. Title IX Meetings (October 11 and possible October 20) and resumption of Title IX in-person visits
5.20. HOF Screening, September 13th
5.21. Sponsorship Discussion and Review
5.22. NFHS Network Report/Pixxelot, GoFan Ticketing
5.23. Status of Alignments and Timetable, Bowling
5.24. Review of NFHS Summer Meeting by attendees
5.25. Information from Around the State and Nation
5.26. Transfer and Eligibility Report
6. Items for Review for Action at Later Meeting
6.1. Seeding of all district tournaments
6.2. Status of Alignments and Timetable, Basketball Request (and others), Jenkins
6.3. Status of Field Hockey Review
6.4. Status of Alignments and Timetable, Swimming including format revision discussion due to facilities
6.5. Annual Meeting Proposals
6.6. Due Process Revisions Discussion
7. Items for Action by the Board
7.1. Approval of Minutes- May, 2022 Board of Control Meeting
7.2. Approval of Minutes- June Special Board of Control Meeting
7.3. Review Evaluation and Contract of Commissioner per 702 KAR 7:065 and consider contract of General Counsel
7.4. Expansion of Officials Licensing
7.5. Approval of membership applications including notations about specific members
7.6. Authorize Extension of State Golf Hosting Agreement
7.7. Approval of Tentative Working Budget and Budget Status Reports
8. Adjourn To Full Board