July 23, 2021 1:30 PM
Board of Control Full Board
1. Adjourn Full Board Into Work Session (President-Elect Kirby Smith)
2. Convene Full Board of Control Meeting, May 5, 2021, (President Marlon Miller)
3. Pledge of Allegiance - James Demler
4. Reflection- Mark Evans
5. Consent Agenda
5.1. May 2021 Regular Meeting Minutes
6. District Seeding Plan, District 13 (Franklin-Simpson, Logan County, Russellville, Todd County Central) by Todd County Central
7. Report of action from Work Session
7.1. Sports Specific Issues
7.1.1. Discussion and Decision Point- Lacrosse
7.1.2. Alignment Issues and Updates Status of Alignments and Timetable, Basketball Request (and others), Monroe County Status of Alignments and Timetable, Bowling Status of Alignments and Timetable, Golf including format revision discussion for future Status of Alignments and Timetable, Wrestling Status of Alignments and Timetable, Football Status of Alignments and Timetable, Track and Field/Cross Country
7.1.3. Championship Reports Season and Championship Review-Spring-Baseball Season and Championship Review- Spring-Softball Season and Championship Review-Spring-Tennis Season and Championship Review-Spring-Track and Field Season and Championship Review- Fall-Golf Season and Championship Review- Fall-Soccer Season and Championship Review- Fall-Cross County Season and Championship Review- Fall-Volleyball Season and Championship Review- Fall-Field Hockey Season and Championship Review- Fall-Football
8. Constitution and Bylaws Issues
8.1. Status of Regulations, including required SB128 adaptation
8.2. Status of Bylaws, reinstitute following COVID
8.3. Annual Meeting Proposals
8.3.1. Constitution Clarifications if necessary
8.3.2. Bylaw 6. Consider Waiver
8.3.3. Bylaw 9, Out of Season Play for Basketball prior to practice and during season
8.3.4. Bylaw 11, Amateur Status, Update and NIL Clarifications
9. Member School Operations and Non-Sports Specific Event Issues
9.1. Approve Applications for Membership Renewal
9.2. Approval of any new membership applications (if applicable)
9.2.1. Possible Consideration, Heritage Christian (Hopkinsville)
9.2.2. Report of additional schools- Lexington Latin (Lexington), David School (David)
9.3. Penalizing Schools with no Title IX and participation reports
9.4. Long Range Calendar Report
9.5. Status of Bylaw 11 Financial Aid Reports
10. Office Operations and Normal Procedures
10.1. Schedule of Events for 2020-2021
10.2. Scheduling of September Meeting
11. Finance and Admin Review
11.1. Ticketing Report
11.2. Network Report/Pixxelot
11.3. Working Budget Discussion and Interim Review
12. Officials Division Report
12.1. Licensing Comparison
13. Reports and Information
13.1. Review of NFHS Summer Meeting by attendees
13.2. Around the State and Nation
13.3. Transfer and Appeals Report
14. Adjourn to Full Board